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April 23, 2006

Spectrum and Sunbonnet

I have decided to become a part of


This is partly because it is a no-pressure project, so I can decide to not do it whenever I want. April's colors are orange and yellow and, while I am not exactly keen on yellow, I dig orange pretty well. I finished this dress today. It is a bit more daring than most of my dresses, cleavage-wise. The pattern is a "Laura Ashley" dress for McCall's. Somehow I doubt that any Laura Ashley fan would actually be wearing this dress. It might not be visible from the photo, but it ties over the bust and there is a little cut out space underneath the ties that is left open. Woo. This gets covered by the ties, but still feels a little bit risque, considering that the majority of the time I wear jeans and t-shirts. I will, however, be brave and perservere.


Also, I made and wore a bonnet. That's right folks, I am quickly slipping into the category of Eccentric Lady. The bonnet from Angry Chicken's mailorder was supercute, but it sold out within the day and so I missed out. Desperate for a bonnet, I bought a costume pattern (yay for 99 cent pattern sales!) and went for it. I used the same fabric I used in my passport holder and I think that it came out well. Despite all of the strange looks I am sure to garner (or perhaps because of them?) I will be wearing it out and about this spring/summer. It keeps the sun out of my eyes...


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April 20, 2006

Dastardly Dilation

You are Now Entering the Twilight Zone.


Really it is more like the Living On The Sun Zone. My little mouse eyes could hardly take it, so I was pretty much out of commission for most of the afternoon. Oh well. Apparently, I have a rather large optic nerve. The better to see you with, My Dear...

After recovering from Evil Cat Eye Syndrome, I managed to start a new dress this evening and am to the zipper/hem stage. Not my favorite part of the process, especially since I opted for a normal zipper instead of an invisible one this time. Man, do I ever suck at zippers. I would have gone invisible, but none of the colors were anywhere close to matching the orange of the dress and would show in just the wrong way. I figured that if I manage a lapped zipper, the fact that it is Atomic Red will not be noticible. Here's hoping... In other dress news, I found a great site called A Dress a Day. She posts all kinds of lovely patterns and vintage stuff in addition to her concoctions. Much fun.

Last night I ventured into the world of the Freezer Paper Stencil. It is very effective! I really can't draw, let alone draw and then cut something complicated out with an Xacto knife, so all of my images are going to have a "sketchy" aesthetic. I picked up some Jacquard fabric paint at Dick Blick and went at it on some old tshirts.


J likes this one. I wonder why most of the ones he takes end up being Busty Villain shots? hmm.

I started reading Oryx and Crake today during the heinously boring car ride to horseback riding (does going into management make you insipid or do mostly insipid people go into management?) and before ye olde eye appointment. I really like Margaret Atwood and am tearing through this one. The Blind Assassin was also good, but I wish she had had the space to develop the story-within-story some more. I know a lot of nay-sayers complained that she shouldn't try to work the Science Fiction angle, but I find her a compelling storyteller regardless of genre. Her style and themes were invoked in another quasi-SF/fantasy book that I read last year, Black Wine, which was quite a stunning book, if , at times, slightly obvious in its Political Ramifications (godbless Gratuitous Capitalization). I haven't had too much time for pleasure reading. J will read to me whilst I am knitting, but I am currently between knitting projects, alas. Sometimes I pick up sale hardcovers at B&N (also slogging through one now), but that is mostly because I am a sucker for deals on books and not always because they are particularly good literature. It is amazing the number of horrid books I have read to the end when I probably should have given up half way through.

I should probably go to sleep now since I have a bazillion student conferences tomorrow. Damn do those things wear me out! I feel like I have to write their papers for them. Maybe I will just read a few more pages...

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April 18, 2006

Dilettante Dolls

Well, rollerderby was pretty awesome, even though the Dagger Dolls lost. I was there in my new DD toned tube top, though I like to think that I looked a bit saucier at the time, since the beret (another Knit and Tonic this time with Knitpicks Merino Style) was replaced by pigtails and the plain face with hot pink lipstick and messy black eye makeup. There is a big XO cable down the front, though it is pretty much impossible to make out in the photo.


I skated to the grocery store yesterday (while J walked) in preparation for derby tryouts in July. Some of the shopgirls are going to go for it, even though there is little to no chance of us making it. A girl can dream, right?

