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December 24, 2005

Why me?

Just when I thought the semester was really, truly over and that I could just forget about all of my teaching woes, it is not actually over. So strange to me that students could complain about grades that are really much higher than I should have given... Damn it.

It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

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December 20, 2005

eXtreme Status Update

Damn you, Loathing. I just started adventuring in the Crimbo Village and what do they do? Rollover. My timing is all screwed up since it is an hour later here. Guess I'll post instead. I am sure that J has been desperately missing my constant status updates, so I will give a few:

1. Mouth not as minty-fresh as when using eXtreme Clean toothpaste. New Vanilla Mint is tasty, but not as overwhelmingly powerful.
2. Legs chapped and painfully dry, though weather was a temperate 30 ABOVE zero here.
3. Enjoying wearing makeup again, but afraid I will become addicted, i.e. afraid to see my skin without foundation.
4. Had a slight headache, thought it seems to be going away thanks to judicious application of ibuprofen and sparkling water.

In slightly less bodily-oriented news, we ate a yummalicious and greasified dinner at a large local restaurant where the freaky (though I'm sure he thought himself quite charming) waiter kept calling my mom "Miss" and referring to she and I first as "ladies" and doing such things as conspicuously offering us diet soda and girly drinks. Great. He was gross. People never pull that shit when I'm with J.

We also went to the most strange and incredible grocery store ever. It is like a Byerly's combined with Surdyks x3. They sell US100 glass decanters there (?!) in addition to a multitude of sweet and savory treats.

Still haven't started grading those final papers. I think I will start tomorrow afternoon. After we make a trip to Alexandria to go to , of course. I am hoping for some soft wool roving (BFL? Corriedale?) and maybe some of those silk hankies written about on Knitty. Tantalizing!

My mom keeps trying to buy me clothes, but most of what I have tried has been icky. I did managed to scoop up a lovely brown tweed below-the-knee dress on sale from Ann Taylor. It even has a little flouncy-flounce at the bottom. I really love it. Need some brown sexy-librarian shoes to go with it.

It is really pretty nice out here, especially when the sun is shining, but I'm afraid it is still too cold (for me, anyhow) to go running. I have decided to pursue a rigorous regimen of nightly sit-ups instead. Thus, I must be off to sit up repeatedly.

Oh, yeah... and I'm in Virginia now.

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December 19, 2005

ruffles and rings

I am leaving for VA in a couple of hours. Did I sleep in? Yes. Do I have a trillion things to do? Yes. Ha. Here are some quick photos before I continue running around like the proverbial chicken sans head. I have been working on that Cherry/Tropical Punch Corriedale for what feels like forever. This is its third incarnation as the ruffly sweater. It gets a little rougher each time I frog it, so this had damned well better be the last.


Also, yesterday was Animus. Now, if you aren't familiar with this holiday, do not be alarmed. It is celebrated by exactly two individuals, J and myself. As I am always thousands of miles away for xmas, and since we aren't actually christians anyhow, we have combined our anniversary and the aforementioned gift-giving holiday into one neat little package. This year, we did the rings below (in addition to such media gems as the Sin City special edition and the *cartoon* Aeon Flux dvd). They are titanium with blue topaz and diamonds. They are getting little scratches, so the yummy shininess probably won't last forever, but it sure is nice now. We wrote a villanelle together for the occasion and enjoyed delicious sushi.


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December 9, 2005

Flux Rant

So, last night J and I went to see Aeon Flux. I am a big fan of the old TV series. I mean, I have it on my license plate. Not being an utter fool, I knew that the fragmentary, disjointed brilliance that was the show would be well-nigh untranslatable into film. We went anyway. I suppose that my reasoning was along the lines of "know thy enemy".

The trailer suggested that instead of the murky motives of the previous incarnation, there would be some kind of so-sad backstory from whence Aeon turned to a life of righteous crimes against the state, working for a well-established hierarchical group. The only time she did/would ever do that was a brief stint helping remove Custodians. And even then, her real motives (as well as that of the group itself) were unclear. I mean, in the film, our supposedly mysterious heroine gives plot exposition?! How ham-fisted can you get? None of the delicate nuance of policital and psychosexual intrigue that the show had in spades was present at all. I thought there might be some alright anti-fascist stuff here, but Trevor Goodchild was merely transformed into an utterly beneficent enlightened despot instead of the megalomaniacal sex-object that we all knew and loved. Sure he had some redeeming qualities before, but restoring fertility to women everywhere wasn't really one of them.

