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January 23, 2008

The Rents

It's a picture day at Chez Villain! Here are some things that I made for the folks, plus the extra special bonus of one of my mom's quilts!

Here is mom posing dramatically:

This fellow looks familiar...

Sweatergirl hiding behind her hair:

Fab quilt!

She wasn't sure how she felt about the free-form quilting, but I assured her that it is all the rage on the quilting blogs. She needs to get a-readin'!

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January 21, 2008

Keep Them Doggies Rollin'

Ok that title has almost nothing to do with this entry, but I can't get the tune out of my head. I fear the back of this sweater will roll, so I must perform some blockage. It is cotton and probably won't block very well. I added some crochet around the edge and that helps. Maybe I'll end up adding a scallop edge, too. It's just another raglan of the type I usually make. I'll probably start another in a taupe color yarn that I have in the stash. I'm so predictable! Raglans really are the best sweaters in the world to knit, though, even for beginner knitters. If you can increase, you can make this sweater. You can even try it on in the middle if you want to!

rolling back.jpg

If the composition of this shot is strange, don't blame J. I wanted to have the picture where I sit during the day when it is very cold. My mom got us a flat panel heater that we call "the fire." Did you turn the fire on, honey? It is peeking out from the side. The central heat doesn't always do the trick, but sitting in front of this baby for a few seconds is like touching the fiery heart of Hades. Ok, maybe not actually that hot, but still pretty darn hot.

This is pretty much the extent of my recent craftitude. I started a little granny square blanket for my desk area, but it is with fingering weight yarn, so I'm not holding my breath on that one. In other news, I found a company that has the most AMAZOR colors of silk! I think that I'll make my Dress out of this. Yum!

We went out yesterday to try to find Clear Flour bakery, but somehow missed it. It was so freakin' cold that I had to pretend I didn't exist in order not to die of frostbite of the soul. J thinks this is a strange strategy, but some random old dude on the street thought it was cute when he overheard in passing. It is difficult, Grasshopper, but eventually one can learn the art of Zen Cold Erasure. It only works every once in a while; living in Minnesota was too taxing on my Zen skillz. It feels like MN here though! Brr!

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January 14, 2008


Here is (finally) the stripèd sweater that I made for J. I made one for myself, too, but it looked way better on my mom, so I gave it to her. Perhaps she will take a photo of it (hint, hint) along with the xmas stuff...


I had to make the ribbing in cream instead of black on account of J's superhumanly long arms. I offered to just make it black ribbing all the way from the last stripe, but he wanted it in pattern. If the stripes were thinner, it might have worked better, but we liked the two inch ones.

We have stayed indoors almost all day and I don't plan on going out until yoga at 7:15. (If I write it here, I have to stick to it!) ttfn

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January 12, 2008


This is more aqua than light blue, but it sure is pretty. Paper Source has all kinds of lovely printable invitations. I had considered having something printed up by an independent letterpress or silkscreener like Cricket Press, but that might not be quite the right vibe for a cocktail wedding, which is what we will most likely be having whenever it happens. Is this going to turn into a wedding blog?! Hmm. I need to get my little self back to some craftin'! ... tomorrow. Tonight is for videogames. Heehee. See you later, alligators.


Also, can I wear this with my wedding dress? And a tiny top hat? In dark red? With a feather?

Also also, Kyle and Kara, what are your addresses?

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January 10, 2008

Let's Try This...

Ok here is one. It's not quite right (reds aren't saturated the way I want), but it's a start.


Also, aren't there any takers on the needles??

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In Which a Free Thing is Given Away and also, Wedding Colors are Discussed

First, the free thing. My mom gave me a set of Crystal Palace 10.5 bamboo circulars and since I already have a set of Addis, these are ripe for the picking. First to comment gets 'em. Also, tell me what your favorite color is and I will try to whip up a li'l surprise!

What are everyone's favorite colors? If you got married or had a party or some sort of thing that requires a palette, what did you use?

