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March 25, 2007

My New Friend

Yes, I made a shirt last night. However, that is not nearly as important as my new friend:


The existence of this little darling proves that I am, to a tee, Target's target market. Their new easter stuff is SO CUTE that it makes me want to faint. They even have their little chicks and bunnies on scented erasers that smell EXACTLY like I remember from when I was little. Will the cuteness never end? Sigh.

When I bought him, I felt the need to carry him separately in my hot little hand instead of putting him in the bag. It was like I was 6 all over again. What should I name this little charmer??!

Also in a springish vein is this new shirt, a Simplicity pattern that I made yesterday. The fabric is covered with little blue feathers. Cute, but possibly too cutesy. Only time will tell.


It made the rounds on the blogs last year, but I have been seeing something very similar in mags like Lucky lately so I thought I would take my chances. (When that magazine first came out I was pretty much totally appalled. Now, however I am able to accept it in all its ironic glory and have ordered a subscription to it and Domino.) My goal was to look more fashiony than cute-crafty-mom, but I'm not really sure if that is where it went. I think I need to work on my accessorizing (though I am wearing some sassy little high wedge sandals from Banana that got cut off!).

The pattern itself was very simple, but it bows out a little in the front, just like most of the examples I saw. I tried to minimize this through some creative nipping, but that didn't seem to work. I also tried to starch it straight, but I think that I just exacerbated the problem. I really wish I could take a class on pattern alteration somewhere! There is always one little dart I need to add or some wrinkle that just won't come out. I did buy the Vogue Sewing book and there are some tips there, but it usually seems that I have a problem that is not quite addressed. (Though I'm sure the techniques could apply to many different mistakes, I just don't have the expertise to modify them!) Oh well.

In other news, I just discovered (just a little to late, sadly) ZeFrank. Wow is really all I can say. J and I watch the episodes simultaneously and revel in their wonderousness. Check out Ray's episode during Happy Week.

The question that remains now is... what is your Power Move?

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March 22, 2007

Nouveau Dress

Here is my latest dress. Can you believe it's been like two whole weeks since I've made one?? OMG. ZOMG, even. Well that is all going to change tonight. This dress is on deck in a plum Japanese fabric Taryn brought me.

It looks better with the sweet little cummerbund I got at Forever 21, though it is very comfy sans belt. Sadly, you miss all the pleats that I slaved over (ok not exactly slaved, but you get the idea). I heard a bunch of blog-fuss over F21 and decided I needed to see for myself. I was not disappointed! Cute stuff, way cheap. I have gotten more compliments on my $3 flower pin than on most of my other clothes combined (ok not exactly, but you get the idea). I did, however, at 28, feel at least 10 years too old. Whatever! Make way, you little chickadees!


Simplicity is having this contest where you sew up one of their new special patterns and enter a photo to win a trip to Paris. Now, I certainly don't think this one is going to win any awards, but I like this pattern sufficiently well to make it again and do some contest enterin'! Or just get some fancy yellow shoes and get J to photograph me in some fantastic spot that is not in the city in which I currently reside. If you didn't notice before, I really really want to move. Today, at least, it finally felt like spring in the ol' Twin Cities. I even wore a dress! Instead of waterproof boots and other warm things!

All I have to say about that is: finally.

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March 20, 2007

Grading papers: send gin.

They are that bad. They are so much worse than you can imagine. Fragments! Runons! No subject-verb agreement! And let's not talk about thesis statements. [swoon]

I ought to have done them all when I was in Boston but, let's face it folks, that was just not going to happen no matter how crummy the weather. I did make a beret and hem that dress as well as make much progress on a black/cream striped sweater. I have two inches of ribbing and then some 3/4 length sleeves to go. I will try to post some finished and progress pix tomorrow. Provided I can get all of these monstrosities in hand.

Let's hope that I have enough red ink!

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March 15, 2007

The Simulacra Plays On


In my Bostonian haze, I have neglected to mention the death of Jean Baudrillard, the somewhat crazy theorist without whom I would most certainly not have a dissertation.

So long, Jean. See you in the simulation...

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March 13, 2007

Villain in Wonderland


J and I went to see our first apartment yesterday in Revere Beach, one stop in from the end of the blue line and "Wonderland" (only in the most surreal way possible...) We aren't moving until September, but this listing was available then and sounded like gold: hardwood, beach view, 3 bedrooms, a backyard... We took the T out to see it and the further and further we got from the city, the more it became apparent that something was not right. Past the airport things went from scummy to roach-y and by the time that we met "Larry the Landlord" (yes that is actually what he called himself!!) it had all gone to hell. Pretty much everything in the ad was a total lie and he managed to be so disgusting and unprofessional that I wondered who he thought he was fooling. I mean, telling prospective clients about how you lied to your tenants and are not renewing their lease? Doing your LAUNDRY RIGHT IN FRONT OF US??? He also mentioned how his "assistant" likes to take showers in his office when he thinks Larry doesn't know. "Oh, but I know. I always know." That because of the secret web cam you set up in there, slimeball?

