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April 20, 2006

Dastardly Dilation

You are Now Entering the Twilight Zone.


Really it is more like the Living On The Sun Zone. My little mouse eyes could hardly take it, so I was pretty much out of commission for most of the afternoon. Oh well. Apparently, I have a rather large optic nerve. The better to see you with, My Dear...

After recovering from Evil Cat Eye Syndrome, I managed to start a new dress this evening and am to the zipper/hem stage. Not my favorite part of the process, especially since I opted for a normal zipper instead of an invisible one this time. Man, do I ever suck at zippers. I would have gone invisible, but none of the colors were anywhere close to matching the orange of the dress and would show in just the wrong way. I figured that if I manage a lapped zipper, the fact that it is Atomic Red will not be noticible. Here's hoping... In other dress news, I found a great site called A Dress a Day. She posts all kinds of lovely patterns and vintage stuff in addition to her concoctions. Much fun.

Last night I ventured into the world of the Freezer Paper Stencil. It is very effective! I really can't draw, let alone draw and then cut something complicated out with an Xacto knife, so all of my images are going to have a "sketchy" aesthetic. I picked up some Jacquard fabric paint at Dick Blick and went at it on some old tshirts.


J likes this one. I wonder why most of the ones he takes end up being Busty Villain shots? hmm.

I started reading Oryx and Crake today during the heinously boring car ride to horseback riding (does going into management make you insipid or do mostly insipid people go into management?) and before ye olde eye appointment. I really like Margaret Atwood and am tearing through this one. The Blind Assassin was also good, but I wish she had had the space to develop the story-within-story some more. I know a lot of nay-sayers complained that she shouldn't try to work the Science Fiction angle, but I find her a compelling storyteller regardless of genre. Her style and themes were invoked in another quasi-SF/fantasy book that I read last year, Black Wine, which was quite a stunning book, if , at times, slightly obvious in its Political Ramifications (godbless Gratuitous Capitalization). I haven't had too much time for pleasure reading. J will read to me whilst I am knitting, but I am currently between knitting projects, alas. Sometimes I pick up sale hardcovers at B&N (also slogging through one now), but that is mostly because I am a sucker for deals on books and not always because they are particularly good literature. It is amazing the number of horrid books I have read to the end when I probably should have given up half way through.

I should probably go to sleep now since I have a bazillion student conferences tomorrow. Damn do those things wear me out! I feel like I have to write their papers for them. Maybe I will just read a few more pages...

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