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August 24, 2007

Welcome to Boxland, population: me!

Well, I finished these little shirties several days ago, but first, the weather/light has been atrocious and second I am a touch overwhelmed by the massive number of boxes in my humble abode. Finally today there is sun so I whipped out the old camera for these two. Do I look annoyed? I'm not really. Just the closest emotion at hand, I guess? It hasn't been bad so far, but I really just want it all to be over!!! I need out of here!!! Forgive me, all those who love Minnesota. I am just not made for it.

Ok, so back to sewing. These are both contemporary patterns with vintage repro fabrics. The first shirt is the ol' Built By Wendy button-up, #, and the second is McCalls. I really like the deco fabric of the first one and I also dig the floofy sleeves that gave so many bloggers issues, but my collar doesn't quite want to sit flat. Sigh. I guess I need to spray/iron the hell out of it. After it has arrived safely in Boston, of course. It's getting put into a box today along with most of my other clothes. (Also, I found these pants at Banana on sale for $20 from $100! a steal! They must have gone on sale because they got the sizing so screwed up. They are a 0 petite. I may be super short, but I am by no stretch of my fertile imagination a 0 petite. Whatever, I'll take it.)


As for the McCalls, I adore this pattern! The body and collar are just right. I'd love to make some with more normal sleeves for wardrobe staples. The fabric is from about 1810 and has tiny little hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs on it. Itty Bitty! It will be versatile and super-wearable. Funny how I made both of these in cream, red, and black. Well, not really. I'm just predictable that way.


I plum forgot to take a pic of my cute new laundry bag. Maybe after I clear off the bedroom floor... Oh, who am I kidding? Maybe after I watch some Dr Who eat some chocolate and take a walk. Heh.

PS: Isn't David Tennant the cutest thing you ever saw?! Besides J, I mean. Of course, there is a certain resemblance...

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August 16, 2007


I TOTALLY almost just contracted with two different moving companies. All that paperwork nonsense looks the same! Crisis averted, though. I can now resume my normal everyday anxiety.

Oh and here is another shot of the apt. CAN'T WAIT. Crafting has been a little slow as I have been preoccupied, but I want to get on it more this weekend and coming week. I did make a laundry bag afterall and will try to shoot it tonight. Other than that, it's been boxes boxes boxes, some Punch pizza and then some more boxes around these parts. Forecast looks much the same for the next two weeks....


And another jellyfish phone pic for good measure:

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August 8, 2007

Movin' On My Mind

I guess that is why I haven't been posting. Somehow it's already Wednesday? Sheesh. I have been packing, selling books, and trying to find various home accoutrements all over town. Finished stenciling the back of the chair cushions, so that is one project down. I think that today I will pack my bazillion teacups and find fabric to make these floor cushions (warning: pdf. also, free amy butler pattern!) out of. I sort of want to sew everything for the new place, though I realize that this is not really feasible or aesthetically desirable. J says that it is a waste of beautiful fabric to make something like a laundry bag out of it, but I am not so sure. I mean, do I really want to look at a boring blue canvas thing from Target when I have to lug it all to the basement, or do I want to be soothed by the harmonious tones of Amy Butler? I know that it is a bit extravagant, but do I really need another dress? Well, yes, but that is not the point. The house needs dresses too! Um, you know what I mean.

Also, I taught the first session of the Crafty Planet shirt class on Sunday! It was really fun. I hope I'm not leading these poor ladies astray with my cheater sewing skillz... Their shirts look really good so far, so I think they will pull through in spite of me.

Ok off to pack some dishes.

I leave you with an Evil Squirrel to brighten your day.


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August 1, 2007

trivial decisions

A bridge in Minneapolis just collapsed killing and injuring a score of people. If J had not suggested we go to Ikea first instead of Target, we would have been on it.

My love and good thoughts go out to anyone involved in this tragedy.

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