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October 28, 2005

Mohawk Madness

I cut J's hair the other day. This is a rather annoying process involving buzz clippers and the bathtub, and so we generally wait as long as we can. This time, I managed (Cthulhu knows how) to convince J to keep a mohawk for two days. I think it was awesome. The pictures don't really capture it (and they make his neck look too skinny...) He, alas, hated it. But hey, I managed to get two days out of it. He must really like me.


On the craft front, I have been spinning. This Brown Sheep Top is really great to work with, my favorite so far of everything I have spun. So far, I have about 15 oz done. Don't know what gauge it will be when all is said and done, but I'm counting on about 20 or so being enough for a sweater for me. I am also going to dye it (bought a new pot and everything). The koolaid dye is so easy and fruitylicious; I hope that the real thing won't be too much of a vinegary shock. Drop spindles have been the latest rage on all blogs; I'm glad I have a wheel. I don't think I'd be very good at the spindle. Also, it looks super-time consuming. After I predraft, the spinning is really quick. My little Kiwi is so great. I wonder what a good name for it would be... Herbert? Matilda?


Today's teaching was pretty good. At least the week ended on an up note. Whew. Just in time for me to be unstudious and partake in outrageous revelry!! That's right. This Saturday is The Party. Below are the lovely invites (I embossed the ace, though it doesn't really show up here...). I just hope my downstairs neighbors (who used to play loud music until 2am, but now seem to have a baby) don't complain. Looks like it will be a full house. It's at 8:00, if I forgot to send you an invite....


Time go cram in a little Adorno before the cleaning and shopping mayhem starts!

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October 21, 2005

quiz day!

You Are 32 Years Old
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Your Monster Profile

Infamous Professor

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You Especially Like to Torment: Vegans

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You Were: A Charming Fortune Teller.

Where You Lived: Greece.

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Who Were You In a Past Life?

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October 17, 2005

Time For A New Job?

Sometimes I really hate being a teacher. I guess I can't really go into it in this medium, but suffice it to say, college kids are a difficult bunch.

To get my mind off of my Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, I have been napping, eating chocolate, and working on J's Mossdog Sweater. I really like Knitpick's merino: just the right amounts of softness and sturdiness. I might make the black cardigan I have been planning for millenia out of it, though I wanted something that would knit up a bit quicker... I have also been reading these depressing German fairytales, which normally would be pretty awesome, but unfortunately they are just making me even moodier. Why can't J and I own a little bookstore somewhere with temperate weather?

In craftworld, I have made a couple more lariat necklaces and some matching earrings. They are cute, but I feel kind of unproductive. I did make some pillows for the couch not that long ago out of this purple Asian-floral material. They came out pretty well and I had a 40% off coupon for the fabric. Score. The apartment almost looked clean until this afternoon when I was frantically digging through old syllabi and coursepackets trying to figure out what should go on my booklist. Blech. Everything is once again as messy as my brain.

Chocolate? Bailey's? Ice cream? Maybe I need all three tonight.

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October 4, 2005

Joys of Teacherhood

Today I am just dying to talk about my students' crazy papers, but I know that it would somehow come back to bite me in the derriere, so alas, no public discussion of Manipulations of The Phallus. I have a billions (ok, only 25) of the suckers to grade and you bet your Signifiers that this Villain will be grading them on her birthday. That's right folks, my birthday is this week. I wonder how old I look...? Also, at what age can you say you are "pushing" the next decade? Do I get to do that now?

In other news, I finally finished That Damned Sock. Only one more to go. Though the going was very slow on this pair, I am actually getting excited about learning the 2-circulars method on some sweet-and-tart Knitpicks yarn. Also, the stuff I dyed for Orangina might become other various objects from socks to scarves. I am afraid I am just not feeling the lace. It is soooo sloooow. Also, I have to concentrate too hard to watch media whilst knitting. Some concentration is just fine, even a little fair isle here and there, but I am deathly afraid of dropping/losing/generally screwing up the lace and not being able to go back to fix it. Maybe a more open (i.e. quicker) lace shawl or something? The problem with that is that chances are good I would not wear it. Nor do I really know any lacy women who would. Maybe I should jump on the Clapotis bandwagon? Dunno. Maybe next summer will be an Orangina summer. Its way to cold already now. And rainy. And generally icky. Why can't "dry" and "sweater weather" go together? I can't wait to move back to the east

That day is only vaguely on the horizon. Had a meeting with my adviser today. I have to start compiling my Booklist in preparation for the Dreaded Prelims. Can't I just assure them that I am, in fact, a supergenius and be on my merry way?

Well, at least the peanut butter cookies I just baked will console me (and J who has had a devil of a time with an evil computer program he is writing...). I got to wear my brand new apron! It started out as a skirt and when I realized that I had cut the pieces all wrong, it became the nifty apron pictured below. It is reversible: stripes on one side, mod cats on the other. Maybe one day I will submit an entry to Tie One On, the monthly themed apron round-up. I really love wearing aprons. My old liberated Body Shop uniform is probably still my favorite since it is black and emminently washable (and slimming, that is important, especially if I want to enjoy the Consoling Cookies) , but this one will come pretty close (vertical stripes are slimming, too...). I even have a new hair flower to match!

Well, off now to pick up J from the wilds of the Computer Lab... ttfn.



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