Brother Dies In Fire

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An Illinois man died in his trailer which caught on fire Saturday morning.

Fox News begins the article with a scene of a man fleeing his home looking for help as well as his brother only to find out that his brother, Joshua Williams, was still in the fire.

Williams and his brother lived in the trailer with their girlfriends, according to Fox News.

The Collinsville home caught fire around 5 in the morning and within minutes was at a loss, as State Park Fire Chief Terry Guffey told Fox News.

Guffey also said there was too much fire for the firefighters to try to enter the trailer when they arrived and could not attempt to rescue anyone, according to Fox News.

After four area departments contained the fire, some firefighters were able to enter the home where they found Williams' body.

Guffey attributed the ferocious fire to heavy winds coming from the south which kept pushing the fire, and it also caused a nearby vehicle to catch fire also, according to Fox news.

Due to the amount of damage within the trailer, it is unclear whether the home had functioning fire alarms, Guffey told Fox News.

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