January 31, 2005

Blogging notifications


I am attempting the notification process. Once this is working we should be set. This is what I learned:
The "Send" button for notifications is found at the very bottom of either a New Entry that you've recently saved, or on the Edit Entry screen. There is a section called, "Send a notification." Let me know if you still are unable to find it!

Posted by ltollefs at 1:14 PM

January 18, 2005

Is this thing working?

I'll try posting this way as well to see if anyone gets notified.

Thanks for setting up the blog Liz!

Posted by lsayles at 3:55 PM

Blogging and archiving

I was given permission to use the blog, and so I set it up. I hope that it works. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you see a problem. I am excited to try this out and hope that we find it useful as we work. Please post when you have the opportunity so we can test our blog. Thanks.

Posted by ltollefs at 10:23 AM