Born on a cold winter night to a demon spirit of the hinterlands and the High Lord Magus of the Dark Tower, Villain is perhaps the most cruel being to ever walk the midwest. Which may not be saying all that much, but what the hell. She migrated up to these colder climes from Virginia, where she was the terror of all suburban housewives and schoolmarms. Her often shocking behavior and mannerisms earned her the wrath of the teacher's Evil Eye on more than one occasion, but in spite of the adversity, she made her way through college at the University of Virginia. This battle was followed shortly by another, shorter skirmish at the University of Pittsburgh, in which she vanquished the great and terrible Rejection of Her Thesis and earned the right to call herself Master of the Dark Arts. Though Villain was pleased with her victory, her lust for power and destruction was by no means sated. Indeed, she immediately turned her dark gaze towards the fair and peaceful campus of the University of Minnesota - the place she intended to use as her final battleground. After convincing the locals to accept her by adopting an innocuous demeanor, Villain started her campaing of chaos and began to sow the seeds of her victory. Currently, she resides in her tower on the outskirts of campus, biding her time and plotting for her ultimate conquest. She is making much headway with a local group of vampires, who see her plans as very much in line with their own. Though they are few in number compared to the Inner Council of Faculty, their ultimate nemeses, this small cabal of evildoers hopes to one day crush them all and rule the campus with iron fists as Great and Mighty Doctors of the Dark Arts.