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November 28, 2005

You Only Dye Twice

And so starts another week of drudgery and misery. Actually, it hasn't been that bad; I have managed to slack most of the day away, thus prolonging the Homework Avalanche that is sure to pummel me down into the ground any second now. Whilst procrastinating, I am rolling my latest spinning project into balls. However, the camera is mysteriously sans battery power, thus photos will be forthcoming. I spun up 16oz of the new Corriedale and Cherry/Tropical Punched the hell out of it. It is not quite as soft as it perhaps could be. This may be due to the bazillion packets of Koolaid that I utilized. What could be perfectly snuggly yarn is now full of citric acid and FD&C Red #5. Looks pretty nice, though. I wonder if using, like, real dye would work better. Maybe next time.

I really like the red color, though some of the skeins are a bit darker/more even than others so I will have to alternate a bit. Lesson learned this time: put all the damned skeins in the pot at the same time instead of gently squeezing and adding them one at a time. The first skein sucked up a whole ton of the color and I, running about frantically, forced us to drive to the grocery store to buy more packets before the water cooled. Of course, our normal grocery store is far too "high class" to sell packets of Koolaid. Luckily we actually live in the ghetto and the Rainbow down the street had every color (flavor!) imaginable. Thus, crisis mostly averted.

This yarn is destined to become a bateau neck 3/4 sleeved number with, gasp, a cable down the front. Yes, it is true, I am finally going to take the plunge and learn some actual knitting techniques instead of just rehashing Ye Olde Raglan. Did I mention it is going to be a top down raglan? One thing at a time, I guess.

Haven't actually finished the Low Down Dirty sweater yet. Those damned I-cord ties took longer than I suspected. Maybe this weekend, since I have SATURDAY OFF!! Yay. I can go to the Nocoast Craft-o-Rama AND The Walker's free first Saturday and, um, write a paper or something. Also, crafting. I bought some supplies from Crafty Planet to make a new bathmat for our poor little bathroom. The apt complex really just needs to bulldoze it and fix everything. I mean, the walls are bulging from plaster soaked from the inside out. Eww. And so this bathmat is going to magically make everything ok. Really.

Also, it is now freakishly hot in the apt. J and I were forced to wander around in our skivvies yesterday just to keep from passing out. No wonder I am so sleepy...

Taryn: here is the scoop on the Blythe exhibition chez Robot Love.

I am allegedly making pizza for dinner. I suppose I had better start on that soon to make sure that we aren't having chips and salsa for dinner. Again.

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November 20, 2005


I worked up a little neckwarmer on Saturday from some leftover alpaca/merino Knitpicks yarn and some equally leftover shell buttons. It is very warm and only a little too snug, but I know that it will stretch a good deal. The photo doesn't show off the buttons very well, since I was going for that "Avast, matey" pirate look.


About that. I get these strange allergic reactions in my eye caused by Cthulhu knows what kind of particulate matter. I have to take some allergy meds and usually slather on this weird steroid jelly and also not touch it. This is the hard part and where Pirate Fashion Accessories come into play. I could use one of those stick-on bandaid things, but why? Especially not when I can make such a statement. Well, when Taryn came over for a friendly (or not so friendly if J is playing a blue deck) game of Magic, I was struck by one of these fits and had no choice but to immortalize it forever. Voila.

In other knitting news, I am nearly finished with the Low Down Dirty Wrap, so named for its penchant for the blues (i.e. what the extra dye stains my hands). Just one sleeve and a whole hell of a lot of soaking to do. I still don't know what to make with the recent Koolaid yarn. I love staring at that yarn. Its subtle orangey spell just sucks me into its tangy goodness. It is worsted weight and about half of what I need to make a full sweater. I was thinking of another long sleeved One Skein Wonder or a cropped sweater. Any suggestions?

Also, I am a sucker for these quiz things:

Erotic Thriller
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Winding a web of deceit comes naturally, and no one really knows the true you.

Your best movie matches: Swimming Pool, Unfaithful, The Crush
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November 17, 2005

Freezeland, Yarn Woes, and Loopy Artists

Yes, it is officially winter. Chez Villain is a bloody ice dungeon from hell. OK, maybe it is not quite that cold, but it is pretty damned cold. I have been trying to do homework all day. This is a fine pastime for such a day, since I will not be out biking or sunbathing. However, I can only concentrate on it once I have found the perfect way to wrap myself up in the blanket my mom crocheted for me. It is large and I am short, so it does a rather good job of keeping all of my extremities warm at the same time. Too bad I am so fidgety. Lots of getting up for various unnecessary accoutrements. Most of the heaters are on, but since we don't pay for heat, we don't get to decided how much they are on. Usually, it is scalding in here during the winter, but until they crank up the radiators, glacial.

