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May 27, 2007

A Short Guide to Summer Vacation

Here's the new Built By Wendy dress that I finished last night (well, one hook and eye to go, but I count that as finished.) J requested a version of this dress that I could wear outside the house and so here it is. I wanted to go with some really crazy Asian fabric, but it just never gelled. I keep seeing the same bolt at Joann's and thinking that I could make something fabulous with it, but I just don't know what. And at $8.99 a yard, I can't really afford to buy fabric that may have no future use whatsoever. Were it a little less psycho-looking then I could justify it, but it is pretty crazy. So anyhow, I found some (at least slightly) less off-the-wall stuff and made this:

A dress fit for romping!

This one is a bit more grown-up, but still pretty flirty. I have finally finished the halter! Can you believe that it has been over a year since I started making dresses?? This was my first pattern. I didn't know my size back then and made one size too big. Tried it on yesterday and woof does it ever need some darts and some other stuff that I may or may not be able to do. This one fits like a glove, though. It might be my best dress ever, though the pic isn't super exciting. I cut it out at the same time that I cut this one, so it's pretty shameful that I just now got around to sewing it.


Life has been pretty boring Chez Villain: sewing, a little baking, watching Lost on netflix, playing nerdy games of the card and computer varieties, and that might be about it. I've been doing some "intellectual work" on my dissertation, which really just means some thinking, but no writing. I fear that I will stumble into a haze of housewifery, and by this I mean all of the negative aspects of being a housewife: cooped up, no plans, isolated. I ought to give myself some kind of schedule or else I'll get trapped reading blogs over and over again. I guess part of that will be scheduling the diss writing. I have a journal submission due mid-July, so hopefully that will keep me on track. As for the really important stuff, i.e. what I'm going to sew next, I have that all planned. First, a shirt version of the Built By Wendy dress, then a shirt version of this dress in cobalt faux-linen with a bright yellow sash. I am a little worried that this shirt will look too maternal, but I've been seeing similar styles in the mags and hip internet stores like this one. How cute is this stuff? Sadly, its all modeled by sticks, so I don't know if this style is for me, but I am hopeful. I think that with the sash it will work alright.

In other news, have I ever mentioned how much I love Everyday Minerals?? Well I do. If you have ever considered mineral makeup, you can get a free sample kit from them. Much better than Bare Escentuals, imho. Also, much cheaper. If ever my skin has looked decent in any of these pictures, it is completely thanks to the wonder of this makeup. I am a believer!

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May 25, 2007

to the dogs

I have finished a dress and a sweater and am 75% along with another dress. The weather has been gray and dull; not very good for pix. Supposed to rain tomorrow, too, so I will have to make do and photoshop some sun into my life. Since I don't have any dress pix yet, here is a prarie dog from our trip to the zoo last weekend.


That's right. No lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, or giraffes at the Minnesota Zoo. But I'll be damned if they didn't have the cutest bloody prairie dogs on the planet. They would, periodically, stand up, throw their tiny rodent arms in the air and emit what seemed to be a squeal of unmitigated delight. What are you saying, tinydog?!

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May 15, 2007

The Dame Dress

Here is my new shirtdress! I used some reproduction art deco fabric from Hancock and an amalgamation of this pattern and these sleeves. It was a super fast dress and I think that this is my new go-to pattern. I didn't do most of the fussy things that I did for the first shirtdress, so that simplified matters a great deal and I like it just as well. I am happy that I could get the sleeves to work since they are from a different manufacturer. They are much more comfortable than the originals are. I didn't make a belt for this one and am using some grosgrain ribbon. Would a self belt look better or is the contrast good?


The camera was accidentally set to "sepia" in the beginning, and so here are some vintage photos:

A Sassy Girl-Reporter!

A Swooning Housewife!

I think that now I will finally get around to sewing that halter that I've had cut out for a year or so...

As my first Girl-Reporter assignment, I am very pleased to announce that school is done! My dissertation prospectus meeting went well and so now is the summer of our frantic writing. I am RAing over the summer, but I can do that from the comfort of my computer chair and it mostly consists of playing in photoshop. Score! Perhaps this will fund my new lavish lifestyle: we have been eating at restaurants like every single day now that J is home. Yum! Mongolian stir-fry tonight, methinks. Is this the swooning housewife part? I guess if I'm swooning, that means I don't have to cook! Not that I do anyhow, that is really J's job. I bake, but not so much with the cooking. Partially, this is because by the time I feel hungry it is WAY TOO LATE TO START COOKING. I am not officially hypoglycemic, but man the world around me sure feels it once my blood sugar gets low. Sorry, world.

In other news, the back is feeling much better thanks to some rest and massive prescription strength horse pill sized ibuprofen. Better living through chemistry!

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May 7, 2007

An Old Lady

It has been a while since I finished that last dress, and it may be a while before I finish another. Well, a few days anyhow . This is because I am an old lady. You see, I have had back problems ever since high school, when I herniated two discs in my lumbar spine. (thanks a ton, gymnastics) Well, my current malady is not exactly related, but I strained the old thing on Sunday. I did it in such a way as to prevent my sitting down for more than about 15 minutes at a time without pain. So, mostly I've been pacing about the apartment for two days. Figures that my two main activities, internet and sewing, would be right out the window. Sewing is especially hard on my back. This is probably due to my makeshift sewing table (a nightstand from my bedroom set) being too low. One day I will get a nice table and a nice chair. One day!

In other news, I have the prospectus meeting for my dissertation tomorrow morning and then at night J COMES HOME!!!! OMG!!! Nine months of Warcraft and cellphones and finally my minou is coming back to me. This momentus occasion will call for fancy pizza and red wine! Yay!

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May 2, 2007


Here is my latest! It was a pretty darned easy Simplicity pattern that I will certainly be doing again. I have a feeling that this will be one of J's favorites and I certainly like it a lot too. Check out the mysterious plume of hair jutting from the back of my head. Nice, huh?


Jazz hands! (I'm not sure why that was appropriate and I have a feeling it wasn't really, but it just felt so right.)

I used an art deco reprint fabric from Hancock. I'd love to do one in a perky Asian floral like this one. Not that I can afford to buy more fabric. Now, even worse than usual. :{ The only change that I would make is to use an invisible zipper instead of a normal one. Somehow I feel l like I'm actually getting worse at zippers. Maybe my standards are just getting higher? Who knows?

The dress has been done for a few days, but I have not been in much of a mood to shoot it. Even today, feeling more lively, most of the photos looked like I was a zombie. It seemed to take forever for me to finish, even though it was not a particularly difficult pattern. This is, I'm sure, in part due to grading papers and journals and reading Deleuze. Just reading him takes about 90% of my energy for the day. But, I don't have very much of anything to do for a bit, just work on my RAship and dream up new fashion ensembles. Heh.

I have a Vogue dress (the green version in almost the same color challis) cut out as well as my friend Allison's much belated birthday present. Tomorrow or Friday I will delve back into the sewing. (Oops I guess I have two dresses cut out, but one has been sitting around for literally months.. many months, so I don't feel any real urgency there, though it is this dress in this fabric, so maybe I should!)

For all my bitching about Minneapolis weather, it is absolutely perfect out today. I think I will make some quickbread and eat pineapple for dinner and drink some tea. Sounds like a pretty sweet day to me!

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