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November 23, 2007

Going Plaid!

Well, I decided to take Chara Michele's advice and go with a plaid version of the recent Very Easy Vogue shirt. At the same time, I made an animal print... I think it's giraffe, though sometimes it just looks like a mosaic pattern. I did the ties for the back instead of hooks. Haven't put on the cuff snaps yet, but I'll get around to it one of these days. J snapped these hurriedly a few minutes ago; it is too cold to hang out outside in just a shirt. Yesterday was very nice, high 50s. I really can't complain about the weather at all, since it is like in the 20s in Minneapolis. Even if it snows every day until June, the weather here has still already beaten my old haunt. Did I tell you that when I came home after a windy day in Minnesota my face would be covered with red raised welts where the wind had tortured it? I thought I was allergic to something in my face gaiter for a while, but then I realized that no, it was just the wind trying to kill me.





I hope you all had a great turkey day. J and I went to The Fireplace and had a wonderful meal. The Fireplace is supposed to be one of Boston's Romantic Dinner Places and it was certainly that. I highly recommend it for a fancy celebration dinner (or just a date) with your sweetie.

In skool news, I am finished with a draft of the first chapter! Actually, I started on the third chapter in the book. I just have to clean up my footnotes and send it off to my adviser! My father not-so-secretly suspects that I have been slacking in my work since I've been sewing so much. He should see what the other bloggers turn out! They are so much more productive than I am. Also, crafting time is when I can do my "thinking" work. Everyone needs time for deep thoughts to mull, right? Speaking of mulling, I think it's time to make some spiced cider... Off to do research (aka play WoW :)

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November 17, 2007


My mom kindly sent me some green thread when she mailed the latest batch of patterns and so I was able to finish that raglan shirt I started ages ago. I changed the sleeves from ties/ruffles to a bit of elastic and deleted one button, but kept the rest the same.


I didn't do a fabulous job on the collar and the bottom front can seem a little uneven if you look at it wrong (so don't look at it wrong!), but overall I think it is pretty good. I made covered buttons and while I like the look a lot, man did they ever kill my wittle fingers! I have absolutely no nails and I think that was detrimental to the whole process since you have to get the circle of fabric to catch on these little teeth things and I wasn't very good at it.

I think I might start this shirt (version with the collar tie) in black voile next, though I am open to suggestions. Also, J and I have decided to go to a fancy restaurant for Thanksgiving this year. What should I wear?! We made our own Thanksgiving dinner last night: turkey, stuffing, mashers, cranberry stuff, mulled apple cider. Basic, but delicious. That and a hearty Japanese lunch today have made me sleepy! I had better get some caffeine before I drop off. I must start a new shirt today! Though maybe I should be making a new everyday cardigan. It's freezing in here. Off for now...

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November 12, 2007


I asked J to name this shirt and after some consideration, he said Kitsune. I guess that's because I'm such a stone fox.




This version is exponentially better than the last try at this pattern. Those long sleeves make all the difference in the world! Also, I used floatier fabric and that helped. I had bought some "dupioni" at a shop in Chinatown but it ended up being pretty much unworkably wrinkly and not particularly nice. I was pretty annoyed at getting ripped off, but for this one I decided to embrace the wrinkle and it works. I was worried during construction that it would look too much like a cape from the beauty parlor, but it doesn't. Also, the trick to avoiding the scrub look is to use black fabric. Can you imagine how creepy it would be to see nurses and doctors in black scrubs?

(Two draft snakes in place! I've made three but ran out of rice. Also, two of my windows are inexplicably wider than the other two. Rats!)

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November 9, 2007

Very Easy Vogue

I made J snap some shots as we were rushing out the door:




I kept the sleeves the normal length because I wanted decadent cuffs. Might shorten them for the casual version. I was about to type "caj" since that is what I really say, but it looked weird. Hmm. Ok time to make some tea and read read read!

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November 8, 2007

Batteries Strike Again!

I put the final snaps on this shirt and was just about to take a pic of me in it, when my batteries died. This seems to be a recurrent theme on this blog. Maybe they are just ol' worn out rechargables and need to be sent to that Small Electronic Appliance in the Sky. Or maybe I'm just unlucky. Well anyhow, I made this and I really like it! Usually Vogue patterns are out to get me, but this one was actually Very Easy, just like they said it would be. I even omitted the zipper in the back (since I don't have any that would have worked and don't really know where to get them anyhow) and just made a sort of keyhole back with a hook and eye. I was going to make a tie, but didn't have enough fabric to make any more bias tape from. I think it looks cleaner this way; if I make a more casual version (which I plan to do) I'll try the tie. What fabric would be best for a casual one? I have some red plaid that might work, but I welcome any and all suggestions.

Uninspired cameraphone shot:


It really looks much better on, one of my better pieces, actually! I'll prove it one of these days...

I think that I'm going to make a lil' kimono top in some semi-crinkly black dupioni next. Miss Assorted Notions' version is just too cute not to copy! (the normal one, though the costume is cute, too!)

In other news, I just ordered the Casanova dvd set. Can't wait! We finished series 3 when my folks were here. Additionally, it looks like David Tennant is single again, ladies...

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November 1, 2007

For the Want of Green Thread

I started this shirt last night and it was coming together like a dream until... I ran out of green thread. DAMMMMMIT! I think I found a store close where I can get some (and buttons) but way to break my rhythm, thread.


I don't mind a set-in sleeve, but man are raglans ever easy.

Going to get the rents now, see you later!

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