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March 24, 2007

Good Font

Well, you should choose a font that should work on most browsers and computers. I prefer sanserif fonts to serif fonts for the web because if some one would use the magnification on their computer a serif font pixelates faster then a sanserif font. I personally rightnow would choose either Geneva or Ariel, but a couple of years from now my opinion might change. Some people might not agree with me rightnow.


The last kiosk I used was for printing pictures, Kodak. I thought it was very simple to use. You could edit pictures to a certain extent and move back and forth easily. It was pretty straight forward and dumb downed enough for almost anyone. Another one is the kiosk located in the Swenson building, that one had good navigaiton easy to use. The only con was it could have contained more information about student groups or organizations. The spot it is located alot of sun comes in making it hard to view the screen sometimes and the room is really warm.

Digital Billboards

I think digital billboards should be regulated, otherwise they could be too flashy distracting drivers. Thus, they should not be placed in locations known for high accidents. If they are not regulated, companies could have short commercials playing on the billboard. People would rather watch a short commercial then watch the road escpecially if it is catchy.


I think it is good to have the accessibility option on the zoo website. Although Duluth is a smaller city, it might not be necassary to have the accessibility option because there probably isn't a big enough community that has a large amount of people who need it. The few people who need the accessibility will be able to find the main information easily. Then they will be able to go to the zoo.