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July 30, 2007

Penthouse Playmates

Ok, so it looks like J and I will be sharing this penthouse (well, 5th/top floor... that counts) loft in the North End:


After all of our blood, sweat, and tears over Cambridge we got fed up and branched out. It was so expensive for not a lot of payoff and we couldn't afford any really snazzy places. Most were cramped and didn't have a ton of character. Also, they were all pretty far from the T and most everything else. Realtors showed us places like a 30 min walk from one of the furthest metro stops in Cambridge, Davis, and thought that would be ok. Um, no. We never heard back from the Harvard lady, so I guess she really didn't want us as tenants. I would have liked it a lot, but she didn't seem to be in a big hurry so I think she had someone else in mind. Whatever, lady. Her loss! In the end, we figured that living in the city proper wouldn't be so bad and that it would have more of a fancified city feel than the college town that Cambridge is. We looked at some places in East Boston (veeeerrrrryyy beautiful building but SCARY neighborhood!) and South End (cute, but too small) and ended up with a pretty darling place in an old shoe factory in little Italy. It is small, but I think we'll be able to manage. If I get rid of a ton of stuff, that is. Anyone want a bunch of furniture for free? Come 'n get it. Heh. The neighborhood is really what sold us. It's really just like being in Italy! I was expecting it to be like Little Italyland, all Disneyfied, but nope. Looks good to me! Also, delicious! I'll try to take some more pix and upload the ones off my phone soon. We have to be out of J's studio in Kenmore Square tomorrow and are checking into a hotel. Hello, hotel bar!

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July 28, 2007


Yesterday, I saw an apartment with a HUGE baited rat trap on the kitchen sink. Nice. So far most places are unremarkable. Well, besides this one:


This is where I want to live!!!!!

We put in an application today for this loverly garden apt in a Harvard professor's house (who lives next to the poet laureate?!!). Wowers. She is still showing it to other people, but I really really hope that we get it. Send all of your good energy to me!!! Y'all can be my personal references, right?

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July 25, 2007

Aww, shucks!

Thanks, guys, for being so supportive about the furniture projects. I used Jacquard fabric paint (got it at Dick Blick) and a pretty crummy stencil brush.

Chara Michele, that is so sweet to say I should send it to Design Sponge! I'm not sure if she'd be interested in my little fingerpainting or my blurry ol' cellphone pictures, but it would sure be neat! I think maybe I'm shy? Heh, well not exactly that. Maybe once I'm home and can take some better pix:)

Speaking of cameraphone photos, here is one of the jellyfish at the New England Aquarium! We went this afternoon and it was quite a nice trip. The jellies were my favorite, though I can't say that I have fond memories of them from my childhood in Virginia Beach. Come August, they coated the water and there was NO SWIMMING without stingage. Despite this, I miss living near the beach very very very much. Lake beaches don't count in my book. All that mucky sludge! Ick!


The apartment hunt has begun after three pretty grueling days on the road. We saw our first places today and none of them quite lived up to my hopes. Certainly none in our price range had room for sewing! This makes for a Sad Villain. All of them were waaaay smaller than my current place. I was hoping to upsize, but that might not be possible unless we live way far away from BU and I think J has class most days of the week. Boo. Also, working at home I will need more space so I don't feel claustrophobic! It's really for the good of academia. I should be able to deduct it from my taxes. Ha. Ok, well wish me luck and if I find any good ones, I'll be sure to post a pic!

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July 20, 2007

Villain's Playhouse

Anyone remember Chairy from Peewee's Playhouse? Ah, those were the days. Well, here is my new pet chair. J bought it for us last night and I decorated it this afternoon with a new stencil.



I still have to do the opposite sides of the cushions, but other than that, stick a fork in this turkey, it's done!

Today's Secret Word: cat

(remember, scream real loud!)

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July 19, 2007

That Couch Thing

Ever since I read about Bemz on Design Sponge, I have been coveting new covers for my Ikea furniture. Ikea is pretty much all I can afford on a grad student budget and also the Klippan sofa is the absolute perfect size for me and J (we are small people!) Sadly, the covers cost more than a new sofa. Here are the designs that I adore:


I wanted a new look for the future living room. I have a red corduroy couch cover that has seen better days in its 7 year history. Neutrals seemed like a good change of pace and so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I got a slipcover day before yesterday at Ikea and last night I went to town on it.

1. $19.99 slipcover from Ikea
2. black fabric paint
3. quasi-random stencil/brush



It is not tucked/attached properly, but you get the idea. Also, I was going for the "messy" aesthetic. At least that I what I am claiming. Heh. I have to heat set it and Scotchguard the hell out of it, but I think it will work pretty well! The craziness of the pattern/paint should camouflage dirt to some extent and for $20, I can just make another one! I am planning on picking up a little chair and doing the same process with a different stencil on it. The best part: I have more to spend in the House budget since this came from the endlessly justifiable Projects budget. Score!