And, as we were scurrying away as fast as our little legs could take us, I spied a used condom in the ratty yard that he was so proud of. See you later, Larry the Landlord.

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March 10, 2007

into the jaws of death rode the 300....


I saw 300 tonight. I cannot imagine a more politically fascist or reprehensible film. I really really wanted to like it, but there was absolutely no way around reading the "freedom isn't free... it needs to be paid for in blood" thing as anything but hawk propaganda speaking directly to unthinking warmongering. Now I have nothing against seeing hot male flesh (rawr!). However, do they not realize that this display might conflict with the blatant homophobia of the film just a teensy bit? It was so uncritical and non-selfreflexive that it made my brain bleed. It was a bastion of compulsory heterosexuality and saying that real men are completely unable to communicate with other humans in ways that don't involve sharp objects. Also, facile interpretations of physiognymy (he's ugly! he must be bad!) got old. It was violent, but I am not opposed to a little gratuitous decapitation here and there. How did this film manage to make decapitation boring?? Sigh. I tried so so so hard to read it against the grain, but "freedom loving" folks suiting up to go kill brown people didn't give me much to work with.

These are pretty funny, though:
The real Sparta.

And in less morally bankrupt news:

I can't get this song out of my head: Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Catch You. Also, the DRESSES. OMG! Someone mentioned that it was a little too "bunny-boiler" for her, but that is part of why I like it. Long Live Hysterical Women!!!!!

On the sewing front, I made another dress (well, i have to hem it still...) but I forgot the cord to the camera so no pix until I'm back from Boston after spring break.

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March 5, 2007

Tea for Me

Last night I finished the Loop-d-Loop vest. It was quick and fits, though I think I would have made it a little longer with ribbing on the bottom if I had known better. I will probably just keep it as is, though if I ever make another, I'll rib it.



Photos of my outfits are getting more and more unlikely. I mean, shorts? High heels? Red lipstick? All together? Probably not in my real world. I lurve these shoes, though, and can't wait to wear them so I figured I might as well give them a try with a fake outfit. They are so comfortable that I am not going to take them off just yet. Also, I like to pretend that I have long legs. Haha.

I am really chomping at the bit for spring. I decided that I needed to get some fresh air and sunshine and took a walk. Well, that ended up being pretty disappointing, since for several miles I just struggled and slipped on the ice that covers all of the sidewalks here. Great. Didn't fall though, today at least. It is sunny, but 17 degrees plus windchill really isn't my idea of a scrumptious March. All that is really getting me through is my daily cup of tea. I have a very strong reaction to caffeine, so it is a rare day when I can have more than one without going totally berserk, but that afternoon cuppa sure makes my life better. There is some kind of mysterious brain chemistry thing going on that I have no insight into. Well, I think I'll go have cup number two. Today is just one of those days.

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March 3, 2007

Oh, Technology! A Lament.

So after about a million years of halfheartedly working on it (mostly while J reads to me), I finally finished my Picovoli (sans picots). It is ok, but really just ok. The yarn (from Italy, yum!) is nice and soft but the armholes are a bit big and I don't really care for the way the neck is shaped. If I'm going to do another top-down short sleeved thing, it would probably be another Green Gable. I'll probably get more use out of this as a layering piece for the spring, so that works ok. I am nearing the end of another vest-type-item, this one by Teva Durham from Loop-d-Loop. It is on size 11s and I just breezed through it. It is one of those "made small but really stretchy" numbers so how it will fit is still a bit of a mystery. Hopefully I will finish tonight and be able to shoot it tomorrow. I also bought Wicked and Rusted Root from Zephyr with a little extra Paypal (it doesn't really feel like money, does it??) and ordered some black and cream yarn to make J and I striped sweaters.

I got all dolled up as I usually do when taking pictures and things seemed to be going so well. It was only afterwards that I realized the flash wasn't going off because the camera was screwed up and not, as I had assumed, because there was sufficient light. Of course I have no more batteries in the house because the ones I charged yesterday will no longer hold any charge whatsoever. Humph. Alas, the photos are perhaps slighly below webcam quality. I should have just used my Photobooth! Next time, I guess. One day I will save up for a fancy camera that can handle newfangled ideas like "depth of field" and also does not eat batteries. Or if it does, it actually produces photos wherein I feel the sacrfice of the batteries was worth it. Not so much with this one.


J's robe! I started this last night and all I have left is to hem the sleeves. This is a bit tricky because he has monstrously long arms and I used the same pattern that I used for my Narnie robe (his is better! I guess that means I am improving!). I will have to do some calculus to figure out the correct sleeve length. Just kidding about the calculus! I only ever made it to pre-calc in high school and we had a Math OR Science requirement in college so you can bet your Norton's 2000 that I took Astronomy (Oceanography, too). I use my old graphing calculator to balance my checkbook and recalculate knitting gauge. Math schmath!


I am going to drink some tea now and force myself to work on my dissertation prospectus. Blargh. I really just want to start a new dress!

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