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December 14, 2007


I've almost finished a New Year's Dress (that old standby BBW pattern in black poly shantung.) Man that stuff got slippery! I had to change the cuffs because I couldn't cut all four pieces exactly the same. Sheesh. Also finished mom's present and started dad's. Working on a journal submission and enjoying the snow slush. Nine inches here last night! Needless to say, we took advantage of the pizzeria across the street....

Oh yeah, I painted some, too. This is a big one for above the fireplace.


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December 4, 2007

Sewing Before Reading

Here are some shirts!

I figured that I needed some long sleeved shirts to wear for everyday since it is so cold in my apartment and most of my long sleeves are tshirts so here are two. The first is loose and comfy and the second I tightened up a lot from its original incarnation. Fits well, but not so loungy. I am quite proud of the topstitching (that you can't see in the pic, of course) and I feel like my topstitching has improved a lot. In my first version of the first shirt, I slipstitched the facings to avoid topstitching, but now I am no so averse to it.



Ok. Time for tea and some reading. Why, oh why is most of the (allegedly scholarly) literature on games so bloody terrible? Sigh.

p.s. We finally hit 70 in WoW and I got my flying mount. Yippee!!

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December 3, 2007


Blargh. Lots of edits on the chapter. Some are done, some are not. Guess I can't just expect it to be finished on the first try. C'est la vie.

Finished a shirt last night, but the edits ate away the deadline and though it's only 4:35, there's not enough light for a photo. This is the (Amy Butler, of course) fabric:


I'm going to cut another shirt out tonight and we'll see how far I get. After that, a minidress in fake shantung for New Year's. No more skool work for today, methinks.

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