May 12, 2009



When I think about memory, I don't exactly think of it as memories that I've shared with others but more of a game. I always find myself trying to figure out which memory belongs to which time and why some memories are more dominant than others. I had a hard time trying to do an experimental film about this topic, and so I decided to play off the idea of a favorite childhood game, the memory game.

May 11, 2009



This is a short film I did as my FINAL project for my time and interactivity class. I decided to do a stop motion film, and get a little more hands on experience with the camera and photoshop as well. I have always been very intrigued by graffiti art and thus made this film!

March 25, 2009

Short Group Film Project


This is my FIRST attempt at shooting and editing a film! It was NOT easy but I had a lot of fun just editing the film and adding all the fun music. Although it is my first edited film, I hope you enjoy!

March 9, 2009


Upon my visit to both the Chamber Art Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, I found that both are very unique in their own ways.
The Chamber Art Hotel comprises of various art pieces from different artists all over the world. This particular hotel is one of the two top places in the world that has a wide range of contemporary art from world-wide artists. Although I was only able to see the public artwork, and not the ones in the hotel rooms, I could already imagine the creatively vast forms of other contemporary artwork in the hotel that would invigorate the same feeling and energy that other pieces have made on me. The different works were installed into different parts of the hotel, where each one could be viewed from a comfortable spot, either sitting in the lounge area, or on the stool in the bar room. I enjoyed how much each work was installed into a comfortable spot for others to enjoy.
In the Walker Art Center, walking through the maze-like rooms consisting of mainly contemporary pieces, I found myself very apart from the pieces. This is solely because of the structure of the rooms that just did not seem to make sense to me, and the fact that there were no other furniture around where I could be sitting on to enjoy the artwork from. A lot of the pieces were very different, and I felt that it required more time to think about. The details were less intricate, and there were more open white spaces between the pieces. The lack of variety did not appeal to me. I felt somewhat closed in, while viewing some pieces.
Both the Chamber Art Hotel and the Walker Art Center consisted of contemporary art and at the same time they were structured quite differently. However, I enjoyed my tour at the Chamber Art Hotel more than the Walker Art Center.



February 16, 2009

Artificial Hot Dog


February 11, 2009

Audacity Music

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February 2, 2009