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April 14, 2009

Ruffles have Ridges

Here is a ruffly knit dress in bamboooooo fabric (with lycra). This dress was super super simple. I just used the short sleeves from the crewneck tshirt in Home Stretch and the bodice from the dress. I elongated the bodice to dress length by placing a fave a-line skirt below it when cutting. This way, I avoided a pesky waist seam. Yeah for three pattern pieces!


All of the edges are ruffly. I don't have a serger, so I just did a zigzag stitch on the buttonhole setting so that it advanced very very slowly. I stretched the fabric as I went along and it ruffled up nicely. There is no fabric showing on the edge; it mimics a serged edge pretty well. Sucked up a lot of thread, though. Certainly no replacement for that serger in my Amazon shopping cart. Maybe for my birthday? Hmm. I mostly want a serger for the normal seaming capabilities. Zigzagging can only take you so far, really. I will dream!

I'll probably cut out another dress in modal soon, though it is so nice out today that I just want to walk and walk and walk outdoors! I have a feeling that with the advent of nice weather, my troublesome spring allergies won't be far behind. I never really had seasonal allergies in Virginia, but Minnesota and Boston have wreaked havoc with them. Flonase to the rescue!

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April 11, 2009

Just a Boatneck Shirt

Here is another of my recent creations! I used "baby jersey" from Koshtex which is very similar to American Apparel's sheer jersey. I would definitely buy this stuff again. Very basic, but with a nice feel to it. The orange sections are cotton/spandex jersey from the same source. The pattern is just a modification of the Home Stretch pattern, given in the book. I decided not to finish the edges of the orange and it rolls just a little, but I think that fits the style of the shirt. I'm not generally a raw-edge fan, but in some circumstances it is alright. I mean, I do own shirts that have them, I've just never been keen on it with my sewing projects, since I try to shy away from the "Aww, did you make it yourself? How quaint" comments. (Though I seem to get plenty of them anyhow) Not to say that some can't leave raw edges and have a fabulous project, just that whenever I do it, it looks sloppy. Ok well, without further ado, pix:

Without flash:

With flash:

I have one more dress mostly finished. I just need to put an edge on the sleeves and its done. I should have it up today or tomorrow. Not too much else happening around these parts. We've been watching Buffy and Angel. How did I miss these shows the first time around?! I think I have a crush on Spike. Those cheekbones! *swoon*

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April 10, 2009


Knit dresses for the win! I am in love with this modal/spandex blend. I also made a boatneck tshirt and a dress in bamboo/spandex, which I will shoot and post soon. Knits are so fast! Also, very comfy. I am, so far, resisting the urge to buy a Spanx slip. We'll see how long that holds out.


The shiny whitish stuff on the front of this one is flash, not a misplaced milkshake. Also, disregard the demon eyes.

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April 6, 2009


I am STILL waiting for my order of modal fabrics to arrive, so I decided to work on that quilt top. 576 squares later, it is done! I think that trying to quilt it myself would be an overly ambitious undertaking. I have seen a bunch of longarm quilting services online, though I will have to wait for a while if I am going to be able to afford it. Any recommendations?


Hopefully the fabrics will get here this week. I mean, really. Its been since the 20th of March! I guess I should be happy they're not coming by pony express...

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