That's right. Aeon Flux has turned into a vehicle for promoting basic heteronormative familial structures, technophobia, and having lots and lots of natural (natural?!) babies, just like god intended. At one point, and this might spoil the surprise for some of you, she says, "You mean we're copies!?!" That's right. Copies. Idiot. Didn't the fucking director even watch the episode on human duplicants that the movie steals and distorts? I am getting angry just writing this. I knew I shouldn't have expected anything, least of all any relevance to the show.

Why not just make a different movie if you are going to recycle names and plots unthinkingly? Several times, I tried to think that it would be redeemable if they had just not claimed that it was Flux. But alas, it was just too horrendous for even that. Even ignoring the sorry states of politics and gender relations, racism was rampant throught. J said to me, "Did she just beat up another black chick?" That's right. All subservient or there to be destroyed. Almost unbelievable.

That said, the only thing that can be redeemed about this sorry film was the costuming. Though not as provocative as one might have hoped, it (as well as some of the sets) certainly invoked the aesthetic of the show and brought to life the materiality of the world.

Also, its [Bren-ya] not [Breg-nah]. Guess the latter sounds more like [pregnant].

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December 5, 2005

Frozen Nasal Cavities and So Much More

Today, snot froze inside of my nose. As a child, I recall thinking it supremely novel when it reached 32 degrees. It's actually FREEZING out! I would exclaim with glee. These days are, sadly, long gone. Now I get welts on my cheeks from the devilish climate, no matter how much I bundle up. The ol' Belle and Sebastian tune, Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying comes to mind. Will it really be another year before I am done with prelims and can join J... umm wherever he is?! Damn. Looks like this Villain will be staying indoors as much as humanly possible until the demons who control the weather have again been vanquished. Have I mentioned that its cold? Also, have I mentioned that I am from The South?! ok, enough.

Back to crafting. We went to the No Coast Craftorama this weekend in the ice and snow. And so did everybody else. Being currently ahem between paychecks, all I could afford were some 1inch buttons. The other things were quite lovely, but it was heartening that I could make many of the products for sale. I am glad that business was booming and I hope that everyone sold lots of stuff, but damn. So many large women with equally large handbags. Did I mention that I had/have raging PMS? This month's has been rather extreme. Example: when some neighbor took our clothes out of the washer and stowed them on a dirty bench instead of the standard putting-them-on-top-of-the-washer routine, they became Dirty Whoring Lepers (and other, much worse variations that I am a bit too ashamed to write here) for at least a couple of hours. Good thing I didn't catch them, because I am certain that all hell would have broken loose and some sort of lawsuit would have been filed by the end of it. Oh, how I wanted to take their clothes out of the dryer and toss them of the floor, stomping away gleefully. But I didn't. I just wanted to. See, it could be worse. Ha. Good thing J is always so level-headed.

This is the yarn I have most recently spun and dyed. The red is much deeper and better looking than the photo suggests. I have become lazy in my color-correcting skillz. It is a pound from the Corriedale stash continued in plastic bags below. The stash itself doesn't look as large or impressive as when it first arrived. I have a feeling that I will have to order more sooner than I suspected. Perhaps I will be able to stock up at Springwater Fiber Studio when I journey home for the holidays.

Bags of fiber waiting to be fondled.

Shells colorway from handpainted yarn. So yummy that I guess its ok that it took forever to arrive. Not like I'm going to start anything with it yet, anyhow...

Here is the Low Down Dirty Wrap. I look like I am lined up in front of a firing squad. It is still a teeny bit lumpy, so I have to pull it pretty tight, which stretches it, but oh well. Also, even after soaking overnight, the dye still manages to come off on light-colored stuff. Thus, this will be a jeans and dark clothes sweater.

I shoud really go do some yoga right now so that I don't kill anyone/anything before tomorrow afternoon's cyclical change. So, goodbye.

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