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June 29, 2007


I made a dress, but, alas, no pix until Monday. I am off into the woods to play at Lost. Or at least at Camping for a few days. I have my snazzy camisole on and my hair is appropriately disheveled. I think I'm all ready. The only sad thing is, really, that I will be without the internets until Sunday night! Oh, the horror. At least we have one bastion of civilization out there in meth territory: Dairy Queen. Mmm mmm mmm. The only time we ever go is during camping. We are not, you see, hardcore campers. We are "drive into the little town whenever for whatever reason if you really want to" campers. Sometimes a little Pizza Hut is what you really need when you are rained out. Forecast looks good this time, though. Of course, I am still likely to cheat and hit up the DQ. Blizzards ahoy!

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June 25, 2007

Yardsale season is OVER!

Phew. Thank god. I have never really "done" yardsales and so they are a strange animal to me. I made it through, though! Let's hope that I never have to have one again. I am trying out Craig's List as my new form of selling. Do you or anyone you know need a nice shiny guitar?!?! Keep your fingers crossed that it goes!

In other news, my parents left this morning after a wonderful visit. They were great help at the sale and it was nice just to be able to chill with them and watch Casino Royale and play poker. Also, to eat at yummy restaurants! Also, to have presents bought for me like tons of fun fabric from Crafty Planet! Wheeee!!! Trish mentioned that they might have a dress-making class and thought of me. How neat is that? Makes me so happy. So do all the sweet commenters lately! Y'all are the best. I have not been crafting very much on account of all the craziness 'round these parts, but that should be remedied this week. I plan to make a dress for my mom from that Built By Wendy pattern that I can't get enough of and to finish the Vogue that I am in the middle of. I made some cute cabled golf club covers for my dad, but I am afraid that they will not be big enough for the drivers. Those suckers are HUGE! I'll have to whip up some gigantor ones. This is, of course, after I frogged one that I thought was "too big." Ha.

Additionally, I need to get some RA work done (Hi Liz! I'm not really a slacker, honest!) and I am giving myself another 5 page assignment for this week. I'm feeling a bit scattered today. I think I need to watch a movie and knit mindlessly. Off I go!

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June 18, 2007

No You Can't Has Sewing

I'm sure that Lolcats are already played-out, but they still make me laugh.


Just look how sad he is!

In related news, looks like there won't be any sewing action Chez Villain for a few days, as I am currently knitting furiously on my dad's Father's Day present and this is sucking up all my crafting energy. My folks are coming in this week, so I'm not really late, right? Well, anyhow, the current dress will be done later, rather than sooner. Funny how I usually don't go for more than a few days without finishing something. I used to knit all the time, but now I need that compulsive project finishing. Heh.

A couple folks have asked me where I get my fabric. Some of the nicer stuff I get at Crafty Planet, though I can't really afford to shop there all the time. I did, however, get to their Super Craftster of the Universe purchasing level, which meant a $20 gift certificate. Bet you can imagine how long that lasted! I also like quilt shops for nice stuff. Now, I'm not above using some not-so-hot cotton (the cherries were cheap cheap!) but I love me some high thread count quilting weight. Mmmm just irons up so nice! I'm a fan of Alexander Henry and Amy Butler and I've seen some nice Asian print stuff from Kona Bay as well. I have never purchased from Cia's or Equilter, but I browse there all the time and they often have the sort of stuff I am after. I got a metric fuckton of stuff for way cheap from JCaroline once. Really, like $2 a yard! for FreeSpirit! I also shop at Hancock and Joann more than I'd like to admit. It's those damned coupons I get every couple of weeks. Their pricing is such a scam, I mean, if you can cut the price 40% every week, then why not just have more reasonable prices every day? I guess that is not how capitalism works.

Toni asked what a good starting dress pattern would be so I was trying vigorously to remember when I made what and how easy it was. I know you're supposed to write all that stuff down conscientiously, but I will never actually do that. Nor will I hang my bazillion trillion patterns up on hangers to store them! If Wendy Mullins says to do that, she has to be joking. I fold 'em up however they will go and stuff them back into the envelope. Hangers. Ha!

