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January 26, 2006


I started them some time last year and finally, tonight, they are finished. I present to you, Villain's First Sox, made for her ever adoring and grateful J. The second sock is a little better/tighter than the first, but I don't think it will be noticible. I look forward to starting the two-circs-two-at-a-time method for the next pair. Perhaps that will alleviate the horrid horrid pain that comes with having to start another one right after you have finished the first.


Had horseback riding class today. Unfortunately, we didn't actually ride any horses. Dammit. We "lunged" which basically means that we made the poor horse, Buddy, run around in a circle at various tempos whilst we threatened it with a whip-like structure. Yeah yeah, that's great. Where's my horse?! Where's my wild adventure?! Next week we get to "mount". I hope that is serious horse-speak for "ride around a whole lot and do crazy tricks".

I was planning on going to fencing tonight, but felt ill so looks like that will be postponed until Monday. Sorry, Taryn.

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January 24, 2006

Better to be Feared than Loved

At work this week, whilst playing with the Ladies Oracle, I asked the question, "Do I have any enemies?" The response:

Yes, but they fear you.


Question #2: Am I thought pretty?

Answer #2: Prettier than amiable and more coquettish than pretty.

Amiable at the bottom of the list and coquettish at the top. That sounds about right.

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One week down, 15 to go.

Yesterday was officially the last day of the first full week of skool. Going ok so far, especially since I only have one real class, a seminar on contemporary art and theories of witness. It is pretty nice to only have a hundred dollars in books to buy. There is also the fee for horseback riding, but that is not so bad. I am still managing to put money into the Italia fund. Will summer never come? On the work front, teaching is going well so far. They are a pretty smart bunch; lots of majors. Sometimes this is good, i.e. interesting and thought provoking comments. Sometimes it is bad, i.e. lazy smartasses. My department tends to breed those (grad and undergrad...).

Today I finished J's Mossdog sweater and he keeps saying it is the best knitting thing I have ever made (doubtful); however, he also didn't mind scolding me for not doing prelims reading today. You don't get it both ways, baby. I'd just be happy with the sweater if I were you. I will force him to model after his night class.

We went rollerskating last Tuesday. It was wicked awesome. I was expecting it to be nearly empty: one or two weirdos skating aimlessly and me requesting Whitesnake songs. It wasn't exactly packed, but there was a fair crowd. Some of the skaters were really rad. We were getting better by the time we left, but still held hands for balance some of the time. Much fun. When is everyone else coming?!? Soon, I hope. Gotta break in those skates! Also, I need a Roller Vixen Costume. Hmmm... Tonight will be more subdued,I'm afraid. I may work on the socks that I started some time last year...

Here is some Wensleydale that I spun up the other day. It is rather even if a bit hairy and not very soft. Easy spinning, though.

I think I will sleep in tomorrow. It is a bitch to teach M-W-F instead of T-R, but at least its not until after noon.

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January 17, 2006

You're a Mean One

Here are my Grinch roving and yarns. Dyeing the roving turned out to be rather an ordeal. I never seem to have enough koolaid. Had to overdye it the morning after my little midnight dyeing party. Oh well. It makes the stuff a bitch to predraft, which is a necessity for me. I think that next time I will be

1. dyeing the yarn
2. using actual dyestuffs

I have been eyeing the Oneshot dyes at ProChemical. Key lime and Kiwi look pretty snazzy as do Blueberry and Persimmon. After I spin up some more of the roving I have, I will be investing.

I bought some yarn for Tubey chez KnitPicks. Alpaca silk in sangria and lettuce. I keep saying to myself that I need some more black things, but then I go and buy color. I suppose I am not as severe as I used to be.

Tomorrow, however, the world shall see me severe again. It is the first day of skool/teaching for me and I want to come across as, if not a badass, then at least a Very Stern Librarian. Not that librarians aren't badasses, of course. It's going to be something vaguely suit-like with pearls and a briefcase for this Villain. Fear me, oh freshmen.


Yarn looks pretty good and was easy to spin after the grueling predraft. It's a little rough for my tastes, however.

Here is the motel where J and I stayed whilst skiing. So so so glad that we did not have to sleep in the same crowded, utterly cramped (and did I mention neurotic and crazified?) room that J's parents had. Phew. It was rather "rustic". And by rustic, I mean that it smelled like week-old broccoli when we got there. Some 1/2 price travel candles from the shop cleared that up. I must admit that I am more of a Marriot girl. The joint was billed as a "resort". Now, to me, resort means sleek ski bunnies (such as myself) having cocktails in the lounge. I mean, I brought makeup. And jewelry. What the hell was I thinking? I had a good time and the skiing itself was certainly marvelous. Not quite what I was fantasizing about. More like camping and while I enjoy camping, I also enjoy room service. A lot.

J is reading the strange little memory books they had going back more than 20 years. Some of the entries were interesting and some were just plain weird (I mean, do I really need to know about your wife's "performance" in this very bed in 1992??!), but most simply gushed in Hallmarkian fashion about how moving it was to be in the Great Outdoors. Right-o. The other pix we took (still waiting on the film) were with a point and shoot that I wasn't afraid to kill. J landed on it about a million times, so I'm not sure how they will come out. How quaint to use actual film! The scenery was breathtaking, and when I say breathtaking I mean that if I had thought too much about the precariousness of the gondola, I would have been a little freaked. As it was, I avoided thinking as much as possible. I'll have enough of that to do starting tomorrow. Damn.


Also, here is a coral and turquoise necklace that I made and have been wearing incessantly with the matching earrings.

