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September 30, 2008

Oh, Snap!

Been a while...I've finally sewed some things!

First, Vogue 8392. My version is not nearly as sophisticated or stylish as Erica B's, but it is comfy and cute and I love the fabric pattern (Amy Butler strikes again!). So. Easy. Except, it closes with a hook and eye in the back (just lik the Fall Dress) and I can't get it to stay closed! (much like the Fall Dress) I'm going to have to find some better, fancier hooks and eyes that will stay put. Next time I'll probably leave a little extra bias tape on one side of the neckline in back and sew on a snap. Any recommendations for snappies? Something akin to a front-closure bra type snap? Only prettier? Thoughts?


I used the same pattern as I did for my jammies-pants a couple entries ago to make some pants for J. Nice that we can use the same pattern for some things. Yay for skinny husbands! The fabric is mostly cotton, but probably not all the way, though it feels nice to the touch. I got it at Hancock back in my fabric shopping days for like $2 a yard or so. I miss those days. Certainly I ended up with some fabric that I don't really foresee using any time soon, but I did get a lot of inspiration from fabric shops. Especially Crafty Planet. One of the reasons I haven't been as into sewing lately is that I can't just up and go to CP and spend the afternoon playing with fabrics. Even just sitting down at Joann's looking through the big pattern books was better than looking at the little pictures online. I do love internet shopping (mostly for books, though), but the tactility of fabric does not lend itself to distance shopping. I want to see how it looks in sunlight, to touch it, to look at it next to my skin. For my birthday, I'm going to buy some new fabric. Shopping from the stash is good and all, but I need something new! Even if I can't see it in person before I buy :(

What keeps you inspired? Any special books with tasty projects or fabric sites that are almost as good as the real thing?


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September 22, 2008

Li'l Sweater

Hello to all

Here is a little sweater I finished the other day. No pattern, just the same ol' raglan I've been making since time out of mind. Sometimes I feel a little silly that I'm still making these things in all their simplicity, but whatever. I just like simple things! I'll probably make a 3/4 or full length sleeved one sometime this fall. I'm sure that some "process" knitters disdain such mindless knitting, but I embrace it. Viva la raglan!

Also, I'm almost done with a scarf/hood combo as well. I had a cute one in red that I loooved, but it was too scratchy.


I have a couple of skirts in the planning stage and am slowly cutting more quilt squares, but that is about it on the crafting front. There is quite a bit of reading that I probably ought to be doing, but that is another story....

ciao for niao

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September 10, 2008


My sewing list seems to be getting smaller and smaller. The apartment is pretty tiny and has no closets, just some wardrobes that block off the bedroom area. My closet bar has broken under the weight of all of my clothes. Twice. Thus, some housekeeping is in order. I have been trying to get rid of stuff left and right, sometimes thankfully reconsidering at the last moment. Once I get into a frenzy, you never know what might go. So, I can't really justify making tons of new clothes, at least not until I can bear to part with some of the dresses and shirts that I have made. One thing I can always use, however, are pajama pants. I figure that if I stay in my jammies to work on the dissertation, it won't be too reprehensible if they are nice ones. I have long loved this Amy Butler fabric and it fit the bill just right.


I'm not saying I would necessarily go out in these, but I don't feel bad about wearing them all day either.

I also made a li'l sweater. I'll try to get that shot soon.

PS: Anyone in the Boston area need some nifty ruby glass dishes?! Or glass bowls, or other stuff??! Come on over!! I'm serious!!

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September 3, 2008

Fall Girl

Made a dress! I'd been saving this fabric for who knows what and the other day it decided to become an early-fall dress from this Vogue pattern. I've been on a lucky streak with Vogue patterns! I have at least one Vogue shirt planned for fall, so I hope it keeps up.


Wow. After Ashley's lovely photos, my little quickies are disappointing. The dress, however, is cute and comfy! I left off the bottom half of the sleeves because I knew that I would be much more likely to wear a simpler sleeve than a floppy one. Additionally, I shortened the pattern quite a bit and it calls for a zipper, but it is so loose that one is not required. My little hook at the top keeps coming undone, though. I might have to replace it with ribbon.

I've been digging the leather-belt-with-dress trend and this works well with it. It is a touch nightgownish without a belt, but definitely still workable. I hope to make these shoes my go-to fall shoes. They are still a bit tight, but I've been wearing them a little every day to stretch them out without killing my fat feets.

More wedding and honeymoon details soon, I promise!

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September 1, 2008

Our Vows

Here are the vows we wrote. They are in the form of a villanelle. No doubt you can see why it would appeal to a villain such as myself!

We alternated verses; I started and he finished. After memorizing and practicing many many times, I still flubbed one line. Not everyone could hear us, so it didn't really matter. Honestly, the vows were for us and not for the guests anyhow.

Rest with your dream in my dream
I will hold you to me in deep hours of night
Where our love, in darkness, gleams

Nothing may be what it seems
I will ever guide your course aright
Rest with your dream in my dream

Thinking upon dark and dark themes
I will spirit you from empty twilight
Where our love, in sadness, gleams

The city echoes with despairing screams
I will bring you solace and banish fright
Rest with your dream in my dream

Though the flesh with illness teems
I will heal you in days of blight
Where our love, in sickness, gleams

False treasures gain but fools' esteem
Only with the heart can one see right
Rest with your dream in my dream
Where our love, in madness, gleams

Love you, my Minou!

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