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Suspect Stabbed With Scissors by Dellusional Man

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A St. Paul man was charged with second-degree murder following the death of an acquaintance Thursday night in an apartment building near the intersection of Capitol Heights and Winter Street.

According to the Star Tribune, Anthony Haukos, 44, stabbed Thomas Stein, 61, to death with a scissors in the victim's apartment.

Haukos told police that he was cleaning Stein's apartment and they were smoking marijuana together when he "flipped out," according to the Star Tribune.

The Police report states that the police used Tasers as well as physical force until they could finally handcuff Haukos, reported the Pioneer Press.

Haukos was often quoted in both the Star Tribune and the Pioneer press saying he believed the victim to be a woman, a witch, and the devil.

Haukos told police that he had attempted suicide numerous times in the past year and that "his mind was not the healthiest," according to the Star Tribune.

Suspect Arrested for Killing a Man at a Party

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A man was in custody after allegedly killing a man in Minneapolis early Sunday morning at an apartment building where a party was taking place, authorities told the Star Tribune.

Sgt. William Palmer reported that police were called to the apartment located in the 3000 block of Pleasant Avenue around 6:30am and found a man with gunshot wounds, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune talked to two of the victim's relatives who identified him as Francisco Hernandez, 21.

Both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press report that police said 10 people were at the apartment when the shooting occurred.

Police arrested the suspect after stopping his vehicle leaving the area. He was suffering from stab wounds at the time, according to the Star Tribune.

The Pioneer Press reported that the case is still being investigated, and therefor did not release the names of either the suspect or the victim.

Suicide Bomber May Be From Minneapolis

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A Somali militant group released a tape on Sunday made by a man allegedly from Minneapolis who blew himself up during an attack on an African Union base.

According to the Star Tribune, the first secretary of the Somali Mission, Omar Jamal, said the suspected Minneapolis man had been missing from Minnesota since 2008.

The Pioneer Press reports that the man "urged" Muslims with a mix of American slang and Muslim terms to be firm and attack non-Muslims.

Jamal said the man's parents in Minneapolis did not wish to comment on the issue, according to the Star Tribune.

Jamal had listened to the tape and said it sounded like the alleged, whom he had known personally, according to the Star Tribune.

Similarly, Abdirizak Bihi, a Somali activist in Minneapolis, said two of the man's friends listened to the tape and identified him, according to the Star Tribune.

The claims of the man being from Minneapolis have yet to be verified by the U.S. Embassy, reports the Pioneer Press.

Missing Ex-Girlfriend Found In Storage Unit

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Police found a dead body in a freezer inside a storage unit in Lewiston, Maine on Saturday which may be the remains of a woman who had gone missing in 1983.

According to the Miami Herald, relatives of Francis "Frank" Julian, who had died Oct. 1 at age 80, found the body when cleaning out his storage unit, state police spokesman Steve McCausland said.

McCausland told New York Daily News that they are still working to identify the body, but they suspect it to be Kitty Wardwell who was an ex-girlfriend of Julian's. She was 29 at the time.

McCausland also said officials took the freezer and the body to the Maine medical examiner's office in Augusta, according to the Miami Herald.

The autopsy of the body will be performed Monday, according to the Miami Herald.

Suicide Bomb in Afghanistan Claims Unknown Number of Lives

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A suicide bomber drove a car full of explosives into an armored bus in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday and killed American soldiers along with other causalities.

This bombing was the deadliest attack on Americans in Kabul throughout the duration of the war, military officials told The New York Times.

A western diplomat told CNN that it is difficult to know for sure how many casualties there were because not everyone on the bus was on the passenger list.

CNN reported that nine Americans, four Afghans, two British civilians, one Kosovo national, and one Canadian soldier were killed in the suicide bombing.

However, The New York Times reports that at least 12 Americans were killed.

President Hamid Karzai only referenced the Afghans who were killed and their families during a meeting Saturday night, ignoring the other casualties, according to The New York Times.

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