Ok, I think that Simplicity 3831 would be a good starter if you are not afraid of empire waists. The sleeveless version (c) would be a cinch, since you basically just made two bodices and sew them together. There aren't even darts or anything! I also like dresses with snaps for their adjustability. The dress from Simplicity 4194 is very straightforward and you can angle the straps however you need to in order to get it to fall right. I have pretty boxy shoulders, so sometimes there is too much slope built into the pattern for me. Straps like these, however, you can adjust at will! NewLook 6674, The Tea Dress is another goody. No zipper! Yay! And I recall McCall's 5098 going pretty smoothly too. Again, adjustable straps for the win. If I remember any others I will let you know!

(Was it narcissistic to link to all my own dresses instead of the manufacturers?? Well, I guess that's no surprise. haha)

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June 15, 2007

Vacation Photo

I told myself that I could not sew today until I had written my five pages. Well, I actually stuck to it. Yay for me! I had two already and now I'm on page 8. Just about half way! It's about Adorno and World of Warcraft. I'm sure y'all will want to read it, right? hehe

Here is Figure 1:

orryxandgirard vista2.jpg

That's J and me. Don't we look so cute? awwww

I'm going to start on my dad's father's day gift and watch some FFXII. Also, I'm about 1/2 way done with a dress. Hopefully that will get wrapped up tomorrow and I'll have some pix. It is a Vogue pattern that I cut out in rayon in view A and it DID NOT COVER MY BREASTS EVEN REMOTELY!! Also, I'm really a cotton girl. Good thing the rayon was cheap. I got some Amy Butler stuff and started it yesterday with much pressing and fussing to make sure it didn't end up like the other version. Much much better. I was afraid that Vogue patterns were jinxed for me, but this one seems ok now. Knock on wood...

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June 14, 2007


Here is my new Lost shirt. Complete with Desert Island Hair. Nifty, huh? I wear my hair up 90% of the time and when I take it down it is often scraggly and twisty. Somehow the ladies of Lost manage to have delicately tousled and yet touchably soft hair. Mine is just scraggly. Didn't blowdry today, either (too hot!). I only wash every other day, so I guess I'm living the desert island dream.


The shirt is yet another of the Summer Shirt. This time, I rescued a dress that was in serious need of rescuing and/or chopping up. I was trying to make this Vogue dress, that Assorted Notions did such a fantastic job with. Mine wouldn't sit right on my shoulders. The rest of the dress was ok, but I looked like I was wearing epaulets or had tiny wings. I made the longer sleeves for the final shirt and made the neck a bit more scoopy, too. I think that the sewing gods took pity on me for my snarky dress and gave me just enough fabric to make the shirt (and maybe a sash later with scraps) and also to position the design just where I wanted it. Praise be to the sewing gods! I'm cutting out another dress today. J was sick today and took the day off of work so we will have a loungy evening.

In other news, The Golden Compass is being made into a movie and it looks great. Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel? Rawr!

Here is my daemon!

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June 13, 2007

Ma Cherie!

I was in the middle of a snarky dress the other night (which is soon to become a not-so-snarky shirt) and I decided I needed to work on something else. This fabric had been earmarked for a quasi-retro dress, but as I am on a shirt kick, that is what it became. This is Simplicity 3964, another Built By Wendy pattern. I find her stuff somewhat fussy and I always end up changing some of the details. For instance, seemingly unnecessary topstitching. I slipstich the facings and that generally works just fine. For this one, I also omitted the bias tape and just made ties for the back. I wonder, though, if doing things like this makes the finished product seem a bit amateurish. I had that feeling with this shirt and that might just be because I am very far out of its age-bracket. Making it in cherries doesn't help with that, I'm sure. It is cute and superlatively comfortable and not too maternal for a flowy shirt. I made a sash just in case and it will also be good to wear with jeans and tshirts.



Thus, the Four Shirt Challenge has been exceeded! 5! Going on 6! with another to be cut out today! It would be fun to make up a Challenge for other bloggers to do with me, but sadly, I don't know that many. I read a bunch, but I am a total lurker. It is bad. Mostly, I see all the other comments and they have said what I was going to say, only they have done it more eloquently. I know that is no excuse! Shame on me!! I really need to update my page with more of the ones that I frequent. It is always a treat to see my name on someone's links and I need to get my ass in gear and return the favor!

In other news, I promised myself that I would write 5 pages for that pending essay this week. So far, zero. I figure that writing it here in the internets will force me to stick to it. Not that 5 pages is very much, but I need to start somewhere...

