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September 26, 2005

Mr. Henry H. Bluebird

Finished the bird-stitching! I have been wearing Mr. Bluebird for the past two days. Needless to say, I like him very much. The brown and blue theme continues in the little lariat necklace I made the other day. I really dig the style and have black and black/red ones planned. Easy to make (though the seed beads take bloody forever) and easy to wear. I like the adjustability of it.


Also, I finished my mom's other xmas present: rosary beads. My mom is catholic, though in a way that I can actually handle, i.e. living in sin, birth control, and other evils are A-OK. I think she likes the comfort of ritual objects like the beads, and the Virgin Mary (or as Taryn says, the BVM) ,who is pretty cool as these things go. Anyhow, I know she will love them. The beads are Czech firepolish AB and the connector/cross are neat reproductions of vintage pieces in sterling silver. Simple, if repetitive, to make. I think they look cool, though I can't actually remember the prayers that are supposed to go with it. We tried to remember at work the other night, but they got all jumbled at the end. A Heathen is me!


Also, J is growing some lovely plants on our windowsill. I would have killed them already, but they seem to be doing quite well. The image below is of an herb mix... can't wait to eat them all!!


In other news, our bathroom sink had a crack in it and soaked the cheap linoleum tiles on the floor, causing an effluvium matched only by rat-infested sewers. Ok, maybe not quite that bad, but almost. They replaced the sink today and I have been burning all manner of pleasant smelling devices to alleviate the stench. It is working, if very slowly. Hopefully it will be reasonably back to normal for tomorrow night's foray into Vampire...

Finally, I posted some more things to my Etsy site. You should visit it, even if you never ever ever want to buy anything. I just like to see the little Visitor Count go up; it makes me feel happy.

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September 22, 2005

f3d0r4 0f d00m

I have finally taken a picture of my OSW, though I'm afraid it doesn't show it off very well since I was playing with my new (somewhat silly) hat. I generally like hats, but always feel weird wearing them. Especially this one. I need to be more adventurous, methinks. So here goes:


During my office hours (always painfully long and boring), I have been working on a little bird. I am stitching him onto an American Apparel T shirt. I have never done this before, so I'm not entirely sure how it will come out. I was planning on using one of the Sublime Stitches iron ons, but I thought this looked cuter. I think that stitching through the stabilizer will make it a bit looser, but since it is on a stretchy T anyhow, hopefully that will be ok. We'll see... Hopefully I can finish it at work tonight.


I got all those sparkly little beads in the mail the other day and so, last night, I made this little set. I really dig the red and aqua together. There was also another pair of earrings that I sold to Bree! She is my first customer since my 6th grade friendship bracelet making business, Friendship Inc. Neat-O!! I hope she likes them very very much and wears them until they fuse with her skin and she can never take them off again. Wouldn't that be cool? I thought so. So again, thanks Bree!


Also, I finally finished an Xmas sweater for my mom. She is always cold, even in Virginia, so I made it from extra-bulky wool from Handpainted Wool. I have a little left over, so maybe I'll make a hat or a neckwarmer or both. The color is really gorgeous. Also, pagoda and shells . Pink/brown and blue/brown are hot on my color list right now. Also, why is it called Pagoda? How mysterious.


Thursdays are my days off, so today I got lots of stuff done: housework, homework, Kingdom of Loathing, as well as a new (and fantastic!) yoga video. I feel more limber already! I do have to go into work for a measly 2.25 hours tonight. Oh well, not like I had any plans. Tomorrow there is a talk by a prospective hire in the department. It looks pretty interesting. She does lots of work on music videos, and the talk is on Eternal Sunshine. Maybe we'll even go out for drinks afterwards. I wonder if Loring still has their 1/2 price deal for students...

"I could use a drink." (said for J, with my best Neverwinter Accent...)

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September 11, 2005

Star of Stage and Screen

Yesterday, an interesting thing happened to Villain. It all started when... the day before a Talent Agent called J (having been a fine actor in a fine play several years back, he has been baraged with such calls) wanting him to come down to some "audition" type thing near the Mall of America. Ok, great. The next day rolls around and we decide to go. I say that I must maintain a British accent the entire time we are in the building. So, we get there, and it pretty much consists of Psycho Stagemoms and their darling Progeny, waiting to be discovered. Finding the whole thing utterly amusing, I decide to "audition", too. Accent and all. So, turns out I am from London, but will be in school for a while... etc. We have to read this commercial in front of a camera. Mine is for McDonald's and the only way I can really read it is kind of slutty, so I go for it. The woman says my accent is lovely and that I should be able to get lots of commercial work because of it. Fantastic. I call back today and turns out they weren't looking for a 26 year old Londoner for any of their TV shows. Quelle surprise! Nonetheless, the game was quite fun. I was, for those of you who know her, channeling Domino, albeit an extremely sedated Domino. No whips, firearms, or Entropy, just a lark.

Also, last Monday, I became a dark brunette. It is delicious and I think I love it. I am suddenly much more mysterious and deadly. The perfect combination. I hope it lasts well.

A full week of skool has elapsed and I am still alive. Teaching is going smoothly and the French class that I was rather worried about is (so far) proving to be far less advanced than I had supposed. Phew.

In crafty news, I made a red czech glass necklace and bracelet set. It is pretty simple, but the color wows me so. I want to make everything in that red!! Delectible. It matches the Pomegranate Izze I am currently savoring. mmm

Also, I finally have a picture of the kanzashi I bought from Ugly Agnes' Merchbooth. So pretty!

I have been knitting and finished the 3/4 sleeved One Skein Wonder (actually 4) made with Knitpicks alpaca-silk. I love it. Pictures to follow. Also, Orangina is going well, but extremely slowly.

Off to work in a bit. Hopefully I can get some French homework done there...



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