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June 24, 2008

Oh, Bother.

So that cute dress? Turns out it's about a size too big. Pout. It seemed so perfect until the moment it was zipped. Oh well. Looks like that will be a tunic for the momster. I'll try to get a pic this weekend. Tomorrow we head to Pittsburgh via NY and DC. Wish us luck!

ps I'll try to get some sewing done at my folks place. My mom just picked up a bunch of new patterns and there is a pretty great fabric store in town. We'll see how it goes...

(Edited to add: Ok, so it looks pretty good with a belt. Still, I'm a little frustrated. I need to break out a Tried & True to make me feel like I actually know how to sew.)

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June 22, 2008

F* The Haters

J-dogg is Tha Boss.


Too bad the mini fedora got cut off. It is really his best accessory.

Courtesy of Blingee.

P.S. Made a dress tonight. Black and red cotton a-line for myself. Well, I'm almost done with it. Have to venture to the zipper shop tomorrow. For some reason I hate that place. Oh well. It will be cute, I think. Stay tuned...

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June 18, 2008

J's Got a Brand New Bag

(with apologies to James Brown)



Isn't he cute and jaunty?

When J started going to yoga with me, I promised him a bag. It only took me a couple of hours to make, though the fabric languished on my ironing board for much longer. It is pretty much the same as mine, except the pockets are not as plentiferous. I fan out of the cloud fabric and since he didn't want the pockets in the contrasting fabric (used for lining, ties, and bottom circle), I just made them smaller.

Today there is a BBQ festival at Government Center. Since it is the middle of the Sanguine Deluge, I am in the mood for some red meat. I think I could be a vegetarian most of the time (love that Quorn!!), but when the period hits, only beefs will do.

TTFN, me hardies!

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June 12, 2008


Here is a crazy-haired picture of me in my latest creation: a MOTB dress for my Momeenio! I hope she likes it. She only wore the other dress I made her once, at my dad's insistence. This one will be more comfortable, methinks.


It is flame colored dupioni from Silk Baron. Very pretty in person. Obviously, the dress needs to be pressed and I have to finish the edges of the back seam. It's a pretty simple pattern, but that was what she was aiming for. Most of the MOTB dresses out there are just horrible: all that beading and weird stuff and so frumpy! This will look super cute on, I'm sure of it. All she will need is a sash or shoulder warmer and she's set! What do you think?

It is a bit cooler out (figures, since we just broke down and ordered an air conditioner!) so I will be getting more sewing done. I need to do some more writing, but I should be able to finish up a project or two tonight... wish me luck!

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June 7, 2008

Petticoat Junction

Ok, I admit it. I've never actually seen Petticoat Junction. Nor do I know what it is about. Sounds like some kind of Screwball Comedy Wild West Train Station Whorehouse flick to me. Shows what I know. Well anyhow, I made a petticoat for the dress. Here it is in action!


It has a drawstring top (ribbon from Paper Source) and French seams. Very simple. I just laid down the dress on some fabric to get the basic shape and voila! No more hoops showing!

I also stitched a couple of voile/lawn dresses that I will be using for bathing suit coverups. I just need to get some elastic for the neck and arms and then they're done.

J has started coming to yoga class with me! He got a mat the other day and now I have to make him a spiffy bag to match. I had better get working...

Also, J and I bought our rings today!!!!! I can't wait to wear them!!!

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June 2, 2008


Ok, folks. Here she is!



I'm not wearing the jewelry (gotta save something for the day, no?) and I think I'll have on my normal black glasses instead of these red ones (even though I bought them especially for the dress), but other than that -- this is my weddin' dress! You can't see the birdcage veil too well against the red armoire, but it is cute. I will take the flower off my dress and use it to hold my hair instead during the reception.

Would a tutu be better? How is the hoopskirt? Too obvious? I won't hem it until after I know for sure. Thoughts anyone?!

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June 1, 2008


Ok. So I ordered this hoop skirt petticoat thingie. It's weird. It feels weird. It looks weird. At least it doesn't smell weird. I'm not sure if I will be able to force myself into it or not. I think I'd rather order a custom tulle tutu in fun colors. This lovely gal is my inspiration.


Perhaps tomorrow you will get a sneak peak at the dress w/jewelry, hoop, veil, shoes, etc. If you are very very good.

I'm sure you will be.

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