May 6, 2004

The Initiation - Part 3

have a break.jpg

WOW... I CAN EVEN UPLOAD PICTURES!!! Is there no end to this coolness??? Now, how do I change font sizes...?

Okay, okay! I've got work to do. Yes, I do. Gotta go... Goodbye. I'll be back... later.

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The Initiation - Part 2

HEY! This is neat. I can actually use this as a research tool. Write down what I've researched -- like a log for myself. But of course, others will also have access to it (I think). So, it's kind of like a personal log that is publically available for all the University community to see. How interesting is that!!

Okay, now to stop this procrastination and go complete my final statistics lab.

p.s. Hey, look: BOLD! Italics! :-)

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The Initiation

This is probably the WORST time for me to start experimenting with a blog (end of semester, Spring 2004). But I feel like I must get my feet wet and jump right in even though I have no idea what I am doing. Perhaps I am procrastinating. But the real motivation for doing this: to see if this can be a teaching tool for students. What better way to begin than to start a blog that records the process of learning how to use a blog. Now, what do I do next, click on... post?

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