In other sad news, my handpainted yarn is not going to ship until at least the 22nd, even though I ordered it on the 9th. I suppose that I just expect too much: that when your credit card is charged for something, it has shipped. Isn't that, like, a law or something? Anyhow, I suppose I have enough to keep me busy, but a yummy yarn treat on such a cold bleak day would have been nice. Oh well. This is after getting a mysteriously 10gram short skein of sock yarn from my other order!! I am having no luck. The fiber is somewhere in Neverneverland, but at least I haven't been charged for it yet.

J and I are going to go to the Walker tonight. I haven't been since they reopened. This is somewhat shameful, since I am supposed to do this sort of thing for a living, but what can I say? I have a lot on my mind. I really can't wait until this semester is over. I was originally scheduled to do prelims next semester, but it looks like that is being pushed back to the fall. I guess that's ok... though I do feel like a slacker. Hopefully I will be inspired by tonight's sojourn with a stellar topic for my latest Adorno paper. I am writing about the importance of the processual in making/deciphering art and don't want to just talk about some 70s Process Art. Wouldn't that be a cop out? Maybe not. There is an interesting interview in this months Artforum with a sculptor of whom I had never heard: Isa Genzken. She and Wolfgang Tillmans talk about the process of making and what that entails. It is certainly on topic, though I am always skeptical about what artists have to say about their own work... We all know what a loopy bunch they are!

Current sweaters are going well. I think I will start a little neckwarmer tonight. No pix yet. I feel like I shouldn't even post if I don't have pictures!

Soon, my pretties.

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November 14, 2005

Was there ever any doubt?

The Evil Princess

You are drawn to the sinister side of life and
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proud of your dark side and often flaunt it.
Your sinister nature and your willingness to be
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November 13, 2005

spinniness continued

Here are some more spinning photos from last week and this weekend.
The first photo is of some snuggly alpaca (gray) and shiny corriedale (teal) that I worked up. The alpaca is really thickly spun and dense and, of course, so so soft. I am going to make a warm hat out of it. The corriedale was a dream to spin. I had kind of forgotten about it in my underbed stash area, but found it and made some rather thin yarn. For me anyhow. I am getting better at spinning thinner and will certainly have lots of corriedale to practice on since I ordered 3 whole pounds of it from Paradise Fibers. Along with this and my orders from Knitpicks and Handpainted, the next week or two will be as good as xmas!

The edge of the bulky wrap sweater I am making out of the brownsheep top that I dyed. It is a bit rougher than I wanted, but not too bad. The only drag is that the dye comes off on my hands. Guess I didn't rinse quite well enough! I'll give it a good soak when I'm blocking it...

Yarn for the above sweater.

I spun this South African Fine Top this weekend. It has also been sitting in the stash for a very long time because it was difficult to work with and I have only now gotten to the point where I can handle it. The staple length is pretty short and so drafting was a bit more tenuous than normal. After I got it all predrafted, though, the spinning was just fine. I am really please with the way this came out. It is about a worsted weight and really fluffy. The top had a lot of crimp in it and so it ended up lofty. I dyed it with Koolaid (orange and lemonade). It smells so nice and fruity! I will probably make another One Skein Wonder with ExtendoSleeves, since I only have 8oz. When I got the bag out, it looked like so much wool that I assumed it was a full pound. It was spread out all over the carpet and I told J... "You think this is a lot? Wait till next week. I got 3x this much" Funny thing is, I really got more than SIX times that much. Moohahahaahaha. Yarn! Wool! Everywhere! [maniacal laughter]

Details of orangosity.


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November 10, 2005


i actually have some spinny photos< but movable type is all fucked up right now< so it will only let me show this one:


more later

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November 1, 2005

Halloween, The Masquerade

So, here are some lovely photos of the party. I know that I was in no state to be taking them, so I thank whoever it was who left them on my camera.

I stole this gem from Taryn. So you say there are no pictures of your costume, Lisa??

No, no more autographs please, darling!

Elegant Gothic Lolita, Michael the Good Fairy, and Domino

Zombie beauty queen, Boy George, and Mrs Mia Wallace

Evil Peanuts and Ghost looking cute

Lisa has some additional choice shots from that fateful Saturday night. Much decadence was spread, much alcohol was drunk and a good time was had by all. Well, at least by me. Thanks again to all who came, and especially to Taryn for helping me restore the apt to is former glory.

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