5.7 Magnitude Earthquake In Turkey

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A 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey Wednesday night and the aftermath is uncertain.

USA Today claims that at least three people died due to the earthquake and that dozens are trapped from the rubble of the previous earthquake.

However, CNN said that there are at least four dead and 50 people are buried according to "officials."

Later, CNN attributes this information to the Turkish Government Crisis Center, who also claims that 16 people have been rescued so far. According to USA Today, the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said 15 people were rescued, alive, and in hospitals.

USA Today does not attribute most of their statistics to any source, but mentions "Turkish media" at one point.

Both CNN and USA Today claim that 22 of 25 buildings that collapsed were empty, but CNN attributes this information to CNN Turk, whereas USA Today attributed Davutoglu saying this personally.

The Turkish Red Crescent dispatched 15,000 tents and around 300 rescue workers, according to USA Today.

According to CNN, the state news agency Anadolu reported an aftershock of 4.4 magnitude.

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