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August 30, 2005

Bowling Beauties

This past week our good friend Beth came to visit. She managed to swing some time off from her adventure-filled life in the outback of Australia, where she single-handedly mans an oil rig and defeats outlaw desert pirates Mad Max-style. In short, she rules. Also, she is a good bowler, though not quite as good as J. I managed to nab some photos of these bowling maniacs that show off their skill, technical acumen, and all-around athletic prowess.

Look at that form!


Now behold the wonder that is the Great Bowling Villain:

Perhaps it is my seven years of intense gymnastic training that allow me to easily contort myself into such awkward positions. Or, perhaps, I am simply not the pinnacle of grace to which I aspire. [humorous aside: I sometimes (read: all the time) walk into doorframes. Great.] For this game, I could only hit anything if I used a ball that was a bit too heavy for me. The first game was probably the best of my career: 103!!! I even got a strike (as well as a plethora of spares). The second game, I was Gutterball Queen. Oh well.

I dyed the sock yarn I got from Knitpicks and the results are quite tasty. Winding them into a ball, however, took hours. For the second skein, I am just going to go to The Yarnery and use their swift/winder. I needed some new size 7s anyhow...

I got my darling kanzashi from Danielle the other day. I will post a pic when I am feeling more glamorous. In the meantime, here are the flower pins/barrettes that I was inspired to make after beholding its cuteness:

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August 22, 2005

Let the Hammer Fall

So it looks like tonight Villain Extraordinaire will be partaking of the subtle flavors of that fine musical genre known as Heavy Metal. That's right folks, tonight is the Hammerfall concert and J has almost convinced me that I, too, need to go. The fact that they wear chainmail on stage should say something. Not sure exactly what, but something profound indeed.

Lately, I have been making button hairpins. This is mostly because I couldn't think of any other relatively flat thing to glue to bobby pins. They have come out rather well, though my hair is too fine/thin to hold them well. Below is pictured my green button with the peridot necklace I put together.

I bought some seed beads at The Bead Monkey in order to make a li'l bracelet. I like the outcome, but I think that I like the beads the best in their little tube. So tiny. So pretty. Also, I have about a million of them left. What do to, what to do?

I started a new OSW using my Knitpicks alpaca silk yarn. Mmmmmm. So soft and luscious! I also dyed some of their fingering weight yarn for an Orangina using Orange and Tropical Punch Kool-aid. Came out pretty awsome. I was impressed by the saturation. But, I guess since I used a considerable amount more than the standard, that is to be expected.

Ah, well. Nerds have arrived, time to depart.

All pix by the wonderful J.

Seedy bracelet:

Black glass. I like this one:

Necklace and pin:

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August 18, 2005

Magic Extravaganza!!

Tonight is The Villain Household's Magic Extravaganza. A number of fine individuals will be converging on the apartment for a night of mayhem and card playing. Everyone's favorite Taryn a Go Go will be back from Taiwan and joining the fray!! How exciting. Surely i will win the day with my Serra angel card! Victory is mine.

I have not only been focusing on my supreme wizarding skills, but have been crafting as well. I sewed a cute little crafting apron with some leftovers from a new pencil skirt and bag. The skirt is finished (though I forgot to shoot it). Sadly, the bag is not. It might be a few more days before I get around to putting it together. I also made a yummy little scarf/sash and another pull-on skirt. The pull-on is not a very exciting style, but sooooo comfy and useful. I swear I wore that Hello Kitty every day after I made it. This one is fuller and I feel like I should be heading out to the garden for a tea party. Speaking of tea, I have been enjoying Stash brand Lemon Ginger lately. I think I will make some ginger cookies tomorrow to compliment it.

In other news, I have officially opened a little shop on Etsy.com! The address is here. I posted a bunch more earrings. I want to buy more beads, but I know that I should wait for a while... So. Hard. To. Wait.

My knitpicks yarn should be coming in the mail soon. I bought some green merino for a J sweater, pitch alpaca/silk for a long sleeved OSW, and some dyeable sock yarn for a modified Orangina. Can't wait! It's always like xmas when yarn orders come. Sigh. In the meantime I have been making progress on my mom's xmas present: a superbulky cardigan in Emerald Blue from handpaintedyarn.com. I bought 9 skeins and am just about to start #5. I hope that there are enough left over for a little treat for myself. If not, I will be forced to buy more in the aran weight for my own cardigan. Oh the humanity.

Sexy sash:

Apron Action Shot. Look at that pincushion fly!

So Crafty! So Apron-y!

Pull-on Tea skirt

Mom Sweater

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August 14, 2005

Brunch, The Republicans, and Obsessive Craft Disorder

Today's brunch was delicious. We went to Jax with J's parents and grandparents. The grandparents are The Republicans of the title. Mostly they talk about health insurance and Bud's illustrious career as a bigwig for Standard Oil. Great. They are true blue conservatives, but luckily they didn't actually talk very much and were simply mildly insipid. Plus, the food was so yummy, they could have been spewing GOP bullshit the whole time and i wouldn't really have noticed. Beforehand, we went to the fabric store and got some stuff so i can make my Amy Butler Swing bag. i wanted to start on it tonight. Let's see if i can get around to it...

Here is my OSW:

More earring fun! My dream is to have a little shop where i sell them for cheep cheep (really just so i can buy more beads!). Ebay seemed so promising, but then all of the fees and complications got me down. Oh well. Maybe one day i will have something like UglyAgnes' cute little kanzashi shop. i have had my eye on Valoria for a while and maybe now that my rent refund has come in i will be able to indulge. Yum!






