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Topics I'm pretty good in ...

Given that I know what I'm doing when I start programming, writing loops and semi-defensive code isn't too hard, but it does take me awhile to get to that point. I'm a little slow to start when given some sort of programming objective, but once I sit down to think and figure out what it is that I need to do to reach that objective it's not too bad. I suppose a key to defensive programming is how much you actually know about the code and objects you're working with.

Version control doesn't seem too complicated so far. I suppose as long as there are no huge conflicts that arise, using it will be a breeze. The idea of having a time-capsule like environment seems very helpful for working on a project in a group. I can see the various scenarios where version control will come in handy, such as me messing up an almost complete project. Having the option to roll-back will be very nifty.

Topics I'm not too confident in ...

I've always had trouble writing. It would be nice to pick up a few more writing tricks or methods of writing. Most of my papers that I've done for my courses here at the U have always come up a page short of the requirements. My problem is that I tend to keep things short, I can't seem to work an idea through 5 or so pages. So my papers are relatively weak because I cannot carry an idea.

Another struggle for me would be designing. When given a small programming assignment I'm able to come up with the general methods I would need to achieve the program, but I often find myself making a lot more methods and global variables as I continue programming. Sometimes it feels like I'm not getting anywhere unless I have some code written and that really gets to me. Designing and planning takes time, but I feel that sometimes I spend too much time thinking about what is needed.

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