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July 15, 2007

The Neverending Story

This is not a food blog. There is a good reason for this: J and I do not cook. We like to think that we are helping all of the small restaurant owners of Eat Street keep their businesses running in the face of imminent gentrification and rising rents. We're humanitarians. You know how it is. J does, however make damned good eggs and pancakes and my cookies are pretty hot, but in general, there is a reason we leave the cooking to others. Proving how debased my sense of home cuisine is, I could not resist the other day when I saw a snackster. Oh that gadget from my youth that produced many a hot pocket sandwich. It is a bit like a poor man's panini press:


It works sufficiently well, but doesn't seem to live up to my memory of it. Such is the way of nostalgia, I suppose. Much like last night when we watched The Neverending Story over spaghetti (mm haute cuisine!) and a bottle of Cab. Ah, we project so much depth and mystery back into our youths... We are getting Legend from Netflix next. I will need to drink some gin for that one, because it was a very important film for me circa 3rd grade. Unicorns were (are) very significant to my entire being. I don't think that I can manage to revisit Clash of the Titans. Oh man, did I ever have a crush on Perseus... Some memories are best left intact.

Speaking of memories: sewing? Ok, bad segue. It has not been forgotten, just pushed to the side a bit in favor of that paper that is due... um... tonight. Still a bit more to write, sadly. Best not to think about it until after I've eaten something substantial. Here is a progress shot:


Oh, and one of those golf club covers for my dad:


These were all taken with my camera phone since the batteries for the normal one are dead again. It was a bit too dark in the bedroom to get a good shot of the shirts, but the rest are pretty good, for a phone! It is really a wonder of technology. I have even been making ringtones! My current one is "Eat Your Young" by The Scarring Party. Perfect! J's is Tribute by Tenacious D and I whipped one up for my dad from Squirrel Nut Zippers' Hell. I'll never have to buy the damned things again! They are really fun and easy to make. Anyone want one? :D

See, I don't talk about my girlparts all the time! It is true, though, that once I get started talking about the Divacup, I really won't shut up. Go get one!

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July 11, 2007

This one's for you, Steve.

My gynecologist once told me that I had a textbook perfect cervix. Textbook. She said that when med students are studying for their exams, it is my cervix that they see.

Do people who do not self-identify female read this? Really??

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July 7, 2007

Moving, Grooving, etc.

I had a mover come out to give me an estimate the other day. It looks like it will be about $3500 plus boxes and stuff. [anyone want to buy some speakers?! hehe] That is a lot of money, but it's not bad compared to when I moved here. And they lost my boxes. And never reimbursed me. And delivered my stuff to storage. Without ever telling me. Also, forcing me to get another mover and pay them hundreds and hundreds of dollars in addition to the... ok well you get the idea. This time I'm going with an established company and having it done right. I am pleased with that decision and pretty confident that things will turn out alright this time:)

Ok in less complainatory news, here is that Vogue dress that I bluevogue.jpg

It is a bit fuller than I expected, probably due to using a cotton instead of something drapey like challis. Cotton and I are friends. It will be a while before I make friends with most synthetics. Friendship takes time, afterall. J likes it a lot and I do too. The fabric pattern wasn't centered on the bolt so I had to make the center fold a bit off to get it symmetrical, which it is, even if it doesn't appear as such in this photo.

Also, I have been seeing so many great versions of Simplicity 4111 on the interweb that I just had to give it a whirl. I had some Art Deco fabric from Hancock's that J suggested I use. Good advice, J! I like it a lot, especially with the belt that I made to go with it. Without, it is very comfortable, but a touch maternal, I fear. Here it is with the belt. It is certainly for use with a camisole, though the gal on the package doesn't seem to need one. I don't mind, though.


This is a dress for my mom! It is the same Built By Wendy pattern that I have been mass-producing this summer. She wanted it a bit longer than I would wear it, but we fit into pretty much the same size, luckily.


The fabric is Heather Bailey's Freshcut. So cute! It is a very nice neutral. Some of her designs are a bit floofy for me, but there are several that I just love, this being one.

I still have a shirt that needs buttons and buttonholes, but knowing me, I'll start a new project before that gets finished. Why am I putting it off? Just DO IT already, Villain!

In other exciting news, J and I got new phones the other day!! I have been talking to moving companies, insurance folks, etc. a lot lately, and NO ONE CAN BLOODY HEAR ME OVER THE STATIC. Ahem. So we took the plunge and got fancy schmancy Razrs. The new ones! with lots of memory! and a camera! I already have like 15 songs recorded on it. Mmmmmm technology!

Oh, and just in case you were dying of curiosity about my double-time periods, I have been on the pill for many years, the same pill for about three now, so it is a mystery why this is happening now. I really hope I don't have to go on stronger pills. Yeep.

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July 5, 2007

Bad First, Good Later.

So my car got broken into, my face is breaking out, and this is the second month in a row that my period decided to visit twice. But besides that, things are pretty ok. I finished two dresses (one for my mom!) and most of a shirt and I'm going to be teaching a class at Crafty Planet! Yay! Hopefully I'll get around to actually taking some pix today. Then, there will be some good later even if I'm a Debbie Downer at the moment. Right now, unfortunately, I have to file a police report. So, if you will excuse me...

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