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Wetland Plant Identification Workshop, Keweenaw Peninsula (in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula), August 23 and 24, 2014!

"So many aster-types in this wet meadow! How can I tell them apart?"

"Help! What is this sedge that keeps cropping up and doesn't seem to key out?"

"Hmmmm, is this giant grass the highly invasive non-native Phragmites, the native strain, or maybe a reed canary grass on steroids....?"

If you need to identify wetland plants for work, research, or school, be sure to sign up for the Gratiot Lake Conservancy-sponsored Wetland Plant Workshop being taught in August!

WHERE: near Eagle Harbor (Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan's western Upper Peninsula)

WHEN: Saturday, August 23 and Sunday, August 24, 2014
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM eastern time each day

INSTRUCTOR: Botanist Janet Marr has taught various Gratiot Lake Conservancy-sponsored workshops focusing on spring botany (May) and aquatic plants (August) in addition to this wetland workshop (August); she also has taught many botany workshops on Isle Royale (June) sponsored by the Isle Royale & Keweenaw Parks Association

SPONSOR: Gratiot Lake Conservancy (GLC) at
Program Director, Bonnie Hay at

FEE and ENROLLMENT: Space is limited and advance enrollment is required. The fee for this 2-day workshop is $80 ($60 for Gratiot Lake Conservancy members). Fee includes a field notebook. Enrollment form can be downloaded from the Wetland Plant Workshop page at

SCHOLARSHIP: Janet Avery Scholarships are available. To apply email Bonnie Hay at Please indicate your affiliation, why you would like to attend the workshop, and how you intend to use what you learn in your work, studies, or teaching. Put "Wetland Plant I.D. Workshop Scholarship" in the subject line.

WORKSHOP ACTIVITIES: Workshop activities will take place mostly out-of-doors. Visits will be made to local wetlands including swamp forests, shrub thickets, and more open community types such as marshes and fens. Native wetland plant species, including more difficult groups (sedges, grasses, rushes, aster relatives), will be identified. Selected non-native invasive wetland species will also be identified. Characteristics of selected plant families will be discussed, botanical terms will be defined, dichotomous keys will be used when appropriate, and wetland community types will be described.

ARE YOU A MICHIGAN K-12 TEACHER with a professional certificate? If so, you will earn 12 SCECHS (pending) when you participate in this workshop.

Gratiot Lake Conservancy offers other workshops. The 2014 calendar will be posted on the website at in April. One workshop which may be of special interest will focus on freshwater clams and mussels. If you would like to receive notice of upcoming workshops and events please email Bonnie Hay at

If you know of anyone who may be interested in this wetland plant workshop, please pass this message on to them. Thanks!

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