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August 28, 2008

Wedding First, Sunset Later

We just picked up the remains of our cake (yumyumyum) and so I decided to just go ahead and post some photos from the wedding. They are all courtesy of the lovely Ashley O'Dell, Photographer Extraordinaire. She really was a delight and damn did she make us look good! Also, it looks like our wedding will be profiled in Boston Magazine! So cool!! Ok here we go (image waaay heavy)
















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When in Denmark...


This is my advice to you. Unless you want to be met with dirty looks, never ever cross the street against the signal, even if there are no cars for miles around. The Danish will hate you. At least they did me. That could also have been because I was wearing a skirt. Everyone else wore jeans or, if they wore a skirt, had on leggings even when it was warm. Denmark, why are you so antiskirt? The only ones I saw were at the conference I spoke at. Here I am being an intellectual with a pretzel cigarette.


The conference was a great experience. Some of the talks were super interesting and we even saw a performance piece with a woman on all fours with a cat-o-nine-tails coming out of her derriere. Don't see that everyday, eh?

On to more PG fare:


Li'l Mermaid. Did I ever mention that I used to pretend I was Ariel and sing perched up on the side of our hot tub at night? Scouts honor.

On our way to the mermaid, we went through a Rose and Sculpture Garden. The sculptures were lovely, but I must admit my favorite part was the kid's area...


Speaking of childish behavior... I have a strange obsession with weasels. Especially this weasel. J snuck him into his carryon as a surprise for me. Awwww!


Here I am enjoying some Danish Street Art. At least, that's what we think it is. It could be some weird place for dogs to relieve themselves. Best not to think of that, though.


J looking sweet and evil at an Italian restaurant we went to. OMG the food in Copenhagen is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. $40 for an omelet and hot chocolate? Etc. etc. The only really good meal we had was steak frites at the hotel's eatery. Oh man, was it good.


Some weird sculpture thingies in Hans Christian Andersen Square.


Stupid Tivoli Gardens! Again, so expensive. They have this "Crazy Hours" promotion where you ride free for an hour, but you still have to pay a million to get in. Sheesh. All I wanted was to ride on those giant swinging swings....


Overall, I don't feel the need to go back to Copenhagen any time soon. The folks were very uncommunicative and sometimes downright condescending. Yes, Mr Mermaid Painter, I do in fact understand English! It was quite picturesque and the Danes are waaaay ahead of us as far as design goes. Pretty, but I'd rather try somewhere else next time. Preferably a place where the folks don't pretend you're not there at all moments and where they sometimes even smile.

Next time, Jamaican sunsets and clear blue waters. Stay tuned...

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August 4, 2008

Simple Sewing for Sun, Sand, and Surf

These have been done for a while, but somehow I haven't gotten around to shooting them until today. They are all pretty much no-brainers, which is good because I'm not sure I could handle a "real" project right now. Can you believe the wedding is this FRIDAY?! We have been pining away for the beach every day. So soon!

In the spirit of realism, these all have major wrinkles; the same sort that they will have from being packed! It's almost like I'm already on my honeymoon. Almost.

This is the backless sexy shirt. I used to actually have musculature in my back. Don't know where it all went. coverup1.jpg


This is the softest cotton lawn. I didn't have very much of it and was going to make a skirt or sarong or something, but I'm glad I chose the dress/coverup. Very comfy! I'd really like to get my hands on some lawn in different colors. They sell it in white from Dharma Trading for cheap. It might initiate experiments in dyeing. Messy experiments. The fun ones are always messy, no?


This is cheap cotton voile. Not nearly as soft as the lawn, but also very light.

I also started a little cotton sweater. It's a raglan and I'm to the body. The mindless part! Perfect timing! It will come in handy this week when I need something to fidget with that I can't really mess up. Oh, raglans, how do I love thee?

I probably won't have any other projects to show until after the wedding, though there will certainly be pix of that. I finished the rest of the flower pin favors last night and printed up menus/info cards/programs. My work is pretty much done! All I have to do is show up :)

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