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February 29, 2008

'Til Tomorrow!

I can't wait until tomorrow; I get to try out my new camera!! I was getting sick of my old one, which doesn't do all that great in low light (which seems to be a feature here, regardless of the huge windows... strange, eh?). The bridesmaidesque dress is still ABZ (all but zipper), but I can shoot it tomorrow anyhow. Also, I think I have changed my pattern for The (wedding) Dress to this saucy number.

I leave you with some new name options:


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February 26, 2008

Nom de Famille

Last names du jour:

Err there were a couple more, but we can't remember them now. Must not have been that good, I guess.

Favor ideas(all in the wedding dupioni silk):

tiny kanzashi (or is it just tsumami?) flowers on a straight pin (boutonniere)
eye pillow with flaxseed, lavender, chamomile, or whatever
travel tissue holders

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February 25, 2008


Not quite finished, but I decided to post a progress shot to prove that yes, I have actually sewn something! I hesitated to post the photo because it is so uninspiring. The dress, mostly due to the fabulous fabric, is much prettier. Oh, that dupioni is shiny in all the right places. It does have a bit of the ol' bridesmaid to it and, were I to be having such things (I'm not) this would be a pretty good pattern. Not the same strapless that I've been seeing in all the mags.


I put the dress together yesterday. It is this Butterick pattern and very easy to sew. The fabric does unravel like the dickens, so I did French seams. Now, I'm not exactly sure if I did the textbook version, but I think they're great. I'll get a detail shot when it's all done.

Ok back to searching for a photographer and avoiding doing my work.


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February 23, 2008

Jamaican me Crazy

Ok, sorry for that title. Really. You can forgive me, right? It's because I JUST bought roundtrip tickets for our honeymoon in Jamaica!!! OMG. I've never been on such an island and it has been years since I've actually been able to swim in seawater. My hatred and sometime resentment of lakes is well known. We are planning on staying at the Rockhouse Hotel. No beach, but lovely and cheap and they even have their own foundation for improving education on the island. Pretty cool. It is on the cliffside of western Negril and has its own private cove.


I also put a deposit on the reception and reserved rooms at a B&B for folks coming to Boston. I should have a wedding website up sometime after we choose a ceremony spot. Things are moving along quite well. I'll be able to order the silk for the dress soon and actually get sewing again. I got three yards of it in a beautiful orange and I will start on a practice dress tomorrow. I'll do the muslin for the actual gown in cotton, I think, though the silk was very cheap and is good quality. Twelve bucks a yard including shipping! Yeehaw!

A question for you: did you change your name when/if you got married? I am certainly not taking his (no offense, parents of J), and we were planning on taking a new name entirely. J's first suggestion was "Strange," but that is too gothy. We are thinking about going with Lumen. Thoughts?

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February 18, 2008

Boxing Day

These boxers have been sitting around for weeks, waiting for me to get my ass in gear.


I finished 5 pairs of 6, having run out of elastic at an inopportune moment.

Man, I'm starving right now and J will be home soon with takeout pizza. Thus, a short post.

Oh, I almost forgot. We picked a date: 8/8/08! We were going to wait until next year, but man I just want to do it already.

Ok, there he is! Time for pizzerrrz!!

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February 11, 2008

So Square, part deux

So I might of mentioned that I decided to make a quilt. Those blocks have been sitting in my fabric wardrobe for quite a while and I just dug them out yesterday. Not one to start small, I am making a 96x96 monstrosity and, of course, I ran out of the fabric I needed. Luckily mom had a yard of one in her stash and I can order the other online. Phew. My corners aren't exactly pro, but I figure the quilting will hide most of that. Because it is so big, I'm sure I'll have to send it out. I was planning, at first, on making this into a duvet cover, but I think it will look better as a regular quilt. I'd like to do the reverse side too, but with a different pattern. No matter how I put those blocks on the floor, they all looked wrong. I found The Quilt Block Design Tool very helpful, but since I am totally a n00b at quilting, it isn't very balanced looking. I wanted to just do a random Anthropologie looking one, but I have a feeling that those are less random than they appear to the naked eye. It's hard to actually be scattered and look good! I think I will choose fabrics that are a little less contrasty for the second side, though the picture here is probably more contrasty than they are in real life. They do all go together, I swear.


Other than that, I've been working on a fellowship application for next year. Man, oh man. I hate to think what will happen if I don't get some fundage. So, let's not think about that, ok?

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February 3, 2008

So Square

Wow. I'm not exactly a consistent blogger so far this year, am I? Partly that is because I haven't been doing all that much crafting. Here is the blanket that I've been working on. It has a very easy rhythm to it, so I find it hard to put down. However, it is not going that fast. I thought crochet projects were supposed to be done in, like, an afternoon. Huh.


Everyone in Boston is all freakin' out over the "Pats." J and I are not really sportsfans. I'm doing laundry and making candles and tonight we're going to drink champagne and play videogames. Craft + Nerd Nite! Pretty much the norm here Chez Villain...

My time has been filled with working on the chapter (after this coming week I should have 30 good pages in chapter 2!!), doing yoga, and thinking about wedding stuff. We got a book yesterday, but it wasn't really all that helpful, so we returned it this morning. I wanted more specific ideas for DIYing, and this was way more general. A good basic reference for someone who doesn't do much crafting, but pretty much stuff that most of us would have thought of already. I think I should be able to do the flowers, dress, and favors. Invitations I can do if sending them out becomes prohibitively expensive. The location is still pretty much up in the air as well as catering. I did see a photographer and string quartet that I like. Sigh. So much money...

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