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April 29, 2008

Short Snort

Here is a dress I made yesterday. I don't think it's quite as wrinkly as it looks in the pic. I made it with the "non-rehearsal rehearsal dinner" in mind. I think it will be pretty darn cute. I can wear it with the red heels that match the wedding heels and then switch to red dress/blue shoes the next day.


My mom keeps pushing those Aria dresses on me. She really really really wants me to get one. They are nice and all, but aren't my dresses good enough??

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April 27, 2008

Latest Incarnation

Ok, here's the latest version of the dress. This one has: new bodice with no interfacing (works much better!!), slim sash (too slim?), and I'm actually wearing some sort of bra in this picture. I will get a fancy new one for the real deal. It is being held together by a pin and the sash on the left, so if it is skewed looking, that is why.



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April 26, 2008

Do Yourself a Favor

If you are ever in Boston, please eat dinner at Les Zygomates. We had J's birthday dinner there last night and it was, as always, amazing. They also surprised us with a champagne toast and fondue dessert (free!). They treated us like kings! I can't promise free stuff for everyone (I suspect that is because of the pending reception...), but I can promise excellent service, lively atmosphere, a great wine list, and the best food ever. Seriously.

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April 25, 2008

(Strap)less is More

Ok, so there is no zipper or hem, but here it is. I can make a slimmer sash, if need be.

less is more 1.jpg

less is more 2.jpg

The bodice is a touch lumpy since I used very thick interfacing in the lining. That will take a little tweaking, but should be manageable. Thoughts??

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Aria of Effect

So I tried on some more...
...and then I made one.

Yesterday I went to Aria and tried on some (better looking) dresses. I was surprised with the results: I liked a strapless dress! I'm not huge into strapless, but this one was very nice and I felt really good in it. I made an appt for J and I to look at it next week, but in the mean time... I made one. Here are the pix from Aria. I'll post the one I made tonight.

Loved this one short! Maybe for the "rehearsal" dinner.

Another sexy French chanteuse dress. Yum.

Here is the strapless that I loved. Surprising... so simple!

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April 20, 2008


I made this dress yesterday. It was supposed to be for the honeymoon, since Jamaica is pretty much the only place I can imagine a neck that low being ok. Well. I should have known that it would not be so easy.
I decided that it was pretty much unwearable without a modesty panel and that the gathery bits were really essential. Now, unfortunately, it looks more like a costume, though for what I am not exactly sure. I have yet to zipper/hem it, but here it is. I have only a little powder on, so don't be shocked when you don't see my eyebrows. I really have none without coloring them in.

EDIT: I think that the picture that was here is just too embarrassing, so I took it out. It's all cut up into shower favors now anyhow! Take that, ugly dress!

This little shirt, which I whipped up this morning, fared much better. So easy! So easy to wear! I really love that pattern.



For some reason I really dislike going down to the zipper store, so I will probably start something else before I finish the above dress. I mean, if it is even worth finishing. I suppose I could find a way to make it into a nightgown sans zipper. Maybe it would be less silly looking if I made the gathery things the same color as the rest of the dress? And the panel too? Hmm. I just don't know.

J just said that he wants to go to the zipper store. But he lied. He really wants to play Magic and videogames all day. What a shocker!

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April 18, 2008

With Flair!

Today we went to a cute little dress shop on Newbury Street called Flair. The sales associate was very nice and I tried on a bunch of things. Nothing, luckily for me, stood up to my own work. Yay! There were a couple cuties and some real losers. Also, The Villain Wears White (gasp!):

This was cute and sort of 50s. It was tea-length and didn't cut my calves off as much as it seems in the pic. Too bright a red for the wedding, though.

This was the only one that fit right off the hanger. I felt like a French chanteuse - tres sexy! I like it more for a special occasion dress than a wedding dress.

And here is Mme Villain! She is pinned in back and while she might need to come in a bit more in some places than in others, the sides do meet, so I won't have to add new panels. Score! I'm not going to touch it until a little closer to the date, after I get some undergarments that will work properly. Hello, Spanx!


So, whatcha think?!

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April 17, 2008

Is Perfection Overrated?

So here is version 1.0 of the dress. I'm loving the French seams on the skirt and it went together (mostly) well, but there were (as there always are) some problems.


First, the skirt ended up too narrow for my (apparently) massive ribcage. I will be able to get around this by adding little panels to hold the zipper. That should be easy enough. The bodice looked pretty good on its lonesome, but once I attached it to the skirt, it got a little puckery. It is probably not really as noticeable in real life as it seems in the picture; the offending areas are very small and along the seam line. I am hoping that when my heaving bosoms are inserted, none of that will be visible at all.

So, the question of perfection arises. Now I realize that this is my wedding dress and that I will only have one (right?). How much will I stress over this if it looks nice on? Do I want to have to baby it because I am afraid of messing it up? For instance, I am having a garden wedding. It would be nice to be able to frolic without being a worry wart. I'm not really an advocate of Trash the Dress, but I should be able to wear it without anxiety. The second part of that is, will I feel self conscious if it is not absolutely perfect? As an amateur seamstress, I probably won't be able to get anything absolutely perfect, but how many mistakes are too many? Sigh. The good news is that I have a ton of fabric left. I could make two more if I really wanted. Also, I have a lot of time. I mean, this took what, two days? Maybe this will be the muslin after all and I can convert it into a nightgown. I think I need to wait for a little while to get some perspective.

