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Blog #2

What is a social design issue? You tell me...I do wonder what it is too. Is it a design? Is it something not useful? Or both. I think it's both. In short words, useless design. It made sound harsh but it's true. Some designers do design something that becomes useless to the public or to the world. What do I think is a social design issue? It's pretty hard for me to answer this question since I'm not from Minnesota. But so far, I believe that work space in the student classroom/office building in the St. Paul campus right across from McNeal is a social design issue. I do understand from the designer's perspective view that they are creating an environment for studets to go and study but, it is a big space for a useless purpose. It has a beautiful wall of glass windows right across the room. And then the wall 90 degrees to it has two kiosk which it makes it look like a slum house becuase it's out of no where. Then, it has a little microwave section which I think is the ugliest thing I've ever seen in a building. Also, it has two enormous triangle shape storage out of the blues. It's big enough to put a whole clothing store in it. My professor, Pat Hemmis did state it was "useless". After visiting the site, I do agree with my professor. I think it will a great idea to convert that space into something more "lively and energetic" to get more students to come to St.Paul campus since everyone goes to the east bank. If I had the power to change it, I would remove everything in it and make it more comfortable. It has nothing but cold and darkness with the dark brick walls and wooden tables and chairs. I would add comfortable leather seats to cozy up the place because it can become a place for students to come and relax. Also, add a cafe just in case students do get tired of studying or get hungry during a break. I would replace one of the brick walls with a chalkboard wall to help promote a club's campaign or an event. That is just half of the day and now for the night session design...a little booster stage would be added to have performance to enjoy on a Friday night or something like that. It's a place where people can come have open mic nights and have poetry reading. And a flat screen TV for sports night and comfort to the day shift by playing the news all day in a low volume since it is with classrooms and office around it. (Sorry I couldn't find any pictures)