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September 24, 2007

Welcome to Weasel Hill!

**Warning: image heavy!**

Weasel Hill is the name of our new abode. Our mascot is a stuffed weasel toy we picked up whilst at Ikea who has subsequently provided hours upon hours of ridiculous fun. Here he is above the bed:


The wall space above our bed just screams to be filled by this painting. Love those clouds. So ominous!

This is my little vanity area complete with Caboodles (remember those?! they have pretty spiffy ones out now... though I still use my purple one from age 12 to hold my paints.) for my Everyday Minerals:


The Amy Butler Reversible Laundry Bag™:


Looks like it's time to get on that laundry...

The bed is right next to the massive windows and gets super duper hot at about 3pm. This will be good for wintertime, but now it impedes my naptime. Humph.

I'll have to move to the couch:

I love love love my new Amy Butler Nigella pillows! However, I have reaffirmed that I hate hate hate cutting rectangles. Give me an armscye any day over a bunch of straight lines. Blech! I can never get them straight :( Don't know how you quilters manage. I had planned to make a quilty thing for a new duvet cover, but I think that might get postponed for a while... A long while.


The sofa looks really wrinkly here and it does have some, but they don't seem quite so obtrusive usually:


We painted one wall Snack Pack Brown (mmm puddin'!) and got some nifty stools for the little bar area:



J's desk is also along that wall and is perpendicular to the red painted wardrobes that close off the "bedroom". My dad made fun of me for referring to the different zones of my apartment as rooms since there is really only one door (the bathroom, naturally) in the whole joint besides the main entrance. Well I'm still going to think of them as rooms because paying $1700 a month for a studio hurts my soul. ROOMS! Here's the dining room:


I made a runner (Amy Butler again... so predictable!), but it looks a little bit too short. Are runners supposed to hang off the side by a lot? Oh well. It still looks pretty nice. It reverses to solid plum. We need a more substantial centerpiece. Buddha is holding that spot for now. We've gotten rid of a lot of our "decorative" things, so I'm not sure what to put there.

And last but not least.... The Craft Room!

I'm still waiting for the shelf brackets I ordered from Anthropologie to arrive so I can add the three shelves over the table. This is my computer table as well as sewing area and I finally have a decent chair! OMG! I have a feeling that I will still end up cutting patterns out on the floor, though. Just a guess. I got a bunch of organizer things to hold my patterns and they are working well so far. I decided to go with a bright candy-colored theme and the paintings/Black Apple pix match nicely. My My Little Pony collection will fit right in on one of the shelves.


I made a thread-holding board like I've seen all over the blogs lately. I already need to add more nails!


Whew. Hopefully I will get some garments sewn soon. I have a little leopard shirt cut out and some boxers for J and I got a bunch of new patterns before I left. I need to get cracking! No more afternoon naps! Yeah, like that'll ever happen. It's all eating and sleeping Chez Villain... There is a pizzaria across the street and it ALWAYS SMELLS LIKE DELICIOUS PIZZA IN MY APARTMENT. Dear god. We've been eating there about twice a week since it is so good and cheap. Going to try to cook tonight, though. We've been able to get produce from the farmers' market and the vegetable extravaganza that is Haymarket, so we really have no excuse for eating out so much. Sigh. I think we just need some recipe inspiration. Anyone have any favorites to share?

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September 18, 2007

Decorating, Dissertations, and other Mysteries

So things have gotten away from me the past couple of weeks. The last 7 days I spent in VA where I left my car with the rents. I planned to make, like, two shirts, but um... that didn't happen. Just a lazy time, really. Full of shopping and eating in yummy restaurants. Now it's back to life and reality and I have laundry to do and a million books to read and boxes that still want sorting. I have a few things cut out, but who knows if they will get done in any reasonable amount of time. I am planning on doing most of my reading/skool stuff in the mornings and having my afternoons relatively free, so hopefully I will get back on the project bandwagon soon. So many fall clothes to make, so little time! I haven't even revved up the sewing machine once since the move. Shameful!

Here is a view through my window screen...


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September 4, 2007


I'm here! I'm actually in Boston! After four days of driving, VitaminWater, hotels, and continental breakfast, we got here. That was Saturday and today is the first day we've had internet access. I was going through withdraw... I had the shakes and everything. Can you even imagine? Well, all that is behind us now. Things are going pretty smoothly, except for the fact that we still don't have our furniture. It's scheduled to come on Thursday morning. I sincerely hope that our driver can master the twisty North End streets because if he can't, that means several hundred dollars more in shuttle charges :( Ah, well. 'Tis the price of moving up in the world.

So far the new place is great (and I'm even getting used to sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor!). There is a constant aroma of delicious pizza in the air due to Regina across the street. Moving + PMS + Restaurants in Close Proximity = VILLAIN NEEDS PIZZA STAT!

I have been (sort-of) busy doing task stuff (and napping.. oops) while J is at his first day of school for the semester. Tomorrow is his first day of teaching. I'm sure he will knock 'em dead. As for me, I don't even have crafty stuff to occupy me until the furniture arrives. Even my knitting project is at a standstill because I don't have a freakin' tapestry needle and there is not a one to be found in these parts. Instead of sewing (cry) I've been trying to think about how the apt is to be arranged. We have most of it figured out except for a few elements: First, paint. Better to paint one wall and do some decals? Paint more than one wall? All of the colors we like are really dark and I don't know how long we'll be at this address... Second, where can I get a GREAT BIG mirror? We were going to get one from Ikea, but they don't deliver mirrors. Oh well. Third, we have a good deal less storage space in this place, especially since we don't have room for our dresser. Yikes! Looks like more purging will be happening soon...

The kitchen will be light blue and red. I'm planning on making some totally unnecessary cozies with this fabric. Wouldn't J look great in a matching apron?! Oh, yes. The main accent wall of the apt will be a rich brown with (maybe) red stickers and I like navy blue for the bedroom with some gold lovelies from oneupdesign's etsy shop. Ellynelly has some cute ones, too. Too much stickerage? Sigh. Hard to say. I think I had better get the furniture in before I make any big decisions, though it is so much easier to paint when you aren't tripping over everything! Anyone have any design resources to share?

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