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March 25, 2009

Scrap Strips

So I have finally gotten around to starting the second side of that quilt from oh so long ago.

Most quilters will perhaps shudder at my lack of preparation, etc.; I am using 4 inch square scraps from old projects and just sewing them together into strips of randomness. No pattern, no rules, just scraps! Hurrah!


Only one of these fabrics was fresh. The rest were all from old dresses and shirts. I like that I'll be able to pick out the projects looking at my scrappy bits!

Also made a jersey nightgown (long) in the same vein as the previous dresses, though with no hood. It makes me feel like a wicked witch. I like it! Not really that interesting to photograph, though. Same ol', same ol'! Boy when I find a pattern I like, I just repeat it ad infinitum, don't I? Raglan sweaters, that Built By Wendy shirt with the elastic neck, this dress. That pretty much mirrors how I dress. I find a couple things I like and wear them in different colors. Shoes, shirts, you name it. Not boring: consistent!

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March 19, 2009

Irina's Dress!

Finished another couple of sweatshirt-dresses. One of which is modeled below by the amazing Irina!




Isn't she the cutest? I love that she titled the last one, "The Rejection of Your Values."

In other news, I got a walking foot and a knit foot yesterday in the mail. The knit foot seems to help with the problem I have been having with knits stretching out when sewn. I can't wait until payday! Then I can order that modal I've been lusting over. Yum.

I really ought to be putting the final touches on the introduction today. As long as it's done by the end of the week. Then, J and I can celebrate at Boston's Restaurant Week! I think that I want to go to Persephone, since I've kind of had a Persephone fixation since college.

Another cool thing: Ashley O'dell, the fab photog from our wedding is building her portfolio. What that means for me is some pro pix of me in my clothing creations! Yeah! Take that, point and shoot camera! Maybe I can get her to take our passport photos, too... Hmm...

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March 11, 2009

Fleecy Dress

I got my order of knits today!! I washed and dried it all and couldn't help but sew something...


It's the same dress as in the last post, just shorter and + a hood. Comfy-womfy!

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March 10, 2009


Good news!! I turned in my last chapter! Now, just a conclusion and some editing and I'll be all set to defend! Whenever they decide that will be. Hrmm. Oh well. On to the dresses!

I'm trying to find a pattern for a dress to wear to Taryn's wedding. Black, cocktail were her only requirements. I'm going to get some black dupioni and see what I can do. Not sure of the look I'm going for yet, so I thought I'd try a few different styles. This is a Butterick pattern (4443) from a long time ago. I tried to make the neck sit flatter and made it significantly shorter than last time. Oranges!


Hilary Duff McCall's pattern 5512. I had already made this one and then I saw a dress from this pattern being sold in a boutique. In black duipioni, no less. No changes to the original pattern! Also, the gathers were weird. I would have redone it, but that's just me. (snark!)


I am going to start working with knits. This is from the Built by Wendy Home Stretch book. I just cut out a small, ditched the waistband, and sewed it up fast! It is a prototype for a dress I'm going to make for a friend in exchange for two lovely paintings!


I just used some cheapy knit that I bought a long long time ago and it still came out pretty well. Comfy! I have an order of knits/sweatshirt material on the way and then I will move up to Modal! MODAL! That is the softest stuff in the worlds! I just love it and can't wait to make all my own tshirts! Heh. Like that'll happen. Maybe one day...

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March 2, 2009

Two More... soon.

So I have made two more dresses. Well, one needs a zipper, but that won't take a minute once I get to it. However, the final chapter of my dissertation is due on 10 March, so that is (sadly) consuming my life. I only have 10ish pages left, but damn those last 10 are a killer.

Almost done. Wish me luck.

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