CBS Without Andy Rooney

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Long-time legend and "King of Grouch" Andy Rooney died Friday night at 92, about a month after his 1097th and final televised commentary on CBS.

According to the Washington Post, Steve Kroft, Rooney's correspondent, said Rooney had always told people he wanted to work until the day he died. He was only a few weeks off.

Rooney began his career as a freelance writer. According to the Washington Post, he had written four books about WWII, which he had left college to fight in. However, according to CNN, he had written over a dozen books, one of which was published.

CBS hired Rooney as a writer for about 30 years until the crucial moment in 1970 when it did not allow Rooney's essay on the Vietnam War to air, according to the Washington Post.

Rooney left CBS and aired his essay on PBS, and he won a Writers Guild of America Award for it, according to CNN.

This led CBS to hire him back after a few years and he began his famous weekly commentary at the end of 60 minutes.

Both sources agree that Rooney could be very controversial at time and did not please everybody.

According to CNN, he was suspended for three months after two separate rants that offended gays and blacks. The Washington Post reports that he also made comments about Native Americans that did not go over well.

CNN offered many more quotes about Rooney from various coworkers than the Washington Post. According to CNN, Les Moonves, president and CEO of CBS, called Rooney an icon and went on to explain his role in history.

Rooney earned six Writers Guild of America awards, one Peabody and four Emmys, according to CNN.

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