We also went to Design Collective in Uptown. It was pretty cute, but some of the stuff was mighty expensive for what it was and a lot of it I think I could make. I keep thinking that I have to get "serious" about my crafting. I really am a dilettante at heart even though I think I can turn out some pretty nice looking items. I tend to keep all the things I like for myself. I guess that is the curse of being an only child: all the good stuff for me me me!! I think I could make some cute things to sell, though. But the big question is... is it really worth it?

Here is the Shells Cardigan in all its glory. I am still getting used to the hook and eye closures and the fact that they are never going to come together in the middle. I almost like the look, but I still get the nagging feeling that it looks like I am wearing clothes three sizes too small.


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April 14, 2006


I had been looking online at passport covers and saw some super cute ones on Etsy and other crafty sites. I know that it is a good idea to support fellow crafters, but I figured I could whip one up using some fabric and interfacing I already had. The Taiwan Stash was perfect for mine and just a 1/4 yard of each from Crafty Planet worked great for J's . I made mine first (flowers and brown twill interior) and had some resizing issues which were pretty much worked out by the time I got to J's (Asiatic clouds and sushi). His would have been much quicker if I hadn't sewn it together with the wrong side facing out. Damn! The Seamripper is our Friend. All in all they were pretty quick and satisfying. I might make some for my parents if I can find fabric that I think is suitable. My mother would be mortified if I made my father's in the red-chili-pepper-on-blue-background that I bought to make him some pajama pants...mooohahhaha!!





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April 7, 2006

Dr Giggles Strikes Again!


So, I have never actually seen the movie Dr Giggles, but I vaguely remember the commercials from oh so long ago and thus, our upstairs neighbor gains a nickname. Lots of mail from reputable medical sources comes to him and he seems to actually be a medical professional (or is at least rolling with that whole MD after his name to pick up dates). Now this is all well and good and he might be a fine specimen of humanity, but the only time we have any "contact" with him is when he is, at midnight or two in the morning, screaming such colorful phrases as, "You fucking dick!" and also "You fucking cunt!" I suspected this was because of my sewing late one night, but it has occured on numerous other occasions, leading me to believe that I was not actually the cause of said commentary. The best was, when J and I were attempting to share a Romantic Moment, "Breakfast is OVER!" As it was about 10PM, breakfast was indeed over and so was our moment because it was interrupted by a strange mixture of apprehension and nervous laughter. The Doctor is IN.

I have finished the cable sweater, but it needs massive amounts of blocking and so that will have to wait for tomorrow. I have Saturday off!!! Yippee!! Now I can do lots of "research". This is sort of a joke now, because I am writing a paper on for an art history seminar (of all things) and have been forced to temporarily renew our account in order to provide details for analysis. Heh.


Here are a few necklaces I have put together lately: rose quartz and jade, amethyst and peridot with crystal, pearl, respectively.




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April 2, 2006

Bespectacled Villainy

Finally I have a picture of the Cookies and Cream dress that I made last weekend. It is, shall we say, form fitting and will perhaps be an incentive to do the elliptical in the weeks to come...


The previous photo, while being the best one of the dress that I had, does not show the newest news Chez Villain. That's right. Villain got glasses. It is still totally weird and I feel like I am wearingsome kind of mask, but boy can I see better. I mean, who knew that trees were sharp? I guess everyone but me. Well, now I know.


I also made this little Lucky Cat Skirt last night. The pattern is a little strange: there are these weird holes on the sides that (hopefully) will be covered by the folds, but I guess we will see. No zipper, so it was really fast, but hemming a circle skirt is a bitch. So. much. fabric. I will test it out at work today.

The cabled sweater is coming along, though it seems like I should be done already. Only one sleeve to go. I should be able to make some progress on it tonight. I wish I could knit at work, but alas.

In the same yarn, I made Knit and Tonic's last minute purled beret (minus the turning it inside out bit). I actually had to knit it twice. The first time, though I got gauge, it was super big and unwearable. I attempted to simply cut off the ribbing and reknit it, but that failed miserably. Then I decided to just redo the whole thing. I adjusted the # of stitches and needle size for the ribbing et voila! When I was small I loved berets, but now I am not so sure... Time will tell if I actually wear the thing.

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