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September 30, 2006


Here is the robe I finished last night:


It is named in honor of my favorite cat, Narnie! The cat fabric is so weird and creepy and great. Its full splendor is not revealed in my haphazard photo. Also, it fits well and is fun to wear. I can finally throw out that old flannel thing I have been wearing for years and rejoice in my creepy cats. I might add a pocket if I am feeling adventuresome. I made it last night whilst listening to the pop radio station. This is not really my type of music, but it is the only one that comes in clearly in my bedroom and so I did a sort of anthropological study of it. If anyone asks which two songs I downloaded surreptitously is a secret I will take to my GRAVE!!!

I have started a jacket in baby blue barkcloth (say that five times fast). I have yet to wash the lining fabric, but cut out the outside this afternoon and plan to sew up most of it tonight. Maybe the laundry fairy will come and bring me clean clothes and fabric tonight! Maybe.

I think I will sew for a bit and then go charge me some dinner at a fancy (well at least not a take-out) restaurant. I am broke but thank god for Visa and Amex! Isn't it fun being a grad student?

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September 25, 2006

Must... Start... Project...

A couple of nights ago, I ended an evening of studying with North by Northwest. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend that you do both for its cinematic integrity and THE CLOTHES! I was roused from my craft-lessness and may very well start a Real Project this very evening! Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) has simply marvelous dresses and I really should make a nice little something for fall...
Just look at the little vixen!


All of the crafting that I have done so far has been in bits and snatches. I made a couple of sushi-fabric potholders for J and, while they are certainly serviceable, they are not exactly my best work. The photo intentionally does not examine the application of the bias tape... somehow it just wouldn't end up straight. I guess it will be easier to use them than if they were pristine!


I have also started a J sweater of the typical raglan variety that he likes. It is on size 9s so is going pretty quickly. It is a nice little something that I can work on during those long flights from Stormwind to Arathi...


But I want to start something else! For me! Maybe a jacket...

Maybe after I do a little more reading.

le sigh

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September 13, 2006

My So-Called Life

So far that life is a life without crafting. Sad, but true. In preparation for my prelim exams in November, I have been reading reading reading and then later on, when I am recovered, reading. I really need to keep this up because I am supposed to know all about things like Hegel's aesthetics and esoteric film theory and ahem I did things like make dresses all summer. Most folks agree that the dresses were a better endeavor, but I don't think that will impress my committee. Too bad!

I have a couple of things that I want to do during those periods when I can read no more: a set of retro placemats/potholders/apron for J. The boy wanted placemats. How can I say no?? So, as a treat to myself, if I get enough done on Friday, I will take a jaunt to the fabric store. Until then, I read. Additionally, I put in my notice at my second job. After this month I will be a grad student/TA only! Thank god for 75% appointments.

Well, time to get down to business! Posting will be even sparser than my normal sparseness. Wish me luck....

<3 villain

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September 6, 2006

Vivitur in genio and other Stuff.

It is no secret that I like stuff. I have always had a penchant for physical object and the delight and agony they can produce. When I first moved to MN, I was pretty miserable, and so I was happy to be surrounded by the things I had made, collected, designed, etc. for my new home. Nesting and all. I was happy to be in an apt where I had more room; it felt like a real place instead of some lame grad skool starter. Now it just feels too big and all that stuff that I love and made and collected? It feels like so much junk, oppressive. Yet somehow it is hard to throw things away. I am trying. I want nothing to stand between me and my (eventual) move.

The main things in the way now are my dreaded prelim exams. I really don't feel like I will be ready to take them in November. My adviser suggested early February as an alternative, but I feel like a cop out, a grad school loser pushing them back.

In partial preparation, I am trying to finish this Kant paper that has somehow plagued me for what seems like forever. Kant just doesn't really speak to me, even though he is pretty much the backbone of Western aesthetics. Well, I've got news: most of Western aesthetics are wrong, people. I am finally making progress, having found, what I think is a pretty interesting object to apply the stuff to: early modern anatomical illustrations.


The pillar says that genius lives on though all other things die. Now I can't say I believe in "genius" per se, but I sure could use a little more inspiration... Doesn't help that the stupid museum is having more stupid construction and all I can smell is some stupid tar that is filling my apt and making me nauseous. Stupid! Ok, now time to brew some tea and get this Kant party started.

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September 1, 2006

The Real Folk Blues

Tonight I am in a hotel room somewhere in Maumee, Ohio. Only 12 hours left to drive, depending on Labor Day traffic, of course. The drive was reasonably pleasant and uneventful though anything for 13 hours can be tiresome.

I only cried a couple of times. Mostly on the highway in upstate New York. The first time, I was listening to Nina Simone's "Love Me or Leave Me". That "There'll be no one unless that someone is you/I resolve to be independently blue" line got to me. The second was the Cowboy Bebop Blue album. Reminds me of when we were first dating...

Why couldn't he be there in the passenger seat giving me directions and M&Ms? I suppose that would be because life isn't fair. I am too tired to process much further than that tonight. I can only wait for the floodgates to open once I am home. I would love to make it home tomorrow, but I just might not be able to swing that. Guess a good night's sleep is the first requirement. A girl has to have all her willpower points, doesn't she?

...see you Space Cowboy.

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