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March 23, 2008

Beaucoup de Bouquets!

As I mentioned before, finding light blue flowers is no easy task. I think that, instead of crossing my fingers that those delphiniums are going to be the right shade, I am just going to intersperse these little numbers in the arrangements. I really only have to do two big ones anyhow. The li'l ones on the table are just going to be red roses in square glass containers, pretty easy. And you can't really make roses look bad, unless they are dying. But, since I plan to get freshies that will bloom just a couple days before, I think it will be ok.



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March 22, 2008


No, not that kind of neckin'! My necklace and earrings came in the mail yesterday. The lovely Amy Hatch (of Ruby Rose jewelry) created the necklace just for little ol' me! I love it. It is just the right amount of color and delicacy. I surprised myself by wanting gold jewelry, but I think it looks better with the red. Man, do I love Etsy.

It is even prettier in real life.

Also, I read that you are not supposed to wear mineral makeup for weddings/photo shoots because it makes you look white (and greasy??) when the flash bounces off all of those little mineralites. What am I to do?! I just discovered an even perfecter shade of Everyday Minerals for me, Ivory. I was on the verge of purchasing...but now what? I guess I can still get that for normal use. Anyone have any foundation recommendations for me? I did use Lancome Photogenique for a while and loved it. I think they are discontinuing it so I had better make up my mind fast!

I have made some more flowers, but that is really all on the crafting front. Our colors are dark red and light blue and a good shade of light blue flowers (not too dark, not too purple) is super duper hard to find. I might just make some silk rosettes and stick them in with the red roses. It will be sure to match! I have put together 4 so far and they are looking good. I'll take pix when I have a few more to add to the bouquet.

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March 14, 2008

10....pages....to go....

Phew. I'm at just about 40 pages on my second chapter of the diss. It's going pretty well. (I think.) I am shooting for 10 more by the end of next week and then a week of revisions before I turn it in. Wish me luck!

Oh and here is our reception site! Yum!


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March 11, 2008

Some Fleurs

I got my silk yesterday!!!

I started working on the favors right away. I made five (without backs), plus a couple biggies. I am planning on making the second largest into my hair ornament.


I have 30 yards of silk floating around my apartment. It's like living in a fairy tale. When I was little I had this silky sheet that I used to make into wrapped dresses of various styles. I want to twirl up in the silk and pretend that I am in some kind of amazing fantasy world... le sigh.

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March 4, 2008


This is what I'm thinking about for favors, but in the red and light blue silk:


It will be a boutoniere, about 2.5 inches across, fastened to a stick pin. My tsumami flowers always look a little lopsided to me... Is it noticable? The flash really washed it out... That's what I get for waiting until nighttime.

Edited to add...


I think, though, that Kelsey brings up an excellent point. Favors are usually forgettable and lame and no one wants them. I thought that making something nice would change that, but it probably wouldn't.

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March 1, 2008

Still ABZ...

Still haven't made the trek to the button/zipper joint. Things were so much easier when I could just hop in the car and go wherever I wanted to go. Not that I regret getting rid of mine, quite the contrary. Here in Boston a car would be a nightmare. It's hard to get rid of that suburban-type shopping, especially when it is cold, slushy, gray, and snowy. Brr. But anyhow, you can get the idea from the pix, even sans zipper.


At first I thought this one was cute, but now it just looks creepy to me...


It is hard to hold a real smile whilst waiting for my photographer to take a picture. Often, the real smiles/laughs look cretinous while the fake ones seem to pass. I failed this test to tell fake from real smiles...

Also, new camera is smokin'! Nice big screen and so so tiny. And oh yeah, I cut my hair again. I didn't wash or style it today, and it's still passable. So easy!

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