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June 11, 2007


Left! Right! Left! Turns out I only have one pose, but I think we all knew that already. Here are some quick and dirty shots of the shirts I have finished recently. I made two more of the BBW shirt and a little wrap number that, while pretty fast was certainly not the "2 hours" that McCalls said it would be. Humph. Weather conditions have been swinging between 'thunderstorms' and 'bloody hot' so either the lighting has been all wrong or I have been sweaty and exhausted, or both. In the first pic I had just finished walking several miles in the bright bright sun in that shirt. Thank god for easy washin' cotton!




The wrap shirt looks a bit like OR scrubs, but I guess I can live with that. I added a pair of bust darts to soak up some extra fabric and this made the bust fit much better, but I think that it caused the sleeves to stick up a touch more than they ought.

I started on a dress last night since I finished the requisite four shirts. I have another, a collared shirt, that is about 75% finished. Basically just need to put buttons/buttonholes on. I have to be in the right mood for that, though, so it will have to wait a few days. Also, I still have not shot that striped sweater I made and just got around to blocking. Now that it is sticky and in the mid-80's that will be a bit more of a challenge...

In other news, I don't have very much news. /sigh
Mostly, I have been preparing for my Big Garage Sale and my parent's imminent visit. Here is one of the flyers I made for the sale:


That'll have them streaming in, right? Don't tell anyone that yardsales are almost never "intriguing" or "extravagant" as my other poster says. That'll be our little secret. Taryn, who is moving to Taiwan, is also unloading her material possessions at the aforementioned sale.

It shouldn't amaze me how much junk I have collected, but it always does. Even with J taking half of the dishes to Boston already, I still have service for 16 in matching white porcelain, just as an example. My current 700 square foot apt is stuffed with stuff. Arranged *mostly* neatly. The places I've seen in Boston in our price range are never this large. /whimper If only I could stop buying fabric, but I can't. Partially this is because I might have a leetle shopping problem (or maybe a sewing problem??) but partially it is because of the dire state of fabric stores in my future home. Or at least I'll keep telling myself that. Rationalization is fun! I also have a fair amount of furniture that I don't want to part with for one reason or another. A bunch of it I actually made myself, like my 3 7foot bookcases and the TV armoire faced with an old door (the white door in the photos). Other stuff will be easier to ditch. Other... more intriguing stuff. Haha. Mmm. Intrigue. Come get some!

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June 2, 2007

The Four Shirt Challenge

I forgot to mention that the previous shirt is part of my new self-assigned Four Shirt Challenge. I make all these damned dresses, but they're not exactly the most versatile articles of clothing and thus get work less frequently than good old fashioned shirts. I have to make at least four shirts of any variety before I can make another dress. I cut out a short-sleeved button shirt in a darling cotton that is cream with tiny tiny card suits on it and it looks like the other two might be versions of the orange shirt below in different fabrics. Not very creative, I know. Maybe I will go above and beyond and make more than four... I have worn this one for a couple days and it is so easy. It was great at the zoo, which was amazor! Lions, giraffes, zebra, seals! Everything that was missing from the poor Minnesota Zoo.

ta-ta for now. J just made breakfast for dinner and it smells great. See you!

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I made this shirt the other day out of some old Amy Butler fabric that was on sale at Crafty Planet. This is one of my favorite prints (two other dresses in it in different colorways) and I'm sad that it is no more. The pattern is that old trusty Built By Wendy dress in the shirt version. I am really pleased with how it came out. The only thing that bugs me is I keep thinking that the front of the elastic is a little wobbly, but I'm sure that no one will notice that but me.

A word on the setting of the following images: across from where I live there is a park. Usually this is inhabited by children who are on a field trip to the Museum and the occasional hobo. Recently, however, a new creature has taken up residence....


He let me take a ride in exchange for some ice cream.



J and I are (maybe) off to the zoo? We are having a hard time coming up with things to do outside the apartment in this town. I was looking at an attractions guide for the Twin Cities and they said to go to the Mall of America (thanks but no thanks) and also to be sure to check out the skyways downtown. Are they bloody kidding me? The skyways are an attraction??? Man. Well you can only go out to eat so many times before the $$ catches up with you, so we have been scrambling to think of things that don't involve 1. restaurants, 2. sewing and buying fabric, 3. playing computer games and generally staying indoors. Trouble is, rain is forecasted for the whole weekend... Oh well.

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