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March 25, 2006

Dagger Dolls and Days Off

Taryn, J. and I started the weekend off right with a little bit of Hot Roller Derby action at the Legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium. No fights to speak of, but the rough and tumble skating was certainly entertaining. For the championships in April, we are planning on procuring trackside seating to up the danger factor.


Our favorite team, arbitrarily chosen prior to the match, was the Dagger Dolls and, as it turns out, the choice was a good one since they kicked ass. Rebel Stella, their star jammer was amazing. I think that I would have to be a jammer, if I were a Derby Girl. Total Hardcore.

Though you would never know that I might have Hardcore Proclivities by looking at the stuff I've made lately... Here, finally, is the strapless dress I made a while ago. It is more teapartycore than anything else...

Fabric from Taiwan!! I hit the jackpot with this haul. Thanks so much to Taryn and her Night Market excursions. I am planning some dresses and shirts, but I should probably take my time in deciding since this is not the type of thing one acquires every day...

Meow Cats. This fabric is soooo soft and yummy. What should I make it into??

This is my only weekend day off this month. Yay. I have a whole weekend off next month. Wow. I am planning on staying up really late (um maybe like 1:00?) and doing all kinds of fun things (um like sewing and watching video games whilst knitting?). Ok, so maybe I don't have an adventuresome life, but what the hell, at least I have a day off.

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March 21, 2006

Lost and Found

I had a bit of a fright this morning when I thought I lost my Unwedding Ring. Lots of frantic running around, one hysterical phone call, and the denuding of the bed and all was well again. However, that such a thing could even occur was somewhat terrifying to me. I mean, I never take the thing off, so one would think I would notice right away if it slips off in the night to do whatever runaway rings do at such an hour. Oh well. One must be ever vigilant against such occurences, I suppose.

In other news, here is another dress, this time in oh-so-soft microfiber (under $4 a yard!). I am pleased with it, though the curvaceous curves were challenging. I have almost finished another, this time strapless. I messed up the boning a little and while it is by no means visible or noticible, I feel the need to make amends before it is really finished.


The cabled sweater is progressing well, though I had to rip out all of the work I did whilst at work since the decreases 1. left a weird bump that did not seem to be fixable even with the miracle of blocking 2. were really not necessary. It is [ahem] a snug little sweater and might not actually button all of the way down the front, but merely once at the collar. I think it will be just fine even if my massive bosom proves too overpowering for it...

I think I will whip up Knit and Tonic's newest pattern addition soon. I have had a hankering for a beret or a cloche lately. This pursuit has so far left me realizing that I cannot actually sew hats yet. Then I remembered that I can knit one, or even learn to crochet one with decidedly better results, so all was not lost.

Of course, I am really supposed to be doing homework. Maybe I'll get to that today...

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March 13, 2006

Cables and So Much More!

Finally have a picture of the Mandarin collar dress. I really like the way it came out and I'm sure I will be asked to wear it to our special "Spring Break '06 Extravaganza". Since we cannot go anywhere exotic, J and I will be reserving a room at a fine Twin Cities Hotel and living it up. Oh Spring Break, why does it always snow on thee? We were snowed in for most of the day, though we managed to get out this afternoon for a fabric store run. Heh. Tomorrow I will do homework, I swear. Today I made cupcakes and worked on my first cable knit sweater. I finally got the hang of it the other night and started a cardi to match all the pink and brown stuff I have been making lately. Turned out another twirly skirt (in brown this time) today. The last few sewing projects had not been going well, so I was very happy that the skirt is indeed wearable. Maybe when I move to another state.

On that front, J was accepted to Boston University for grad work in philosophy. Yay! He even got a beefy fellowship so he doesn't have to work. Lucky stiff. Apartments in Boston are unbelievably expensive and we probably won't be able to go look in person. I hope the interweb does us right... He will be living in a studio the first year whilst I attempt to wrap things up here and even that will be about $1000. Yikes.

Horseback riding injury. Instructor said that it was perfectly normal and that it means I am doing it right(?!?!). Where are my knee-high boots?

Sweater from the Times of Old. This has been in my knitting bag for over a year and I *finally* finished it. Kind of boring, but I suppose that is ok every once in a while. I need to add buttons since I made buttonholes, but I do like the pin thing.

Woohoo! I wonder why my face looks so weird?

And presenting... cables!! I was intimidated by them for so long and none of my swatches came out right until a couple of days ago. The stitch definition is a little bit fuzzy, but it still looks pretty good. Also, I <3 size 9 needles. So. Fast. Can't wait to wear this one!

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March 6, 2006

Goodbye, Snootful Dog

Requiescat in Pace, Sandi.


Also known as Muffino, Weaseldog, Scruffy Muffin, The Dog With No Snoot (but she sure is cute), Sandino, Dog Brains, Doggers, Snootful-Cuteful, Boloney Loaf, Mushroom Nose, and Muffigan. You were my favorite dog ever and the highest jumping canine I have ever witnessed. From that first day when you wouldn't budge from under the coffee table to all of the times you bit poor Black Dog and, lest I forget, the millions of circumambulations you performed at breakneck speed, you were a great dog and I wish I could snuggle you one more time. Goodbye, my Snootful Dog.

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March 1, 2006

Sewing Frenzy

While I have certainly not given up knitting (or spinning for that matter), I have, as of late, been in a Sewing Frenzy. Another new dress, several skirts, a handbag, and the long-awaited Tubey are pictured below. I really like the Girly Dress and will make another, though I should get a tutorial in zippers from Lisa. This one isn't bad, but it really shouldn't take me three tries to get it in. I mean, really. I did an invisible zipper in the Twirly Skirt and it is ok, but never as perfect as I would like.

I am currently listening to Kingdom of Loathing Radio. A Dead Heart is doing an 80s-Aquanet Nite and it is delicious. J doesn't really know any of the songs, but what do you expect? Oh, the 80s, how I nostalgize thee to the point of hyperreality! Maybe I will make a balloon skirt to wear with my rollerskates...

I dragged J to SR Harris the other day. Goddamn is that a terrifying place. I pictured a warehouse, sure, but not a portal to hell. There were filthy bolts of fabric strewn everywhere and some kind of organizational system invented by a sadistic orangutan librarian. Don't think I'll be going back any time soon or in this life, unless under extreme duress. I did manage to find some nice red and black cotton for another dress (at under $3 a yard), but at the greater cost of my mental stability.

The photos were taken in the bedroom and hall. In going for that "real life" feel (and a new location than in front of the TV cabinet like usual), they just look cluttered which, um, I suppose my real life really is. Oh well.


Twirly and Chelsea bag. Mistake on opposite side of handbag now covered with my best kanzashi to date.

Hey There My Little Pony... Skirt from an Ikea pillowcase! $3.99 baby.

Tubey and Flowerskirt from sale fabric at Crafty Planet

Whack Villain Dancing Shot

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