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July 4, 2009


Here are some stretchy clothes I have made recently. I switched Pills not too long ago and have subsequently put on a few pounds. How very frustrating! Luckily, I can both knit and sew with knits.

I took the crewneck shirt pattern from the Built by Wendy book and modified it to have long sleeves and a wrap front. I just finished the edges with the ruffly lettuce stitch that I can do on the regular machine. It works pretty well, but very soon I won't have to resort to such tomfoolery. That's right, I'm getting a serger for our anniversary! (J is getting an Ipod touch, so happy gifties all around!)

Here is some unfinished bizniss:
It is an unplanned crop sweater. I was sure that two skeins of Knitpicks Shine would be enough, but nope. Next time I order I'll have to get an extra skein. For now, I'll wear it with a camisole. I have started a sport-weight sweater for J. Since we started dating so many years ago, he has wanted a thin thin thin sweater. Like on size 000 needles thin. Not so much. I did make a sport weight sweater for him once, the Mossdog, but it sadly got felted. This one is in Knitpicks Comfy and is machine washable. Also, they aren't kidding when they call it comfy. Very very soft, though I think I like Shine better. After that, I will start another small boatneck sweater for myself in dark orange with dark violet trim.

But for now, I am off to have a Delicious Protein Shake for Lunch. Wish me luck.

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