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January 10, 2006

Ski Bunny

It looks like J and I will be venturing forth unto the Land of Ski in Lutsen Minnesota, courtesy of J's parents. Yippie! I haven't been skiing since I took those PE classes as an undergrad. Oh so long ago. Also, it was in Virginia. Now, contrary to popular belief, there is snow in the Old Dominion. And mountains. Sometimes they are even found together in the wild. Not the best of either world, however, so while I might have once conquered a Virginia black diamond, it will be the Bunny Slope for me. And for J, since he has never skied before. We managed, after much searching, to find ski pants for a mere $20! The trip to REI was lovely, but everything was so far out of our range that I was a little disheartened.

Here is the hat I whipped up from the plied merino. I think that in real life I actually look a little less like a junkie scoping out her next hit. I guess I'll have to work on cultivating that image. It works so well for me here.

My attempt at craaaaazy yarn! Fat merino singles plied with purple thread. Pretty nice effect, though not as radical as one might hope.

At Target the other day, I could not resist purchasing a My Little Pony. Anyone who has been in my bathroom has seen the stable perched upon the windowsill. Oh, my lovelies! The new ponies are too skinny and young-looking. They have not the wise faces that bespeak the torturous intricacies of Pony politics. But I won't hold that against them. Too much, anyhow. Here is Silver Glow:

And finally, whilst looking for ski pants, I stumbled across ROLLER SKATES on sale for $20. I have been coveting ones like these for a good long while now. They look like the ones I had as a child, except that the gigantor yellow furry pom pom things with bells that I had then are conspicuously missing. I'll just have to find some yellow yarn... Nights at the Roller Rink may now commence!

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January 5, 2006

do the twist?

Here is my first attempt at plied yarn. I saw these colors in so-soft merino and thought they looked quite sophisticated. I could use a little sophistication and so I decided to go for it. I have been looking at all of the superbulky avant-garde yarns out there (such as Pluckyfluff) and some of them are really beautiful, but I don't think I could ever spin like that. Not that I ever get things perfect and even, but it feels weird not to try. So anyhow, I wanted to make a bulky that was a little different from my usual and these colors fell in my lap. The photo may or may not show off their mulberry and chocolate elegance, but that is indeed what they are. The plying was harder than I thought it would be, mostly because the testy merino kept breaking. I loosened the tension waaay down and it worked ok. I would try it again, but maybe with something that is not so fussy. I also picked up some saturated red, orange, and yellow. I want to spin them very bulky with a red sewing thread binder to add some texture. Maybe I will get to it tomorrow. My latest bead order arrived today (amethyst and pearls!) so that will probably keep me occupied for a while.


The yarn is so soft. I made 4oz. Enough for a hat, I hope...

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January 3, 2006


Here is the swift that my dad made for me. The base is made of wenge, a really dense and dark hardwood - so smooth when sanded! The arms are zebrawood and the pegs are walnut. It is, all in all, quite fancified. Also, it works great. I have balled up the 8 skeins of handpainted and am finally doing this sock yarn that I dyed ages ago for the now-defunct Orangina. I love the red and orange. Maybe I can make it into a shawl? On needles larger than size 2? I suppose I could always double it. Don't know why I have shawls on my mind. I would probably never wear one. I sort of like the idea, though. Of the right shawl that is. I'm sure I would know it if I saw it...


All in all, a quiet day Chez Villain. Cleaning is progressing slowly, but at least it is progressing. Tonight Taryn is coming over and there will be much Magicking (and knitting, too, hopefully). Maybe I will finally make those pumpkin cookies I have been talking about...

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January 2, 2006

Back to Reality

Hello to you, dear reader. I am back to my mostly normal life here in the Grande Twinne Citties, having returned from that strange country known as Virginia. It is a mystical land of temporal abnormalites and historical rifts. I am talking, of course, about Colonial Williamsburg. We visit this place sometimes. Mostly for the delicious taverns. Not, let it be known, for a Real and Accurate History Lesson, which would be hard to come by regardless of what the ads say. One of the interpreters was trying to suggest that slavery wasn't really all that bad a deal. It was totally weird and creepy and sleazy and embarrasing. Afterwards, my mother and I were like "where do we sign up?!" Very strange. In general the place is amusing, though, in the same way that Ren Fest is: costumes and fake accents and the illusion of some kind of verisimilitude. Also, the food is good. Crafts, too. The guy below was making some kind of support for a cart wheel. Entertaining anachronism at its very best.

After a while though, things get kind of crazy and after seeing one too many Colonial Reenactors doing their thing, the family got a bit loopy.



I received much wool for spinning over this xmas holiday as well as some of those silk hankies mentioned in the Knitty article. Also, my dad made me a swift! The ruffle sweater is turning out to be a fiasco. I am just going to cut the ruffle off and bind off. That may make the sweater salvageable. The Greater Mossdog Sweater for J is just about perfect. Except for the fact that I haven't got quite enough yarn for J's fantastically long extendo-arms. Looks like I will have to order some more in addition to some new double points. Aw, shucks. Sweater pix tomorrow.

I also got to make a bunch of new jewelry, this time with garnets and turquoise and obsidian and the like. Great fun. I made a necklace and earring set of carnelian, obsidian, and red jasper for my mom. She always looks kind of frazzled in pictures and would most likely rather be doing something else, but I forced her to stand still for this one:


The apt is a mess and I'm sure that I should be doing something productive about that. My parents' house is so new a clean that I feel like I live in a hovel whenever I return. Maybe tomorrow.

Happy New Year to all...

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