what's sex got to do with......perfume?


As we can in the commercial for perfume, there is an almost naked woman only wearing a piece of gauze kerchief, who is really sexy and attractive. She said nothing except one short sentence, but it still let me relate her with sex, even I am a woman, too. That's amazing power of imagination. I think that is the point of the commercial, the human's imagination. I mean, in the video, the woman doses wear a piece of gauze kerchief, but the light and the angle make me feel she is wearing nothing. What's more the expression on her face seems saying I am here for you. It perfectly match the feature of perfume that it is the smell and the imagination for this smell make us feel good but not the real, I mean, maybe the body of a woman or a man. At first the time I saw this commercial, I thought it was for shampoo or something else related to body washing or body scream. It was a really big surprise for me, when I realized that it is a perfume advertisement. Because I have never thought perfume is got to something to do with sex. As far as I am concerned, perfume is just something that can make people who wear it smell good. However, after watching this commercial, I guess I have got some points.

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