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May 23, 2006

In the Headlines...


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May 22, 2006

Hemming a Circle Skirt, also known as Hell.

So I finally finished my Green Gable. It seems like everyone else at the KAL has been done for forever. I just got mine done the other night and I love love love it. I think it fits better than most knitty things I have made with only slight variations from the pattern. I decreased a bit before putting on sleeve ribbing and decreased a few more times for the waist, but nothing major. Normally when decreasing for the waist I get this weird bump that happens at the first increase, but I spaced them out a bit (horiz and vert) and it looks pretty ok to me. Cascade Sierra worked just great; I ordered some Knitpicks Mainline (yarn drugs?!), but if it doesn't come in time for Italy then I will probably just pick up some more Sierra for another one on the plane. I have started some toe-up socks and they are coming along pretty well, but I am just not as invested in them as I am in sweaters, particularly fast-knit well-fitting sweaters!


Here is the dress I made before greendress. It is really comfy and easy to wear: no strapless bra, partially covered shoulders, etc. Not my favorite pattern in the world (there's something strange about the low waist and the v-neck was kind of a bitch to sew), but very nice for wearing nonetheless. Someone asked me if the fabric was Marimekko. I wish! That stuff is like $35 a yard! I wouldn't have said it looks all that much like it, but hey, I'll take the compliment.


So, the circle skirt fiasco. I suppose it all worked out in the end, but damn. I can't believe I bought (and cut) that much fabric without realizing that there would be a whole other skirt left over. Sheesh. I had some fun with the honeycomb stitching and added a pocket (at J's suggestion). He thought it would be best as a Crafting Skirt and I agree. The pocket is from an Ikea pillowcase that I am also planning on making into a skirt one of these days. They are just so comfortable! I know that Taryn is morally opposed to elastic waisted skirts, but damn are they easy. It is almost like wearing your pajamas. I can handle that.

I am entering it in this week's Whiplash. I have been meaning to enter for the whole 6 weeks they have been doing this contest, but just haven't been making the right kind of stuff. Or, at least, I thought that it would be too much of a stretch to say that what I was making fit the theme (though there were some other entries that stretched it a bit). I think this one matches up pretty well, though. I love the kelly green color. It seems somehow retro without necessarily being so. The thread colors I used make a nice contrast for me and it was fun to experiment with the new stitching. How lucky that the pocket colors match up so well! I was skeptical about the pocket, but I think I have been won over. It is alreay so useful...

Hmm. I just noticed that I have to get some new poses.


This one wasn't actually as hellish to hem as the actual Greendress, but I still hate them. So. Much. Fabric. Must. Mix. Cocktail...

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May 19, 2006

Sometimes a lot, sometimes never.

Hmm. Looks like I haven't posted in a while. Sheer laziness on my part, since I don't really have a schedule per se any more... Sure there are books I should be reading, but that will be put off for as long as possible.

I have been dressmaking again. A floral number with fabric that was not supposed to be on sale, but accidentally cost $3/yard. Score. The light was all wrong in that pic, so it will have to wait until next time. Also, a retro pattern in solid green. I don't usually make things in solids and that is mostly because the majority of solid cotton fabric out there is kind of icky. This was ok, I guess. It wrinkles a lot even if I iron the hell out of it. Probably won't be that noticable when it is on, however. I have another dress in the first stages that is a kind of red and orange marbled print for the sheath and red sateen for the overskirt. Hopefully that one will get itself made before Italy. God, I can't believe it is Thursday next! Packing is going to be an ordeal, I am sure. Greendress is in, though, that is for sure.


Whilst cutting said greendress, I somehow accidentally cut one too many circle skirts. Well, the pattern called for two and I thought it was just going to be some amazingly huge skirtage, but it looks like you are supposed to make the normal skirt and then an underskirt petticoat thing. Well, I can't say that wearing another dress under my dress really strikes me as a good time, so I decided to just make a different skirt entirely. I saw the latest entry of
Whipup's Whiplash weekly contest and I knew this would fit the bill just right. The theme is "colour" and so I have taken to stitching it variously. I am also planning on adding an oh-so-useful pocket that coordinates. I am glad, at least, that it was salvageable.

Here is a shirt that I made with some of the fabric from Taiwan! I had to buy a new, lower cut bra because my old cottons were peeking out and all of my other ones were too bustifying.


I am 99% finished with Green Gable and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I ordered some yarn from Knitpicks to make a second one, but if that doesn't get here by the time I leave, I will just have to pick up some more Sierra. I think it is one of the best-fitting things I have made. Also, have I mentioned that I love top-down raglans. Well, I do.

I need a new knitting project, because when I watch J play videogames I always knit. Right now, we are embroiled in Dreamfall, a pretty amazing adventure game and sequel to The Longest Journey.


The narrative and characters are engaging. Also, the voice actors are excellent. This is, for me, one of the most important parts. It is amazing how many bazillion-dollar games just get some schmoe off the street to do voices. I couldn't even watch Baten Kaitos because they were so bad. Luckily, this game is lovely on many accounts. They have also done some interesting geopolitcal realignments (i.e. making Africa the new center for robotics and technological industry) as well as having a strong heroine who kicks ass without resorting to Lara Crofty drawn-for-the-boys tactics. Since GG is almost done, I will have to find something else to work on. Maybe socks? I was planning on bringing them on the plane, but I just haven't been feeling the sock-love. Everyone in the blogosphere is making sox and they look so cute, but will I ever really wear them? Well, I guess a related question is, how much do I wear the stuff I make anyhow? Sometimes a lot, sometimes never.

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May 10, 2006

My Little Horsie

Villain and Bill the Horse


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May 9, 2006

No More Pencils

Finally, skool is over. J graduates next Sunday, the last seminar paper of my graduate career is turned in, undergrad papers have been picked up, spring is in the air. Just a little more paperwork and.. oh.. grading. It should actually not be too bad this time around. I expect the papers to be clever and insightful. Here's hoping that I am right. Since I am putting all that off until the very last moment, that leaves plenty of time for crafting. I made a messenger bag for the plane (socks on 2 circulars planned) as well as a new dress and some goodies for the fam. The dress was cut a little strangely and is not exactly built for comfort and ease. It is, however pretty hot. Also, it has a very very low neckline. This means I will feel much more comfortable wearing it in another country. Good thing that is on the agenda!

I love love love that flower fabric. I made a little envelope wallet and a travel tissue holder with it as well. I'll include them next time with Green Gable progress shots.



The new brown dress. Built for breaking hearts.

Chili pepper pants for daddo and pillowcase skirt for mom to match mine.

1337 b0XX0r5 for J

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