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August 10, 2005

crazy cat lady jewelry

Last night i bought a beaded-jewelry-making kit. Perhaps this was not such a good idea, perhaps it was. Too soon to tell. All i know is that i have been obsessively-compulsively making earrings and the like ever since (read, last night and all afternoon). Ok, so maybe that is not so very long, but i have made a necklace (pictured), anklet, bracelet, and eight pairs of earrings. The trick seems to be in the pliers. i bought a new pair today and they are working like a charm. Did i mention that i forgot to eat? (don't worry, J, i will eat some pizza as soon as i finish this)

The big question is, "What, dear Villain, are you going to do with all of these earrings?" Maybe i will keep a few, the answer goes; the rest will probably end up as holiday gifts. Early start, i guess.

The photo does not really do them justice, i think. They are much more luminous. Why did i choose to shoot them on my dirty old windowsill? i suppose i thought it added character. Oh well. Now, i am completely open to the fact that these might all be earrings that only the crazy cat lady will wear and that i am suffering from the prevalent and troublesome disorder known as Temporary and Acute Craft Blindness. Am i turning into a lame Joann's-style pseudocraft whore??? Or do they actually look cute? i think i need some pizza. and maybe some gin.


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August 9, 2005

mystical plant blindness

Last night my body was wracked with unexplicable pain in a multitude of areas. As a result, i writhed wretchedly for what seemed like an eternity, eventually contorting myself into some strange position and passing out. No surprise then, that i had strange dreams:

i was in some kind of department store, in the area allotted to fancy/ugly bridesmaid type dresses. My vision kept getting blurrier and blurrier and, looking in a mirror, i realized that i had an unhealthy looking gash on my forehead, beneath an overgrown patch of bangs. Searching for someone to help me with my predicament, i found a sales girl who, when questioned, appeared to be having similar symptoms. We checked out the store first aid kit and found some hydrogen peroxide. i decided this was not enough and we went on a hunt for a cure to our mysterious illness. After wandering through a sort of dungeon, i found a youth at a checkout counter who wanted to give me some kind of strange swab, though i (rightfully i think from the rather scruffy and generally unclean look of him) didn't really trust him. Exiting through the Asian garden, we passed through several obstacles in the stone-laden terrain. Eventually, we made it back to the vicinity of the store, which was now part of the garden and discovered that we were merely transforming into mystical plant nymphs. i was quite pleased with myself and knew that the thorny vines sprouting from my head signified that i was indeed the more imbued with vegetal puissance.

It was certainly better than the other night, when i was bleeding through my eyeballs in some cheap French clinic. There does seem to be a theme, however...

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August 8, 2005

Pig's Eye and Beyond

The past few days have been only marginally interesting, since for most of it i have been at work doing mostly nothing. The Uptown Art Fair and masses of nasty people driving their Acuras and Lexii (plural of Lexus??) very badly invaded the vicinity and thus, there was noone at the poor little museum. So, i got some knitting done. No complaints there.

We did bike over to Pig's Eye on Friday, which was an adventure. J bought me some lovely Amy Butler fabric at Treadle Yard Goods, partially to assuage his guilt at having bought another box of Magic cards. i made out well:



i should be able to get a couple of skirts, a bag, and a sash out of the lot. i have been asking myself the unfortunate question, however, how many skirts do i really need? For that, alas, i have no answer.

Also, the Candelabra Camisole is finished. i was surprised how cute it looked on, since it is basically just a tube with some straps and a bit of shaping and didn't look like very much at all sitting on my bed. The lace pattern was very do-able, so i think that Orangina will be next, that is, after my rent refund check comes in... one day...



i started a One Skein Wonder using some leftover yarn that i dyed with koolaid a long time ago and it is progressing well. i'll have to switch to a solid when i run out of the hand dyed stuff, but i think it will blend ok.

i suppose i should get started on the plethora of chores that need doing around here before Monday Night Nerdfest, wherein yours truly is allegedly storytelling (though she would probably rather be knitting) for her nerdy, nerdy friends. Also, finding something to eat rather than day-old cookies might be a good idea...

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August 2, 2005

Kyoto Completion/Villain Takes Hollywood

So, today was relatively productive. At least, i finished a few things so it seems that way. Perhaps most importantly among these is... Kyoto! i don't know how far Taryn has come with hers, but i know that i am damned glad to be finished with that sucker. I really enjoyed working with the yarn, which is surprising since it is super-cheapy TLC Cotton Plus and i certainly had my doubts. Had a bit of blue left over and so i started a sort of tube top/camisole-esq thing inspired by Glampyre's pattern (unreleased at time of commencement). It is my first real foray into lace, having only done simple eyelets previously. The top will basically be a simple tube with ribbing on the top and bottom, skinny straps, and a column of "Candelabra" lace running down the front and back. My mom gave me a book with about a zillion stitches in it and most of them were just too intimidating. This one is working out well, however. Perhaps Orangina will be next.

On a related note, J and i were waiting for our delicious Punch pizza and a boomer woman next to us was talking about how much she liked Orangina. Ok, great, its good. However, she pronounced it so as to rhyme with female genitalia, which conjured strange images to our active little brains. J's consisted of a peeled orange with one strategic slice missing. Teehee.

Next, I fixed up the sexy Marlow Skirt. i feel like a saucy and treacherous dame. By this, i mean that i have to walk with tiny little steps thus making my hips sway in an utterly unnatural way. Also, getting into/out of cars is quite difficult. How did those broads in the 40's do it??

Here is some lovely traditional Japanese dancing performed by the Little Flower of the North, Villain-chan:

Booze, Broads, and Bullets:



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