I am thinking about this scheme. (I need to find a way to import the colors to the blog!) What do you think? It would be easier than the all-dark-plum idea we had or the peacock color scheme. So hard to avoid the pastels in wedding colors.

Also, I taught myself how to make granny squares:
It is not actually uneven; the edge just curls a little. J wants me to make another blanket for the couch in black and cream stripes. It sucks up a lot of yarn, but it's so fast! Next time I order...

Ok off to eat pizza and watch Venture Bros on DVD. See you!

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January 8, 2008

Party Dress

Here is that party dress I wrote about earlier. I've only gotten to wear it once, but I'm sure I can find a fancy restaurant to wear it to after payday rolls around...


All of a sudden I'm into colored tights. I found a great site that sells bazillions (ok maybe 45) colors and will be making a purchase, again, after the illusive payday...

Since I've decided to take up yoga this year, I of course had to make a nice little bag for my new mat. I used the free pattern from Amy Butler as a starting point and changed a few things. It needed a drawstring, first of all. I wish I didn't make pockets on the inside because the mat catches on them, but maybe they'll come in handy some day. I've only been to one session to far (Vinyasa at North End Yoga), and my leg muscles are still recovering. It was fun, but super hard!

Also, I have started seeing someone... a chiropractor. Now, I have a sinking feeling that chiropractic in general might be a fraud, but my back does feel better. Anyone have experience with this sort of thing? I like the zappy electrode machine that they use to loosen up the muscles, but last time it was up to high and I felt like I was getting fried. Yikes. Maybe I had better just stick to yoga??


Pretty picture by J:

Here is a poncho that my mom made! It is very soft and lovely. I did a couple rows of crochet (one single and one scallop) around the neck to give it a little more stability. It will be nice to wear around the house or out in springier weather. No need for sweaters and such today; it is like 60 degrees! J and I took a nice walk and saw the sweet little harbor seals at the aquarium.


My next project will (ought to be, anyhow) J's boxers. I have had some cut out for forever and they really need to be finished. After that, maybe another shirt for me. Or a dress! I can make something to go with some of those cool tights...

Thanks for the advice about the wedding stuff! I can only think about it a little at a time to keep from being sort of freaked out. We were thinking about colors/flowers and it seems that all the combinations we like (um, black flowers?) will be hard to come by. I guess that is why there are people who plan weddings for a living, huh? Oh well, plenty of time...

Ok. I have to force myself to do a teensy bit of work, so see you later!

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January 1, 2008

Can you believe it?!


Happy New Year to all! Got back from VA yesterday and have not been doing very much except eating chocolate, drinking pinot grigio, and watching Flight of the Conchords. I didn't really make anything when I was down south except a neck cowl that I gave to my mom. I completely forgot to get pictures of the sweater-coat I made my mom and the shirt I made for my dad. How irresponsible of me! Bad blogger! I also didn't get a shot of the new dress; I got to wear it to a fancy restaurant and everything! Tomorrow I will get back on track. I really need a calendar and a planner. J doesn't think I will actually use a planner, but I really need to make sure I'm on a good schedule for the year. January is my month to finish the edits on chapter 1 and February and March will be for writing out the second chapter. There's also the matter of finding a grant for next year... blarg. Best not to think about it for a couple of days, anyhow.

I'll go work on J's sweater right now so that I actually have something to show for myself! I spent most of my time with my parents shopping. So, no projects yet, but some yummy fabric to start some in the new year. Can you believe it is already 2008? OMG.

Resolutions, anyone? Mine always involve 1. drinking more water and 2. exercising. This year I also want to learn how to sew pants and how to cook. Oh yeah and it would be nice to finish the diss, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Also, J and I are thinking of getting married... Though the Bridal Industrial Complex is creeping the hell out of me. I had a joke here about eloping with David Tennant, but I think that J is getting bored with my obsession.

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