November 17, 2007

Eating on campus

I usually bring my lunch to campus. It is less expensive than buying my lunch, although it is more convenient to buy lunch. Some mornings, time flies by and I either make an unbalanced meal or simply give up.

If you are on the West Bank of the Minneapolis, around the medical sciences area, I recommend going to the Fairview Hospital. Take the elevator to the eighth floor and you will arrive at the doors of the hospital cafeteria. Their prices are reasonable compared to eating at University-contracted places, and more importantly health conscious. While you can get fried foods - their french fries are very good - they always have a nice salad bar and some sort of healthy meal set of the day.

I am slowly converting my friends and acquaintances to Fairview's cafeteria. The penthouse-like view of the city from three of four walls helps immensely.

November 10, 2007

Better than a floppy disk, Possibly better than an USB drive

It wasn't too long ago when my friends and I relied on floppy disks to transport our important research papers and homework around campus. Unlike a zip drive, they are both cheap and small. However, it was easy to leave them at the computer lab and because of their frail nature, they were damaged easily, rendering hours of work null. They also did not have a large capacity, so the increasing demand for class projects in the form of PowerPoint presentations created some conflict.
Cinco ou seis anos há - não que tempo comprido - quando meus amigos e eu confiamos em discos flexíveis para transportar papéis importantes e tralbalho em torno do campus. Ao contrário de um zip drive, são baratos e pequenos. Entretanto, era fácil deixá-los no laboratório do computador e por causa de sua natureza frágil, foram danificados fàcilmente, rendendo zero horas do trabalho. Também não tiveram uma capacidade grande, assim que a demanda crescente para projetos usando PowerPoint criou algum conflito.

The summer before my junior year my father gave me a 256 megabyte USB jump drive. They were still very new in 2003, and few students carried them. Also, they were expensive; mine was about US$50. However, 256 MB is a great improvement over 2.4 megabytes and I was quick to sing its praises.
O verão antes de meu ano terceiro, meu pai me deu um USB drive com 256 megabytes. Eram ainda muito novos em 2003, e poucos estudantes carregaram-nos. Também, eram caros; meu era sobre US$50. Entretanto, 256 MB é muito melhor do que 2.4 MB e era rápido cantar seus elogios.

My father recently bought me a 2 megabyte USB drive for under US$20. Actually, since it was part of a buy one, get one free promotion at a local electronics store, it was really US$10.
Recentemente meu pai comprou-me uma USB drive com 2 MB para US$20. Realmente, desde que era uma venda - compra uma, receba outro livre em uma loja eletrônica, ele era realmente US$10.

While I do use this to save the PowerPoint lecture notes that all my professors are quite fond of, I have also become enchanted with Google Documents. Unless you forget the password to your Gmail account, there is little chance of losing track of your papers. Any computer, regardless of operating system or version of operating system, can read Google Documents, which also has a spreadsheet component. I have not utilized this yet. I also enjoy the collaborative aspect; you can share documents with others. This is helpful when working on a group project.