17 Fires within 13 Blocks

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17 small fires were set over a 13-block area over a four hour period in Minneapolis Friday night.

The fires happened in the Longfellow area of South Minneapolis near West River Parkway, according to the Star Tribune.

More than 20 police "combed' the area, according to Pioneer Press, who had very minimal information on the issue and referred solely to the police report.

The Star Tribune began the story with an anecdote about Shawn Junjak who was raking with his two daughters earlier on Friday, and their leaves were later set on fire, according to the Star Tribune.

In contrast with the 20 police officers at the scene reported by the Pioneer Press, the Star Tribune said that 20 squad cars showed up to the fires from all five precincts, carrying up to 40 officers total.

10 fires were started with leaf piles or garbage bags full of leaves, according to the Star Tribune, and three vehicles, two garages, and a dumpster were damage according to the police report.

The Junjaks estimate that their garage will cost about $40,000 to rebuild, according to the Star Tribune.

Police have not arrested anyone in connections with the fire, but they arrested a man on an unrelated charge, according to the police report attributed by both the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune.

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