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June 25, 2009

Once A Month

It seems like I can't bring myself to post more than once a month. How lazy of me! There have been craft items made Chez Villain. Though I did finish writing the conclusion to the dissertation! Hurrah! I will get it back in a few days with my adviser's suggestions, but it feels done. I have to insert the pix and bibliography into the manuscript, then it goes off to a copy editor for the final revisions. Well, the almost final revisions. There will always be more revisions. Stupid revisions. To keep my mind off of those, I painted a bird:

birdl.jpg It will go in the bathroom in the new apt. I have an owl started and got some tiny canvas boards for other tiny creatures, too.

I have been trying to get things together for the new place now so that my mind isn't so scatterbrained and distracted when we move in September. I will be defending sometime (hopefully) at the end of Sept or beginning of Oct. Here is a rug that I crocheted and felted, for J's side of the bed. I wanted to use up some of the ol' yarn stash and it turned out pretty well. I'm doing one in all red and black for my side. Cheaper than all those other rugs I was looking at online. Also, soft!

We had some floor pillows I made a couple of years ago, but never really use. They were originally euro (26x26) pillows for the bed and I decided that they ought to resume their former occupation. I made some pillowcases to coordinate with the quilt and threw out the second set of normal pillows we had on the bed. They were just collecting dust. These, I think we will really be able to use for bed-reading:

Another knit dress! How repetitive of me! I'm wearing it right now; feels like jammies. I have to wear a slip because it's so clingy.

Here is a small sweater I started not too long ago from bamboo yarn. I made a blue one many moons ago, but I guess I used smaller needles because I ran out of yarn really early with this one. I got some cotton/modal yarn from Knitpicks to finish it off, but it might be kind of short. I don't really know yet. Oh, surprises.


I also got some yarn for another small sweater for myself (dark orange and dark purple!) and a long sleeved one for J. Both are sport weight. I cut out a sleeveless shirt for yoga/general summer wear tonight and will cut out a dress for a project with my wedding photog tomorrow. So nice not to have lots of writing hanging over my head, I can relax and sew... I'm going to Norway in August for a conference, but the paper isn't due for like a month and a half, so that doesn't count...yet.

I will try to be a more consistent poster. I don't really have an excuse. TTFN!

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