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June 26, 2005

sweet virginian

I have returned from the land of seashore frolicking to muggy, buggy Minnesota. The drive home was rather grueling, each of the two days taking 12-13 hours. It was Chicago that really did me in. We were stopped in bumper-to-bumper for several hours. There was some construction, but no road blocks or anything that would actually impede driving... except: Thumper III. What is this amazing device, you ask, that has the power to captivate the imagination and bring normally quite speedy drivers to a screeching halt? Well, I'll tell you. It is a large apparatus with a rabbit painted on the side that bangs over and over again on the pavement. I am sure that it is a wondrously labor-saving device. However, the only thing stopping traffic for fucking hours at a time were goddamned minivans full of kids (and who knows who else?) slowing down to crane their necks at the fucking Thumper III. But that is all over now. I can resume being a human being.

We got to use my father's digital camera. It was disorienting, since I am an SLR fan. I've never really gotten used to the parallax thing with viewfinders that don't line up and looking at some weird little screen instead of what I am photographing is even worse. Guess I'll have to get work on it. We didn't actually take very many pictures. I made sure to get a couple of my halter and Cold Shoulder. I am working on another CS. I like the pattern, but my red one came out a bit bigger than expected. The underarm bagginess doesn't show too much, since I decreased the hell out of the neckline when making the ribbing. Also pictured with CS is my nifty little skirt! Came out pretty swell for a first project. I am going to start the next one tonite. Got some nice hotrod flame fabric and something that reminds me of occult mysticism while in VA for additional variations.

This weather is lethargy inducing. I am going to have to strip down to me skivvies and knit while watching video games. Then, ice cream.

Why can't I live at the beach instead of a tiny oasis in the middle of vast, vast nothingness? Goddamn you, Midwest.

Also, we saw Batman Begins today and I would just like to reaffirm that Christian Bale is the hottest. (next to J, of course) Katie Holmes wasn't quite as dopey as I expected. That's about all I can say about her. There were lots of shots of her hard nipples, but I suppose mine would be the same in proximity to such dark, seething sexual energy. Also, cheekbones.

sarah is a weasel 002.jpg

sarah is a weasel 004.jpg

sarah is a weasel 007.jpg

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June 3, 2005

slutty snugness

Well, I managed to block Cold Shoulder today. I wore it yesterday sans blocking and while J *loves* it (its his favorite thing I've ever knit?!?! next to the black/red sweater for him, of course) I think the sizing is off. I increased to my normal bust size; this somehow left the arm gapingly huge and a substantial fold of material in the bust area. When picking up stitches for the neckline, I had to freakishly decrease. It fits ok, but not *just so*. We went to The Yarnery and J bought me some more Sierra to make a second one. The new yarn is a lovely little blue; this time I will err on the side of slutty snugness.

Speaking of slutty snugness (one of my favorite topics) I just knit up a cute little tshirt from Loop-d-Loop. It took about two days and some stash yarn for which I had always planned some kind of sweet tank top on size 6s. Nope. 15s, baby. Nothing like instant gratification. It is in a beige and aqua color and looks just right with my new aqua blazer. I should buy a little camisole so that I don't get arrested for public nudity, but perhaps my tiny, flesh colored tube bra will suffice. Or, I'll get arrested. Either way it is a hot little number.

Also a hot number is the red halter in Calmer (gifted to me by an always-full-of-surprises J). It is molto stretchy and I may have to add a bit of elastic to keep my bra from showing. We shall see how much the blocking helps. Everyone seems to just loooove Calmer. I know its soft and all, but, I found it a bitch to knit with. It was stretchy at all the wrong times and thus my stitches are a bit uneven (pre-block, anyhow). Also, so expensive! I am such a bourgeois knitter: can't abide the acrylics but can't afford the swanky stuff. I have made a few things (like my Tempting, below) from aristocratic yarns, but they were all gifts. I am afraid that most of my projects wouldn't come out well enough to justify spending hundreds of dollars on them... So, middle-class I remain.

All of these things accomplished and the apartment (sort-of) cleaned, I embarked on my sewing sojourn. Nothing doing. Apparently when my needle attempts to descend, it gets stuck on the presser foot. It has even left a little dent. I tried bending it a bit and adjusting the foot, but it still gets hung up. I can do zig-zag alright, but I don't think that will work for the whole skirt. Damnit. Just when I thought I was getting somewhere.

In other news, I and a group of my nerdy friends are going camping on Sunday in order to bond and do nerdy things together involving dice and sometimes cards. It promises to be a good time, thought it also promises to rain for the duration. We return on Tuesday and then leave Thursday for the Virginia Odyssey. Actually, Delaware first. I know, I know: What's in Delaware? Everytime I think of it I am reminded of Wayne and Garth in front of the blue screen "Hi... we're in... Delaware...." The extended family decided it would be a grand idea to rent a house and cram a million people into it for a week! Delightful. At least the road trip down should be fun. That's right, we're driving from Minnesota to Delaware. I have done this several times by myself. It is long, but not too terribly difficult. The new challenge will be that this time J is learning to drive. Only the shadow knows why he never learned before. All that is certain is that this will be the big practice run before the license. It is about 44 or so hours round trip. I will have to work on things that don't require me to look at my hands so that I can be a Good Teacher. I'd rather sleep. Oh well. Time to got to AAA and get maps! So long...

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