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August 31, 2006

Boston, will I learn to love thee?

J is currently hanging pictures in his new apt. It is small, but homey and, I'd like to think at least, pretty well decorated for a quasi-bachelor pad. I have been knitting a bit, but mostly have been exhausted from driving everywhere and generally trying to get this place set up. Boston is a pretty city, if you can get around the terrifying driving situation. I thought that the jaywalker thing was just an exaggeration for Grumperina's sock pattern, but no: folks darting in and out of traffic as far as the eye can see. The Boston traffic has been pretty comparable to New York traffic (I only realized later that whilst traversing New York we were driving into the thick of US Open traffic... such fun!). Oh, and my car got towed. Great. Here's to throwing away a hundred-odd make that a hundred and fifty bucks I didn't have! Le sigh.

Many thanks to Librarian on Fire for showing us a good time last night. We walked to Boston Common from here (quite a jaunt!) along Newberry Street and J and I returned today for lunching and a bit of shopping. I picked up some Kiehl's stuff and saw a neat custom handbag joint. Pretty exhausted now. Hopefully the caffeine will kick in soon, since we are going to have to walk another three miles to retrieve the car. It wouldn't have been quite so traumatizing (and you had better believe I was in hysterics this morning when I found out) if the woman I called for impound information hadn't been such a horrifying, raging bitch-whore. I do not use these words lightly, friends. She, instead of offering even an ounce of compassion to an upset person in a strange city (which I explained to her) was utterly mean and rude and made me feel pathetic and small before she hung up on me. Is it my fault that I couldn't come up with a word to signify the letter F on such a morning and in such a state?? A modicum of patience was all that was required and instead she was cruel and (perhaps even worse!) utterly unhelpful. So anyhow, she made my already difficult morning much worse and I hope that she gets what is surely coming to her. Humph.

So, Boston. I guess I will be moving here sometime pretty soon and I certainly complain about Minneapolis (mostly the weather) a fair amount. I should be more excited than I am; we got off to a rough start, Boston and I. Hopefully things will warm up between us soon enough.

Also, I can't seem to get over that "pahk the cah" thing. Sounds so silly!

Posted by loyd0008 at August 31, 2006 11:47 AM


I should have warned you that everyone who ever comes to Boston gets their car towed eventually. I had mine towed one night after foolishly thinking I could "just leave it for 10 minutes". I think they wait in the shadows until they see you walk away, then pounce on the car just so they can get their precious tow money. I hope you do grow to enjoy Boston, like a fine lover, you must get used to each other's good and bad points!! This relationship may take some time :)

Posted by: Librarian On Fire at September 1, 2006 12:43 PM