3 year old boy runs 48 marathons

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Biranchi Das exploited his adopted 3 year old son, Budhia Singh, in Orissa, India when he discovered his gift for running, which resulted in 48 marathons and a near death experience.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Singh's birthmother had sold him when he was three years old for the equivalence of $16.

Das came across Singh because he ran a local orphanage where many poor Indian kids ended up, but the moment that he discovered Singh's athletic talent varies across sources.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Singh was being punished for swearing; Das had left the orphanage for a while, and when he came back, Singh had been running for seven hours.

According to CNN, Das was punishing Singh for "being a bully" and made him run for five hours.

Das was using Singh to live out his dreams of becoming like his childhood role model, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Both sources recount the time that Singh had just completed a 42 mile race in 93-degree heat and Das told him to keep running a couple of miles to a stadium to be recognized. Singh physically was not able to, and his body collapsed and convulsed.

Due to this, the Child Welfare Committee banned Singh from racing until he was 11. According to the Wall Street Journal, Das challenged this decision in court which resulted in Singh's birthmother regaining full custody.

Das was slain in 2008, according to CNN.

Gemma Atwal followed Singh from 2005-2010 and made the documentary known as "Marathon Boy."

Atwal told CNN that Singh is now in a sports academy ran by the state where he will continue earning a free education until he is 17.

Atwal also told CNN that she is extremely concerned with Singh's health and the effects that his training has had on his body.

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