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July 25, 2008


I haven't gotten quite as much sewing done as I hoped, but I have done some. I made a couple of reversible dice bags for our nerdy (in the best possible way) friends with whom we are staying this weekend.


I also made a sexy sexy honeymoon shirt that ties in the back. I'll get a shot soon. Will try to finish up those coverups tonight as well.


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July 21, 2008

Sewing Week Begins!

Here are some projects I have completed so far this week:

A couple of checkbooks. Please ignore the dirty windowsill.

A tie for my dad, modeled by a reluctant J.

Here I use the term "completed" very loosely. I covered a couple of lampshades (given to us, with lamps, by Aunt Patty. Thanks, Aunt Patty!) with some leftover silk from this dress. The inside, however, leaves something to be desired. When I find the right ribbon, I will tack it in so they are not so ragged.

Also, a fellow villain. I feel for you, Dr. Horrible.

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July 16, 2008

Weeding Shower

Well, no actually weeding was performed by me (too sunny and I kill plants anyhow!), but I find the words weeding shower amusing. So there.

Ok here we are being showered!


It was very well planned (thanks mom!) and went smoothly. Not that I want to have another one. Don't get any ideas, now. I am totally fine that this is both the first and last shower of my life.

Relaxing afterwards took a whole week at my folks' place in the country. Crickets! Chirping! Wow! Sure beats loudmouth drunks at 3AM here in the North End. I have been trying to finish up chapter three and so far I'm on about page 45. I hope to have a draft by the end of the week so that next week I can devote ENTIRELY TO SEWING!!! That's right folks, provided that I get a draft of this monster done this week it will be sewing around the clock here at Weasel Hill (err, that's the name of our apartment. do you all do that, too?)

Other than that, I have been reading completely non-scholarly fiction and loafing about. I just got some reception shoes today! I ordered some light blue Converse yesterday from Zappos and they came today. Man do I love Zappos!! I realized that I am not going to make it the whole day in my heels. I thought about getting ballet slippers, but then J and I decided to change into our Chucks for the reception. He'll really look like Dr. Who then! Yay!

We are considering visiting some friends in CT this weekend, but are not sure of their schedule. If it falls through, I'd like to take a jaunt down to Providence and tool about a little. It is only like $7 to get there on the commuter rail. Any recommendations for food and fun in the area?

When next I report: actual sewing content. I mean it. Really.

ps J got the game Portal the other day. Amazing! So amazing it is to be a significant part of chapter 3! Check it out if you are able.

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