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April 16, 2008

Bodice Beautiful

Well, I think it's pretty beautiful, anyhow. I finished the Wedding Dress Bodice yesterday. This afternoon, I'll start cutting the skirts. It is going smoothly. Perhaps too smoothly... Did I just jinx myself??


Here's the muslin from that other Vogue pattern. I need to put on a ruffle so as to cover the waterfront. I'll get to it one of these days. Weather's getting nicer, so I'll have an incentive.


This is the one that I finished. Nice ironing job, eh? Well, whatever. Check out the awesome new shoes! ($30 at!) I got them in red and light blue (for el wedding dress). Had to stretch them, but they seem pretty great so far. A $7 shoe stretcher from Target is one of the best things I've ever purchased. Seriously. If you have fat feet like me, it is a life saver. How did I ever live without it??


Also, I got a haircut. I'm trying to grow out the bob before August, so it is vaguely shaped that way for when it grows in. Today eet ees fluffy!

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April 14, 2008

We Have a Winner!

After making three muslins of different dresses yesterday and one today (minus the skirt) I have found the dress. It is Vogue 2134 afterall!

Two of yesterday's muslins were complete disasters, but the last one turned out pretty well. I'm gonna find a zipper and slap a ruffle on it and call it a win. Not a wedding win, but a win nonetheless. Last night I was so exhausted by these decisions that I went to be at 9:30. Felt better this morning and so I decided to try the bodice of 2134. I was freaked out yesterday by the instructions and the weird extra foundation layer they put in it. I trudged onwards, deleted the foundation, and found a bodice that fits pretty darn well and doesn't look like a bridesmaid dress! Yay!

I picked up the (10 yards!) of Black Cherry silk from the cleaners the other day, so it is ready to go. Today?! Well, maybe not today.

Ok I need some lunch and tea. Hopefully pix will follow this afternoon.

Also, my adviser liked my chapters! Hooray! Next one isn't due until August!

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April 13, 2008

Dresses, maybe.

Made a cute dress: pictures soon (when it's sunny, methinks). Made a muslin for the wedding dress. Totally sucky. Rethinking dress entirely. This one had too much fabric up top. I don't want the red to overpower me instead of showing off my innate sauciness. I'm considering this dress, the one on the right. How would it look in red dupioni?! Sigh. I really should have a backup plan in case this sewing-my-wedding-dress thing goes south.

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April 10, 2008


Turned in chapter 1 today. I'm sure there are numerous revisions to come, but it is still good to have something else submitted. Also, I was accepted at a conference in Copenhagen. Yay! I had to rearrange the honeymoon so as not to overlap. August will be an exciting month!

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April 6, 2008

Breakfast at Villain's


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April 2, 2008

All My Vases Covered

I found some great vases for the tables and bar online at Crate and Barrel. I got 4 of the Petra vase and 18 April bud vases.



I haven't received the larger ones yet, but the Aprils are very nice and heavy. Handblown, scissor cut rim. Those Polish folks sure know how to make some glass! Also, they were pretty darn cheap. I was planning on getting some flimsy forgettable ones, but these found me. I'll tie a little red ribbon on them and use three or so roses. The tables at Les Zygomates are not huge, so these shouldn't take up too much space.

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April 1, 2008

A Tie for J

I finally got around to making J's wedding tie! For my first tie, I think it is pretty darned good. They are actually really easy; I think my subsequent ties will be better/faster. It looks kind of wrinkly, but I think that is mostly the flash. Dupioni doesn't hold a crease well, but it doesn't hold wrinkles either, so by the time the big day rolls around, it should be just fine.


I also made a suuuuuper long sash for me. Yay!


I don't know if I will wear it the whole time, but I've been liking the look of sashes on other gals. Also, I think I have found some shoes! Keep your fingers crossed that they fit. I'll report back when I know more. I ended up getting a sample of Lancome's Teint Idole foundation since I am contemplating something with slightly more coverage for special occasions. The crabby sales lady tried to get me to get a shade far too dark, saying that I would look "pasty" with the one I wanted. I happen to be pasty and, crabby sales lady, I'll have you know that I like being pasty! Humph. I think Ivoire 1 looks just fine. Looks like my future Lancome purchases will all be on the internets...

Here are the 32 flowers I have made so far. I wonder how many more I will need? Do you think that 250 live roses is enough?? I found vases at Crate and Barrel on sale (4 tall and 18 small) and got some paper at Paper Source for the "programs" and menus. Programs is in quotes because we don't have a wedding party and it will be quite brief. Mom was pretty keen on programs, so I figured I had better find something that would work...


Bored with this wedding stuff yet??! Heh. The weather is getting a tad better. Perhaps I will be able to sew dresses again! I have one all cut out. I just couldn't bring myself to sew it up when it is 32degrees outside...

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