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October 20, 2008

Narnie and the Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Hi, all! The back button on the ol' machine is still busted (super annoying to fudge it!!), so I haven't made very many things. I did whip up a pair of Narnie pj pants last night to match that robe from so long ago. Though I don't play WoW anymore, Narnie the Cat (the virtual cat in the inn at Lakeshire) still lives in my heart.


It took me a while to actually get these pics off my camera. Without further ado, here are some images from the FAB scavenger hunt that J did for my b-day. He was sick and everything. What a sweet hubbind!!

Various clues were taped about the North End and surrounding areas. This one directs me to All Saints Way, the famous shrine/alley.


Saints preserve us, indeed!


An Italian-American Idol... Christopher Columbus by the harbor.


A Hitchcock film, if I dare! Oh, I dare. Also, I creepily sang the Vertigo theme out loud for the rest of the day. It is my new birthday theme song.


Which way is west again??


This guy was like, "Stupid tourists." Ha!


I've never done a full-blown scavenger hunt, especially a personalized one and I think I did quite well. I got most of the clues right away since J and I pretty much share a brain. It was wonderful!! Next b-day I will request some personalized Mad Libs... heh.

The weather has been pretty great for walking. I have been accompanying J in to school (about 3 miles) and back again. Friday I walked 9 miles (J walked 12)! My feet paid the price, but it was so invigorating. I did 6 today but my Achilles tendon is feeling bruisy, so I guess I have to lay off for a bit. I have had some insights for the introduction to the dissertation, so I really should work on that. Most likely I will read fiction until OUR NEW IMAC COMES TOMORROW!!!!! We are so thrilled. We're selling the TV and running all our media through the new 24inch Imac. Hurray! No more cords winding everywhere! Sleek, beautiful computing! J's desk is now parallel to mine across the fireplace. It is a nice symmetry.

Though I probably should just take the damn machine in to get fixed already, I might try to work on a dress that I cut out yesterday. Same pattern as the Fall Dress in this fabric (love love love!!) from Crafty Planet. Man, I love that store. I almost hope I have to move back to Minneapolis to teach until I find a real job...

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October 2, 2008

A Tiny Guest!

Chez Villain has a new occupant, at least for now. We are being visited by a little mouse whom we have named Gloria. I know people get all icky about mice, but I think she (he?) is really cute. So itty bitty! I'm sure I'll change my tune when I find mouse leavings in the cupboard, but as long as she stays over by my desk, I'm ok with sharing the space. It is like a trial run before I get that ferret I've been wanting for so long! (But can't have because of lease) I'm trying to convince J that we should get a cage for Gloria if we ever catch her. I got some live traps yesterday, but I have a feeling that she is not going to be fooled. Oh well. See you around, mousterton!

I wanted to get a picture of her, but she is too darned fast!

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